Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vacation on Monday.

Hello sweet ladies,

Tonight we went to our son's house to watch Illinois and Kansas. It was a good game. We got home very late and we have work on Monday...........just wanted to say hello. 

Loved our vacation. Got lots done.......not as much as I wanted but a woman's work is NEVER doneis it? I did get my snow peas in today mixed with sweet pea flowers. I always do that because it makes the bushes so pretty when you go to pick. 

I ended up with 5 baby chicks from the incubator so far. This has been the worst time for hatching. Their mommas do it so much better than me. I will just have to wait and see if I have a sitter this spring of the big girls.

Good night and thank you to all who left me comments.........they were so appreciated. 

Hugs from my farm to your HOME,

God Bless your day..........I will be thinking of you while at work........if you want me to pray about anything......leave me a note or an email.



  1. I'm loving hearing about the "chicks"!

    If you haven't entered yet... enter my blog giveaway to win a $50. gift card!

  2. Maybe today there will be a few more peeps. Can't wait to see the little ones again.

    We have a feathered friend we rescued last year and I blogged about today. Stop by anytime to see our feathered fun.

  3. Sorry, today is back to work day! Although I know you worked hard at home....but it was more fun!

    We had two more baby goats last night. That makes eleven for the season, one nanny to go. The grands had so much fun playing with all the new babies last week.

    What about the bracelets? Have I missed a post?

    Praying your day is a blessed one! Summer will be here soon.


  4. Linda, I love hearing about your life.
    Sad news last night. My friend, Olivia and her hubby Jim lost their unborn baby. I guess God needed it now. They are very sad. Please pray for them.
    My 17 year old son has a piano recital today. He's a little nervous but I know he'll do great.

  5. Linda, I just received the beautiful tea towel that I won from you! I posted about it on my blog. Thank you so very much! God Bless!


  6. Love the idea of planting the snow peas and sweet peas together. I know that is so pretty when the sweet peas bloom.
    Sad here. Over the weekend, my sister's husband passed away after long battle with cancer. Please pray for Kathy and her son.
    Love u ~

  7. Hey everyone. I am so tired I could just cry.........big baby that I am. I worked on an order and moved the rest of my dads things out of his house after work. Beat to the max. I will write tomorrow. Didn't even have the energy to post.

    Thank you so much for writing me. I truly love you sweet ladies,


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