Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Waiting for Peeps

Hellooooooo sweet ladies,

So sorry wanted this up in time to go out as an email to all who subscribe. Right as I was finishing the post up my computer provider quite on me. Not funny!!!!!! So I will put it up anyway, hope some of you stop by. 

Remember to sign up for the Party giveaway.........it really will be a sweet gift for the one that wins......and for those who don't win the gift.......I have a sweet surprise for you also......just been busy in my little farm house.......prayin, stitchin......and designing just for you all. Oh I better be quiet or I will tell all. Smile

Thank you so much for all the sweet wishes and prayers that went up for us yesterday. What a fun day I had. A Busy, busy bee (does that look like a bee(?) creative side. I didn't know what to take care of first yesterday.....because I have so much to do. 

I am still making my way to visit you all. I have tried on some of the new followers also, but so many don't leave a way for me to contact...... maybe because they don't have a blog...... just know I have tried. 

I had a sweet person tell me that my font is hard to read. Please let me know today if it is for you also. I may just have to go back to a different plain one. I hate to because you know the crafty in me just loves the different styles, but I will if it is easier for everyone. I am wondering if it is just some computers.........anyway......I dooooo want it easy for you to read. So please just a little note and then I will see what I need to do. I know if you subscribe to my emails it comes through Georgia. 

Since I have a little more free time......... I have been enjoying going back and looking at Gooseberry Patches posts. The always have lots of fun recipes......they host lots of different blog ladies......really fun to read. Last friday they had a Free Gifty Goodie (go to their blog and get the recipe)...........I think they will be doing this every Friday. Correct me Gooseberry Patch... if you are not. Anyway.........I thought this would bless you all with a fun crafty idea. The girls and I use a sugar scrub for our feet.......especially in the summer. We wear flip flops allllllllll summer long... need I say more? Gooseberry has a recipe called Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub on their blog that looks like it would work great. I will have the Recipe for Kindness, along the side bar with "SOME OF MY FAVORITE COOK BOOKS" so if you order from  there a certain percentage goes towards the funds to adopt our Vitaliy. Oh and by the way. Please please pray on Thursday..........Josh and Tonya have found a way that maybe they can talk to our Vitaliy. That was such precious news for our family. Only God can do this one. 

When you go over to the Gooseberry Patches blog you can click this cute image below and use for the top of the jar before you give the scrub as a gift..........easy.......and such a sweet idea!!!!!  Tie a little ribbon on and like Gooseberry says.....it makes a great giving gift. Cute Cute Cute!!!!!!!!!!! They are always thinking of ways to bless us so.

If you like, go and sign up at their blog, then you won't miss any of their Friday Free Goodies. Oh and as a surprise.........leave a little note if you use there idea......it's just a nice thing to do. They love to be loved on........tell them I sent you and don't forget to leave me a comment ......about what you are doing today........ would love to hear from you also. 

I am busy today "stitchin", cleaning (this one feels real good), checking on my little Peeps........not one peck in all of the 42 eggs yet. Little ducky doesn't count yet......I still have to turn him until next week. I fell so motherly when I do that. I check the eggs all day and evening long.....can't help it. Makes this Farm Girl very happy............and Parsley.......if you are reading this(?)...... I have a surprise for you since you can't have little peeps of your own . I will let you know when the first one is born. 

While the computer was down I finished what I was stitchin...........oh my...... it turned out just the way I saw it in my head months ago........then I went to put on the finishing touch.............love it. Thank you Jesus......a hole bunch......He is always with me when I design......of course........He thought of it first.

Hugs to you sweet ladies..... from my farm to your HOME,



  1. Sounds like you are having one very productive day! Yay for you, so fun!
    As for your font, personally I love it and it is not hard for me to read. Unfortunately, I changed my blogfont the same way you did, and I ended up rarely using the default font I picked because IT WAS too hard to read. I know your blog will be darling whatever you decide. To me the font is sooooo YOU! Have a wonderful week being productive, can't wait to see what you get done! Blessings and luv!

  2. Oh Linda...I just love having you at home...smile... Can't wait to see when those chicks start hatching!!! I just know they will be adoreable!!! And yes, I too love visiting Gooseberry Patch...they always have such wonderful recipes and ideas!!!

    Most exciting thing is to see what you are working on...I know it will be amazing!!!! smile....

    We had a beautiful day today and are to have a better one tomorrow!!! How wonderful is this God of ours????

    I like your font...it reminds me of YOU!!!

    xoxo Gert

  3. Hi Linda...First of all, thanks for stopping over and visiting my blog yesterday..Love meeting new friends.
    My grandkids would go crazy waiting for those peeps to hatch..What fun!
    You are one busy lady and I'm betting you are a lot of fun! Love it!

  4. You are so sweet Linda. You find so much joy in each thing you do. I love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and such. Thanks for sending me over there again. I did a little post about your giveaway party. I hope you have some time to visit me and check my last few posts. I am way behind! Love and Hugs Anne

  5. Hi sweetie ladies........thank you so for coming and saying hello to me.

    PBkisses........came over to say hello........your family is the cutest!!!! I like my font also and thought it was easy to read. My daughter said i should keep it, because anyone can just read the email in plain. I am stumped as to what to do myself. I just got done finishing my "surprise. I like it. It has been so much fun to work on. hugs sweet pea!

    Gert.......you are so fun. I am so glad to be home. I go outside and just want to run around the farm sometimes. I get so tickled inside. It is a good feeling. Workin outside the home makes me really know what I am missin!

    Hi Shug, I like to say your name........really cute. You are so welcome. I like to meet new friends also. I keep checkin in on my little ones. Nothing yet. Hope I wake up tomorrow to some peppin!!!!!!

    Hi Anne.......came over to your blog and for some reason couldn't get in. Said I had an error. I will try again. I love Gooseberry patch stuff.
    Heart you sweet lady!

    Sleep tight everyone. It is 1:26 in the morning.......bed is calling me!
    Love you, Linda

  6. Good morning Linda, I hope you get some little peepers soon. Those fluffy babies are so cute. I think your font is perfect! Have a great day!


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