Monday, March 14, 2011

Vacation..........and what I am up to today.

Hello sweet ladies, 

 I woke up to this on my first day of vacation............awwww I love my HOME.

Come and sign up for the Prairie Flower Farm Party. Wednesday is the last day at noon.

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little girlie cochin's name. Thank you!

I am linking up to Homestead Revival today. Amy is having her 
Barn Hop.........there are wonderful blogs that have signed up.......go and see. Lots of ideas for your homesteading, farm dreams, and lots more ideas.  

 Started my vacation Friday at about 3..............oh my......was this lady ever happy to leave the college kitchen for SPRING Break. Honest I am not a complainer.......but when I get to come Home it is so wonderful. The weather was beautiful and very Home and changed into my normal As you know I have to wear this silly old hat on my head at work and sometimes you get so warm you feel like your head is going to pop off your shoulders. But I try to do it with a cheerful heart. Our boss likes us to look professional.......(I just want to look like a Momma and Grammie, oh and a Wife..... smile). There is a  friend that is older then me that works with also. She is a delight........but I tell you she "HATES"  the hat. She says it messes up her "do". She makes me laugh so hard. That is a good medicine. She told the main boss the other day (when you are in your 70's you can do that) that she dislikes her hat intensely. Hope there is a change...........oh please pray for us. 

I got up on Saturday to sunshine (7:15.......I treated myself), because my grandchildren were coming and we were going to have a very busy day working in the garden. They are the best little workers and they love it when they can have a big fire to pile the debris on. We took little cochin girlie with and she had a wonderful time enjoying bugs, seeds and the warm sunshine 65 degrees..........SPRING WEATHER. It was wonderful. The kids also checked in on the little eggs with new little chicks on the inside of the egg..... to see if any were ready to hatch. Love it..........LIFE!

I have quit turning the chick eggs......(still have to do the duck).........their due date is Tuesday......looked at my calendar wrong.....thought it was Wednesday when they were suppose to start hatching. Checked them this morning when I hopped out of bed........this is one of my very favorite things I get to do on the farm. I totally love it!!!!!!!!!

Then I looked outside to this. Not funnnnnny..........think it will melt with the sunshine though. It is suppose to be 45 today .........we can hope can't we that it will melt into the soil? God does know what He is doing. We are needing a lot more moisture then what we have been getting...........He provided some.......I should say thank you. I did.

I also planted some veggies and flowers.........tried out the egg shells that my farm girlfriend did........I can't wait to see what they will do. If you do it......rinse out the inside of the egg real good. I have them all on a heating pad. Slip inside a plastic bag and will make a greenhouse affect. I will making up some boxes to start other plants. I have a tutorial on how I do that here. It works great. Easy to do. Just need a big box, power cord, light bulb and a plug in light bulb adapter (found at Wal-mart). 

This morning I did a Bible study with Beth Moore, well not really know on the internet. It blessed my heart. Here it is if you would like to listen........very very good. My girls and I will do one later today........letting them sleep in.........they both giggled late into the night. I want them to have a really fun time while they are on vacation. You get to be young once.

I have been "stitchin" on the giveaway..............I like it a lot!!!!!!! Please sign up for it, if you haven't signed up yet. 

I am enjoying myself  today and I will keep you posted when I get my first little peck on an egg. Did you know that the little air bubble that is on the inside of an egg has just enough air for the little chick to peck through? It breathes the air and it gives them the strength they need to push themselves out of the egg. Crack an egg and you will see the air pocket. Amazing.........God is in the details.........and that blesses my heart!!!!!!!!!! He shows His handiworks SPRING THYME.

Josh and Tonya did their house study...........went very well. That was a biggy. They think that they may have a way to get ahold of Vitaliy..........please pray that it will work. Thank you so much for being there for our family and your prayers. This waiting is not easy.

Oh my......... the sun is coming out...........go away snow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings from our farm to YOUR HOME



  1. You always ... always ... make my heart smile! I'm praying for you and have been continually praying for Vitality. Sending you a warm farmgirl hug!

  2. Linda, as always.. you are a bright spot in my day!! We have no snow here in our part of MO, at least not as of now. It is a gloomy, no-sunshine day, but I just know it will get better this week :) Thanks for sharing your busy, wonderful day! I am working on my 'hen saddle' post.. finally hope to have it up later today. And I am linking to you for a part of it as you helped me find a treasure - finally got it yesterday and I completely love it. Thanks so much!! Have a blessed vacation, dear friend!! -Tammy

  3. I am trying not to covet your future chicks! Have a blessed day.

  4. Hello my sweet Linda...I am sooo glad you are home and enjoying your time on the Farm. We too are sooo lucky to have you there, so we get to enjoy hearing about all your ventures:) However, you do a wonderful job all the time..but am sure it is much more difficult while you are trying to work also! I love all of your embrodery threads! Sure reminds me of spring!!! smile...

    Continue to have a blessed vacation....
    xoxo Gert

  5. I wondered how you did with the snow. We didn't have any here. We need the moisture, but I was so glad to not have it in the form of snow. We had rain.

    I was so happy to see the sun this afternoon, too. After Spring weather on Friday, the cold and gloom was not very welcomed!
    It sounds like you are enjoying your week so far!


  6. Nice to hear you are enjoying your time off! I wish I was there with you although I don't want the snow. I want Tress, Tay, you and Phil all to be able to just sit and giggle. Not that Phil ever gets to really do that. We girls sure do when I visit though! Can't wait to see the baby chicks. Takes me home to Alaska when we used to go into grandma's bedroom and the incubator would be there right under the window. Hugs to you sis and family. I would be incubating my own, but I think my neighbors might raise a ruckus. Darn.. I live through you on this one! Love, Shanny

  7. Lida, Thanks for coming by! The picture is a wooden drying rack. There is a family owned company that still makes them.

  8. Hi, Linda: Your blog is just the BEST! I want to tell Oprah about you so you'll be on TV and the whole world would get to know you. I can just hear Oprah now...."Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome my guest to the show, LIIIIIINNNNNNDDDAAAAAA STUBBBBBBBS!" I would try my best to get tickets for that show! I love everything you wrote about today and all the beautiful photos! Love, Mary S.

  9. Hi Linda...let me introduce myself. I'm Shug and I'm another one of those Texas Gals...
    Guess you could say we are in the farming business. My husband grows Pecan Trees and all kinds of fruit trees for a living...I love it!

    Enjoyed your post and can't wait to drop back in!
    Enjoy your evening.

  10. So glad you are enjoying your vacation, Linda. The pictures are all beautiful I love those curtains at the window. Beautiful fabric.
    Enjoy each moment of every day. I know how it is to love your home so much.
    Blessings and I continue to pray for Vitaliy. Love you ~

  11. I just love visiting you on the farm. Your joy just shines through and you share it with everyone. You are certainly an example to me to en"joy" life.

  12. I posted about chicks today. I'd love to have you read it if you get a break. Hopefully it will make you smile and understand why I'd love to come see you and pet your chickens ;-)

  13. We love stopping by your blog anytime but the springtime excitement at Prairie Flower Farm is one of our favorite times of year! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Linda. :)

  14. We had enough snow and sleet yesterday to turn the ground white but it didn't last long.

    I always enjoy poppin' over for a bit of your beautiful sunshine!!!

    God bless and have a terrific Tuesday sweetie!!! :o)

  15. How exciting to be hatching your own eggs! I hope to do that someday soon- perhaps next year! And I also love doing Beth Moore studies. She is one of my most favorite authors. Thanks for sharing this lovely post at the Homestead Barn Hop! Hope to see you again next week!


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