Saturday, March 19, 2011

Going To A Farm Store........with Me?

Hello sweet ladies............

TWO MORE DAYS OF VACATION. I feel so refreshed. Loved every minute of it so far!

Okay..........last Thursday we had to go to the city.........Phil had lots of things he had to do. I had a few picking up some baby chick food which means you have to go to the farm store right? I was hoping to see some baby ducks.........because the grandkids were coming to the farm for the weekend and they needed a baby duck. Good excuse.  When we got there they didn't have any. I think they are going fast this year, but there was a sign that said, Assorted Bantams $2.59........I'm thinking.......... not a bad talking Mr. Farmer into some more babies when I already had eggs at home in the incubator (hatching while I am gone)...............HE SAID YES. He is such a sweetie man.  I have missed having Little Miss Fluff (here is a story about her last year and her babies). 

She was the one that would run to me and I would pick her up. I have missed her so much. The bobcat got her this last winter. The farm store had two baby chicks that would be just like her. I needed girls right? So I asked the farm guy if he would mind if I turned them upside down. He looked at me like duuuhhhh? I told him that I had read on a blog about how if you take the chicks by the feet and hang them upside down and they stay with their head pointed down it is a girl, if it takes it's head up it is a boy. The farm guy was amazed....well amazed might be a strong word. Maybe I don't want to know what he was thinking.  I did that to the chicks........ I sure hope I walked out with girls. There were people standing around as we did this. It really was quite fun. Mr. Farmer didn't claim me as his own at the time. Smile. 

So here is what I bought...........forgot to say that I ended up with 3 Barred Rocks also and 2 little miss fluffs. It was a good day. I love going to the farm store in the spring. Oh and I did get some feed for the chicks!

We have been having babies pop out of eggs and now we are up to 7 little chicks that have been born in the incubator. 

Here is a picture of our cat Sophie who was bottle fed by our girls last year because her momma abandon her peeking in as a baby just hatched. She thinks she is part human I think. 

She will sit for hours and watch the babies.

Tressa let Sophie hold the baby chick. It was cute, the baby just snuggled.

Is this adorable or what? Sophie loves the little babies. Good thing........they all live in the same house.

When the grandkids came it ended up that only 4 boys came to the farm. When they checked the babies in the incubator this is what they saw. Thought you might like to see. It was amazing. Still more babies hatching today. Love it........!!!!!

We will be working on the tree fort. There are weeds to be cleared and burned. The boys love the matches part. Smile

This morning early I read this. 
"It had become almost second nature not to make my plans and then ask for God's signature. Rather, I had learned to wait for God's plan and then write my name on the schedule."

Seeking Him today........ working on the fort.... waiting for the "God Chatter" with our grandson's........working along side each other.........the best way to teach them about their Heavenly Father who loves them so. It will be a good day. Hope you are having one also.........know you are in my prayers and I love you all bunches. 



  1. Hi Linda, well you asked for chicks and boy do you have them, they are precious! Love watching them hatch, thanks for sharing..
    have a great day

  2. OH!! I'd go with you to the farm store!!! Do let me know if your theory is right about holding them upside down because you never know...I may eventually soften up my guy to become a Mr. Farmer ;-), after all we're planting potatoes for the first time....

  3. What a wonderful post! I watched your video with my grandson and he wanted to watch it over and over. So we watched all the other ones you have. Its so fun to stop by your blog. I wish we could have chickens it seems like such a fun part of your life.

  4. So sweet...wish I was there watching with Sophie!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  5. How sweet...I am Blessed by your post..
    My goodness...what a darling picture of Sophie and the baby chick...I think you could sell that picture!
    Have a good one and enjoy those grankids.

  6. Nice, thanks for sharing.Life in the farm is simply interesting yet full of sweet moments.

  7. Hi ladies.........I forgot to tell you that yesterday Sophie hopped into the box with the baby chicks. She was thirsty. We thought it was so amazing
    that she didn't even look at them.

    Thank you all for coming by today.....I appreciate you very much!

  8. Enjoy coming over to check out your new chicks. I am holding off until our weather gets better. I did not get the part about holding them by their feet. After reading your post the other day went to my daughters house and just held on to the chicks by their bodies and turned them upside down. There was a difference in how they held their heads but does not sound like we did it quite right.

  9. Oh I love your blog so much! It warms my heart, makes me feel comforted and teary all at the same time. Sophie has turned into such a beautiful and sweet cat with her baby chicks. Thank you so much!

  10. Linda your blog makes my heart so light! I love that little chick trying to break free! What a miracle! I would love one of those wire baskets from the Farm Store. I would love to shop there with you. I hope you will come by soon. Love and Hugs Anne

  11. Those pics of the kitty and chicks is priceless!!

    I need some chicklets!! chicklets?

  12. Oh Linda - at first I thought your cat was hoping to eat them!!! I wouldn't trust our kitty around chicks, although one of our hens is his friend & they sit next to each other outside - so cute! Your farm store sounds wonderful!
    Hope you have a lovely time


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