Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Busy Day.........On the Farm

It was a very very special teachable day........the boys will never forget.........Poppa and I will trust that the Lord will work in their impressionable hearts for HIS Glory.

We talked about weeds (sin)............that are in each of our lives. 

We pulled weeds and more weeds out of the ground.............and talked about asking the Lord to help us with our own weeds.

We talked about how if the foundation of our lives are not built on Godly instruction (the Word of God) and if we don't build our fort with a good foundation it will not stand for long..

They measured.

They listened.

Then they got to burn the fruit of their labor........probably their favorite thing to do. Matches and little boys......with an adult!

We talked about sin and that it is like a rushing destroys everything it touches. Lives..........families............marriages........we prayed that they will be protected. That they will have listened to the God Chatter today and that as they grow in the Lord they will remember this day.

They talked about Hell and that it was real and a bad that this day will stick with them.

A Poppa investing in the young men in his encourage them to be men of! I am thankful he is mine!

It was a very good day. This Grammie and Poppa will pray for them............they are truly our gifts from the Lord. 

May the Lord bless your SONday.............know that you are very special!



  1. A beautiful post Linda -- and a day invested in those young men that won't be forgotten :)


  2. So meaningful Linda. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day.

    <3 Amy

  3. Thank you for sharing Linda. Good post!
    Have a blessed day ~

  4. Anytime you invest in someone's heavenly future, you can't go wrong! May the Lord guide you and keep you and you family Linda!

    Hugs XX

  5. What an awesome way to teach these young men! My dad was a pastor and was a great influence on my children! This was how God planned it! The younger being caught by the older! What a blessing!

    You are such an encouragement to me Linda. Thank you! I am missing church today because of the pain in my back, your words and story were what I needed to see to share when everyone gets home!! <3 Miss Paula

  6. Dear Linda: WOW! That was perfect! Every young boy (and girl) should be so lucky to have someone like you and your husband to teach them the right path to go. Who knows, one of the young people in the picture could grow up to be our president and/or leader to turn things around in the direction of our Lord and Savior. I love you and your entire family. Mary S.

  7. Beautiful and Encouraging :)

    Susan Montgomery

  8. Linda, this is beautiful! What a meaningful allegory - what a way to link the lesson with something that is so tangible. I also loved that last picture of them with their backs to the camera.

  9. What a beautiful blog & an encouraging post!! I will definitely come back to visit!!

  10. Hi Linda
    What a wonderful lesson you guys gave your precious grandchildren - I love the way you used the weeding to teach them!
    I will have to try to do more with my own children of teaching through real life!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day

  11. I had beautiful four o'clocks at my old house and these awful "chokie" weeds always tried to strangle them! I would get out there and pray as I removed them from my flowers. I always compare weeds to sin. They go hand in hand, what a beautiful lesson you taught those boys. Those chicks are so sweet. I wish I knew you when I bought that poor lil chick many years ago. I know you would have loved the lil critter! Blessings to you! Anne

  12. Thank you so much sweet ladies for leaving me a comment today. You truly blessed me!

    I am off to bed. Back to work tomorrow. I would cry if it helped. It won't. I had such a wonderful vacation so I choose to be blessed and go and do my work tomorrow and hurry home so I can plant some potatoes and work on an order.

    You ladies are truly the sweetest!
    Hugs, Linda

  13. What a wonderful lesson...such a clear message. One that I'm sure will never be forgotten.


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