Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just saying hello,

Hello sweet ladies,

Isn't this the sweetest picture of some tomato plants? My farm girlfriend Gail planted her tomato her chicken eggs...........aren't they the cutest? I want to do this and see if it works for me........cute,cute, cute!!!!!!!!! I think she will make a small hole in the bottom when she transplants them. 

White Bantam Cochin

Gail and I  are also ordering some new baby chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery. You can order a catalog from them. The chicks have been fantastic. We do it almost every year. I will be getting these little ones. Remember when all my cochins were killed by the bobcat? Well.........I only have one white bantam cochin now I will get her a husband. My other one was sooooo beautiful! 
Black Mottled Cochin
Red Cochin Bantams

Blue Cochin Bantams

and Frizzle Red Cochin 

Just thought you might like to see what I was getting. Can't wait..........oh and the chick and duck eggs are doing great. The little duck is growing. I tried to candle the chicken eggs, but the shells are to dark. Can't get a good video. I will show you the duck..........two big eyes now.

I went to a Bible study tonight, so didn't have much time to write a post, but just had to stop and say hello to you sweet ladies. 

Praying that your weekend will be wonderful. 

Hugs from my farm to your HOME and God bless you
precious ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. That is cute. Now would she 'crack' the shell when planting to help break it down?
    I am eggcited for you getting chicks. The Frazzle ones I have never seen before.

  2. Now those egg planters are just TOO cute! What a great idea!

    Excited about your chicks. Wish could have some, I miss hearing the roosters in the mornings.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  3. The egg planters are cute!
    Love looking at pictures of your chickens.
    We're having Spring weather here. Have been planting tomatoes and peppers and weeding. The redbud trees are blooming and new grass springing up here and there. Love working in the yard.
    Have a wonderful weekend ~

  4. Oh those are so cute!! I hope to grow tomatoes in our tiny backyard this year too. I think they are all I will have room for, but they are my favorite! I love the pictures of the chickens too. Someday, we want to have chickens too!

    You would get a kick out of my little one today. She chose to be Laura Ingalls for Favorite Book Character day at school. She had such fun tell me how to make her costume.

    I hope you have a gorgeous day!!

  5. Oh, those tomato plants in the eggshells is a GREAT idea. Who would have thought? I'm going to remember that!!! That's so creative!!!!

    Oh, cochins are so cute too...I love how they're feet are covered in feathers. it looks like they're wearing pantaloons!!! Oh, i can't wait to see these...I've seen them grown up. I've never seen a baby cochin!!!

    How was your Bible study? Are you going through a particular study? Have a great weekend, Linda. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. We used to do that with the kids in Head Start. It is quite effective. And it is delightful to see how happy it makes the kids.

  7. Linda you are such a sweet informative friend! I love those cochins. They are so pretty. You make everything sound so delightful. I pray for you each day. working in this wicked ole world is tough so we have to rely on the one who can see us through it all. I am so happy to know you. Prayers are abounding for Vitaliy and your famil. Love Anne
    P.S. Love those egg shells, talk about energy conservation1 Great idea!

  8. Hello Linda,
    Firstly I'm wondering about that fire that was down the road from you. I do hope the wind is blowing in the opposite direction to your place.
    I just ordered the free tea bag cosy pattern. How kind of you to offer it free. Have a lovely restful weekend and I hope spring arrive at your place really soon. as for us on the other side of the world, we are looking forward to the cool autumn days.
    Blessings Gail

  9. Such a cute always! So glad I stopped by!

  10. Oh those are such cute little planters! And the pics of chickens make me want to get chickens even more! Aren't they beautiful birds! And I do want a Foghorn Leghorn also. I didn't grow up watching that cartoon for nothing. :-) Thanks for the great pics.


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