Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Second Duck That Was Rescued!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellooooooo Sweet Ladies,

Good morning from Prairie Flower is Saturday as you all know and it is so wonderful to wake up and not have to leave my HOME. I woke this morning to two roosters out our bedroom window. Wish I could have taken you a picture. It was like they were my own personal alarm clock.........singing......"Good morning goodmorning goodmorning it's time to rise and shine" you remember that song from a children's tape called Bullfrogs and Butterflies...........(it brings many memories from when we would sing it to our kids to get them up in the mornings). The roosters were music to my ears...... greeting this farm girls with such sweet music. Anyway I hopped out of bed, because last night I did something.........but God stepped in and helped me not to make a huge MISTAKE. Let me take you back...........GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I had to work and leave my grandchildren with one of our girls. It was so hard to wake up and see the boys all sprawled out on the floor and have to leave them, but I knew that they would be coming into the cafeteria in a few hours to eat lunch with us. It was so fun to have them see what Poppa, Grammie and the girls did during the day............ they loved it. We tell them that we are there to serve the young adults and love on them for Jesus. I want them to know though that I think it is best if a Momma can stay at Home with their children, but God has been so faithful to our family that HE has kept us all together to serve the missionaries. We do feel like missionaries in a foreign land. This pic is for the kids to see themselves on the blog. 

They came back to the farm and started working on the first hole for the fort and measure out the telephone poles.  When we got HOME they had one hole dug 4 ft. deep. That might not sound like much, but it was a lot of digging with a post hole digger and they were so proud of what they had were we.  They were starting on the second hole......when we got home. 

We got Home and got out of our silly uniforms............ugh! Smiling. Then I went to go check the eggs in the incubator. Nothing. The little duck was 3 days late and I thought that it must not be a good egg. So I started to gather up the old chick eggs in a tin pail to discard them.......and the duck egg that I thought were bad........ I THOUGHT........I got in the kitchen and noticed that the little duck egg had a very very tiny little peep hole and it started to chirp at me. I was SOOOOO EXCITED..........YOU CAN'T IMAGINE. Well maybe you can imagine.......... if you have followed this farm girl for any length of time!!!!!!!!! So I hurried and put the baby duck egg back in the incubator. When I got up this morning he still wasn't out of the egg so I went to this really good site.  

It is a wonderful place to give you all the info you need for hatching ducks. It said......

Should You Help Your Hatchlings?

Many people want to help their ducklings hatch. It is best to allow them to do the hatching themselves. The only time you want to help them is when they make a hole and then cannot progress because they are stuck in that spot. If an actual hole is made, and you can see the duckling, but no progress is made for 12 hours, you can gingerly help the duckling. If blood appears where you break pieces off the shell, stop and wait several hours. If the duckling gets stuck after it has started to break a circle around the egg, it can usually be helped without a problem. But if they are progressing on their own, let them be.

So I very carefully started opening the of my mistakes was to not have enough moisture in the incubator..........they need water to keep them moist as they are incubating. Some might not find this picture appealing, but it is part of farm life and you get used to it. 

This duck egg was from my farm girlfriend Gail, she says it is a "Holstein Duck". The daddy is a Swedish Blue (very pretty duck and the momma is either a Peking or a Kaki Campbell Duck. Whatever it is going to look's going to be wonderful and I love it!!!!!!!! 

They are not the cutest as you will see when they just come out of the egg. 

 The little duck doesn't look like a fluffy sweet little duck when it is first hatched. Our new little one is getting a little fluffier as I am putting up the post. 

Our little one is getting really cute as I am putting up this post. He is peeping all the time. Precious!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful day today (ours is with some rain great for getting the garden ready for planting). Mine will be consumed with caring for the baby chicks (I will take a pic for tomorrow) cleaning and  finishing an order. Almost like heaven in my book. Of course HEAVEN will be more wonderful. 

The girls are going to the farm store today and I will be having them pick up...............(????????).......... I will tell you what it is tomorrow. Then they will be going by Stutzman's Greenhouse to get me some Lemon Verbena herb. 

Here is my favorite recipe using it. 

If you have a name for the little baby duck please let me know and we can vote on a name.......don't feel like you have's just for fun, if you would  like. 

Welcome new have been me!

God bless YOU ALL!



  1. What a blessing... a new baby duck! I posted on my blog today what has blessed me today! Go see. Blessings to you my bloggy sister-in-Christ.

  2. The whole time I was watching him trying to shed the shell, I was thinking of Daffy Duck!
    New life is just so amazing! Yes, God is Good!

    I hope that you are staying warm. It sure is chilly today.

    I should go to Stutzman's to find some Lemon Verbena, too. That would be neat to have and to try the recipe. I would like to go into Glen's Bulk Foods, by there. BTW, Stutzman's may come to town before long. Maybe I will see if they can bring some

    Did you ever get my message?


  3. Hi Layne......left you a note on your blog!!! Love the little pot holder. Adorable!!!!!

    I don't think I did Mecky.........if you go to Stutzman's let's meet each other there..... if we can........I would so love to meet someone that follows my blog. They are having their celebration today......if you could go I is only 25 minutes from me. Let me know! I love ANNA at Glen's Bulk.......she is an adorable Amish Sister in CHRIST!

  4. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. We must of been leaving messages at the same time!!! LOL That is nice that you can enjoy Grandma's stove!

    The new addition is adorable!

  5. Linda, I can't go today. It is so messy outside and is quite a drive for me.
    I left a PM over at Aunt Ruthie's. I will leav another over there since i don't have your e-mail


  6. I like "Chance" as you gave the fellow a second chance. what a thrill to see this fellow emerge. "Roxie" Hannah's little chihuahua is sitting on my lap and she perked up her ears when she heard that duck! What a miracle! Blessings to you always Anne

  7. Hi Linda. I just want to say how much you inspire me with your attitude about working outside of your home. I "have" to work outside of the home and I do a good situation with my hours so that I'm home when the kids are home from school but I struggle with balancing it all. I'm always refreshed and inspired when I read what you have to say about your work at the school and I'm able to think differently about my own work situation. Thank you so much.


  8. He is sooo cute I love that little duck!!!!Thanks got the awesome videos too. Lelo I think for a name that is what my daughter came up with after watching the videos and seeing him or her!!!

  9. Darling video....and sweet little duckling..what a blessing to watch the miracle of life....

  10. I wish I had roosters and chickens but I don't need them to wake me up because I get up before the chickens do! LOL The newborn duck is so hearing the little chirps.

  11. What a miracle life is! Thank you Linda for the video... precious!
    The boys are doing awesome work with their fort. Every child should have one!

  12. That little duck is as cute as can be!!! Loved the video. And - the bread sounds delicious...thank you for always sharing such great recipes!

  13. I am just slowly catching up on some of the posts I've missed over the last few days - I just love how you share about your life - you are such a joy to your readers!


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