Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Must Say...........thank you so much for the scriptures.

Do you see the egg on the left.............oh my I could not believe how big it was. 3 1/8" long. I have never had one this big before that I can remember...........just had to show you. 

You are the sweetest ladies. I loved all the scripture verses that you encouraged all of us with in the comments you left on the last post. Each verse that you sent blessed my heart.  Thank you so much.

I am going to be on vacation all of next week...........I am so ready for  not having to go to work each that bad? I will be working on the farm inside and out. I will be checking in with you as I do some much needed spring cleaning. Are any of you doing anything special in your homes? I will be gathering lots of things and washing clothes that we can not use. Josh and Tonya are having a huge garage sale as a fund raiser for our Vitaliy. I am sure I will be able to have some things to put in it. 

I want to work on the back porch and fix it up on break. That is where I have the washer and dryer. I have some decorating ideas.........I just love this book.............

 would like to have one of these clothes hangers ........ isn't it the cutest? I have thought over the years that I need to make one just like it.......never have.................still need to. I love all the things on the shelf............also.

I will be making new curtains for the back porch.........much needed. I will show you, if I get them done. I have so many things to do.........I think I will have to work 24/7 to get everything I want  done. I am excited though.

Another thing that has to be done is cleaning out the coops. One of my favorite things to do. I know.........weird. I also received some material from my blogger friend Gail who lives in Minnesota. She sent me this material.........I am making a curtain for the little milk barn coop. Cute? I will put the little chicks that are going to be hatching next week........ down there when it gets a little warmer.  That really thrills this farm little baby chicks.  Love watching them hatch. I will get videos for you. 

We also have Tressa's Momma Cat who is sooooooo fat with little ones in her tummy. She keeps acting like she is ready to have them anytime. Maybe when we are on break. It will be a nice time. I can just feel it. 

Isn't this is in my daughter in loves home. Had to share it know me and em!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice day..........know that you will be thought a lot about..........also you will be in my really are
the sweetest ladies to me............and definitely JESUS.



  1. Enjoy your time off from working,thoughts and
    prayers that you get a lot done....Take time
    to rest too... The eggs are awesome..
    thanks for sharing all the photo's too...

    Blessings Trish-Ladybug :-)

  2. I too like the clothes hanger - & the items on the shelf - great idea!!

  3. Oh Linda--I wish I lived closer! We have tons of stuff in the basement I need to get rid of. Stuff great for a garage sale; and what better cause than raising money for Vitaly? :) Hope you enjoy your week off!

  4. I have one of those racks and can get an entire load on it. Mine has 4 pegs across the bottom where I hang the jeans. I love it! It is also conveniently situated above the heating vent :) dries fast!

  5. Maybe there are twins in that big egg! I will be re-organizing my sewing room next week. We haven't heard about Miss Clarice and your Mamma, are they doing alright? Have a great week off.


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