Monday, March 7, 2011

New Egg Basket

Hello sweet ladies,

I just had to show you my new adorable egg basket that I bought this last weekend. Isn't it the cutest? It was at Tractor Supply for only $4.95. Couldn't believe it was so inexpensive.  I want to use it down in the milk barn for the cuckoo marans. It was to cold today after work to fix a place for it to hangs, but I will and then I will show you. If you would like one and don't have a Tractor Supply by you  I would get you one for you. If you could pay the shipping I would send it to you. I have never seen a red one like this. It just has to have a red gingham bow don't you think?

It was a wonderful weekend for my honey and son.........they will never forget it. Lives were changed..........a man that was 80 accepted Christ...........they baptized him.........the word for that is MIRACLE. It is never to late..........he came out of the water..........a new man........he lifted his hands to the heavens and said, Praise the LORD. Not a dry eye in the place. Made the weekend so worth it. All the hard work........ a man has eternity with his Heavenly Father...........for.........ever! God wooed his heart. 

    Amazing will never get old.  Precious in my book. 

Hugs to you sweet are me......
but more by Jesus....that is a good thing.



  1. Love that little egg basket! I am excited that we have a Tractor Supply coming to our neck of the woods. Not super-close, but in our nearest "city" that we visit once a month or so. I will look for one of those when they are open for business! Thanks for the heads up :) How wonderful about the 80 years young man - what a blessing!
    Hope you and yours have a blessed remainder of the week, Linda! Hugs, Tammy

  2. Oh how I wish we have had a Tractor Supply
    Store..We Have Horse and feed Stores..It's
    different from a Tractor Supply Store..
    Love you Red Egg Basket.. Price was awesome
    Mircale of the Lord that's wonderful about
    how the Lord moved upon the 80 year old man
    Praise The Lord Jesus.. Joyful Blessing

    Have a Blessed Week...
    Hugs Trish :-)

  3. You're so's never too late! That is awesome news!

  4. Thank you so much for leaving me a comment.

    Tammy if you want one and can't find one......let me know! I would love to get you one.

    Hi Trish........if you need one let me know. I just love it.

    Tina hello, It was so incredible to watch that man. He walked with a new walk. Precious to see.

    Sleep tight!

  5. I got one of those, too! It's so adorable. We move to our farm in April, the seller is leaving us his 2 laying hens and we have 15 or so month old girls to add. Can't wait!

  6. Tractor Supply is such a neat place to wander through! We do it quite often.
    Wonderful blessing about the one saved this weekend. You're never to old to accept the Lord!

  7. Praise the Lord for saving this 80 yr. old man.
    That is, indeed, a wonderful blessing.
    Love the red basket. I would want to find a place in the home for it and yes, with a gingham check bow.
    Blessings sent your way!

  8. Oh ~I picked that up last weekend and put it back down. I told myself I did not need it. Now I wish I had ~you are tempting me.LOL
    I just loved seeing those baby chicks.
    Have a great day!

  9. We do have a Tractor Supply that I like to roam around in occasionally. They have nice gifty section during the holidays. But sometimes I don't find anything interesting. Of course I'm not a farm lady so I would probably not have spotted the egg basket. I have found some prim items there from time to time though.

    Hope your day is wonderful!♥

  10. Linda,
    Your blog is one of the bright spots in my day. I love your egg basket:) Tractor Supply is one of my fav stores and where I get my birdseed. The 80 year old man getting saved...priceless! Don't you know the angels in heaven were rejoicing?!

    Susan Montgomery

  11. Linda, I just checked my Tractor Supply for the bucket and couldn't find it. What section of your store did you find it in? I need!!! this bucket to put my eggs in each night.


  12. Hi Amy, Aren't they the cutest baskets? How exciting that you all get to move to your farm in April. I love my chickens.......they can become such sweet pets. Please keep me posted on your new farm. I love ours.

    Hi Linda, I enjoy the magazines at Tractor Supply and they have wonderful farm books. So agree with you about never being to old for Jesus.

    Aliene, so glad you were encouraged about the 80 year old was so precious to see him come out of the water......lot of crying going on.

    Hi Carrie, You are so cute. It really is the cutest egg basket I have ever seen. I love the chicks also. My girls kept telling me that I had eggs with babies inside at home. They are the cutest when little.

    Tammy hi, I do agree with you that they have a wonderful gift section at CHRISTmas time. My day was very busy in the kitchen. Made some really nice desserts. are so sweet. Yes the angels were singing. It was a miracle before our eyes. them and ask for the red Egg Baskets. I called tonight and our store had 20. I had them put back 4 for me. I have a lady that wants 2. If your store doesn't have one let me know. I will send you one if you like. I don't think that the postage will be real high. I will find out tomorrow.

    Hugs sweet ladies, thank you so much for writing me today and leaving me such sweet comments.

  13. Your egg basket would be darling with a gingham bow!
    So glad you shared about the older man coming to the Lord. Wonderful!
    continued blessings to you & yours ~

  14. Hi Linda,
    We have been praying for my 89 year old Dad who lives with us to be saved. He has started reading the Bible now and comes to church most weeks. Talk about leaving your run late. Oh well, God is in control. I'd love a prayer for him if it runs through your mind. I enjoy your writings so much and send from Australia my Blessings, Gail

  15. I love love to get one of these! You always make me smile Linda! I was flipping through a Gooseberry Patch cookbook and saw n illustration of this basket! This is so precious. Anne


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