Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good News!!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

Good news. The doctor took off the breathing machine off of Ellianna and she is breathing on her own. We are rejoicing on what the Lord has done for this precious family. Don't quit praying please and thank you for your prayers. You truly are such sweeties. Sure was a scary time for all. Baby Ellianna is not out of the woods yet, so please keep praying. I will keep you posted when I hear something. 

Heavenly Father, We give you heard our cry and you answered..........we thank you..........In Jesus Name, Amen

Now on a lighter note. Miss Echo our horse that is pregnant is showing some really definite signs of delivering in the next week. Her udder is getting very full. We have never had a pregnant horse here on our farm before so this is all new to us. If any of you have had a pregnant horse.........please give us some pointers. It is so exciting. I will try to get pic's tomorrow of Echo. She is so round and dropping. WE CAN'T WAIT. Baby duck, baby chickens, baby kittens (I will get pic's of them also) and now a baby foal. Spring is truly in the air here at Prairie Flower Farm.

Tonight I got home and cleaned out the baby chick cage and the duck cage. They are on the side porch with lights still on them because it is still cold here in Kansas.  I had read a blog about taking a water jug and making a drinking container for your baby I cut about a 2 1/2" circle, you will see why I had to recut a 2" circle instead. I think this will make you smile!!!!!!!!!!!

Little duck decides that it is going to jump inside the hole. I thought I had it small enough.........wrong.

Little duck loved this new idea. The problem was I going to get it out?

Right then Forrest decides to jump in. I grabbed him  before he could. 

Little duck just loved his new swimming pool and Forrest was content to stay out once I caught him.

Sweet ducks. 

It is so fun to watch them clean their little feathers. They really entertain us as you can see.

Today is my 2nd year anniversary of having Prairie Flower Farm and our store.............can't believe it. You all have made it so special and I thank you so much. 

I will do something  fun to celebrate soon.............I received the new Gooseberry Cookbook in the mail yesterday to review and give one away. With Ellianna and all I just wasn't in the mood to do anything. I will real soon though. I know you are going to like!!!!! I will keep the cookbook a surprise..........can't wait to show you!

Hugs from my very very productive your HOME,


P.S. Welcome new have been me.


  1. I have known your blog from my friend, Anne. Those ducks are so cute! My mother-in-law from Kansas (now in Colorado) has her own little farm and just had 21 chickens hatched in past few days. Similar view, eh?
    I am glad to hear that baby Ellianna is doing so well. I pray and believe that she is strong and she will survive. With special love to Ellianna

  2. It is so much fun to see the little ducks doing so well. I will continue to pray for Elliana and I'm very thankful to our Lord that he watched over that precious baby. Our Lord is Great and in all things we should be thankful because he knows what is best for us. Looking forward to your next party Linda! If you'll come on over to my blog you can leave a comment and be entered into my giveaway!

    Hugs XX

  3. Oh, such good news! My girls asked if I had heard anything as we drove in the driveway tonight from AWANA. I read your post aloud to them all - we'll continue to pray!

  4. Isn't so comforting to know that prayers are answered. And I love your duck swimming pool...what a great idea!

  5. THANKFUL for answered prayers and baby ducks

  6. I am so thankful to hear the baby is doing better. I will continue to keep her and her family in my prayers and thoughts.
    I love the duck photos! Toooooo adorable.

  7. Your pictures were adorable today. I am so thankful to read the good news about Ellianna too! God is so good.

  8. I am so happy to hear that baby Ellianna is doing better. I woke up this morning, thinking about her and said another prayer for her complete recovery.

  9. Praise God!!!We will continue to pray for her....I know they have a long road in front of them.
    The Ducks are the jug-pool.I think ducks have more personality then chicks....but I adore both of them!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  10. Such good news! Praise God. My girls & I continue to pray. They've really connected with that sweet little angel. I LOVE your ducky pictures. Spring is such a wonderful time of full of hope!

  11. Still praying for Ellianna....So thankful she is breathing on her own.

    These are the cutest pictures. I do believe they love the place. You did good!
    I so enjoy seeing new pictures each day of all the babies....

    Have a great day...

  12. What a day of good news! Ellianna is doing better, baby ducklings & others baby cuties & now the foal coming. HOW EXCITING! The Lord is SO, very good to us ~ His mercies are new every morning.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  13. Rejoicing with you all on Elliana's progress! God is good!
    The pictures of little ducks are so cute, Linda! Thanks for sharing.
    Joy & Peace to you ~

  14. Praise God! Thank you for letting us know about the baby. Love all the darling pictures today. Still praying! Love, Mary

  15. Linda,

    I am so thrilled to hear some positive news about Ellianna and wanted to let you know, I am praying and will continue to do so. Life has just been too busy to blog much, but never too busy to pray!

    Love your little duckies! I love spring on the farm. There isn't a better time.

    About Echo, you will love having a baby horse, as they are so much fun! When Faith (mama horse) had Rodeo, 2 years ago, was the first time for us to have a "horse baby" on the place. We put up a round pen close to the house to keep an eye on the baby....soon the baby was crawling under the round pen to play with the boys and the dogs! He loved playing "tag" and when he was little it was so cute....once he got up around 5 or 600 lbs, it was still cute...but a little dangerous. He has settled down now, but still very spoiled!!! (dh says we spoil all our babies).

    Love you and continuing to send prayers on Ellianna's behalf.


  16. Paise God from whom ALL blessings flow! So happy for Elliana and her family!

    Congratulations on your 2 yr. farm anniversary! I am so envious, but happy for you :^)

    Your duck pics put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing them with us :)

    Susan Montgomery

  17. Happy 2nd Anniversary! I've enjoyed reading your blog for about 1 yr and 5 months approximately. Thanks for all the sweetness you send our way. I'm still praying for Ellianna, and am praising God for the good news.


  18. Hi everyone.........just put up a post with info from Hannah. Baby Ellianna is doing better. She is back at the first hospital.

    Thank you so for leaving a comment. You are so sweet all of you!!!!!!!!!!

    Did tons of baking yesterday and today. Enough cheesecake for 600. Also a catering for 3 days for 61 people. Tired and looking forward to Sat. baking for 4. Smile!

    Hugs, Linda

  19. Indoor pool! Clever! least the duckies thought so too! heheheeeeheheheee

    ...and PRAISE God!!!

  20. I look forward to reading your wonderful posts. God Bless you too.


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