Sunday, March 6, 2011

You are Precious

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Hello sweet ladies,

This weekend has been one of refreshment for my girls, Mary and myself. We have sewed............talked...........prayed for our men............shopped............giggled...........realized many times how blessed we are to be children of God. Realizing how much He loves has been a very special time. We have never done anything  like this before.........but our souls have been refreshed. God has meet our every need.............precious of HIM.

Talked to my honey.............he said that I would have been so proud of our son.................he spoke on forgiveness. Our family has walked much..............feel many times we are in God's bootcamp...........a special place to be............even though it can be very hard. My honey and all the men were in two school buses. Said they were laughing all the way to the camp. Said that in the sessions you were either laughing or crying.............a cleansing time for them. He said that it is a Very Very intense time..............a time of reflecting. It sounds like he has met God in a fresh new way..............can't wait to see him. 

All the children, family and wives will meet the buses at the church....with our men in them.............we will bring gifts and will be a special time.......they will feel loved. Many after this encounter come back home changed men............  they will be needing encouragement.............leading families these days can be very hard. Dads carry heavy loads..........with some losing their jobs..........children walking in  problems.........wrong choices "they" have made in their pasts they will need us. The family is being hit.........maybe not yours and that is so wonderful.........but we need to be praying for those who are having difficult times. 

Know are in my are so precious to me and the one that counts..............JESUS.




  1. I sat here reading your post and I started to cry as you described the wives, children and families waiting for your men to come home on the school buses.
    What fanfare!
    Banners and cheers.
    A tangible expression of what our men & sons so desperately need; to know that we hold them in admiration and respect and appreciate all they do to lead our families.
    I will be praying for all the men who attended from your church.

    May the Lord bless your precious family!

    Malinda @

  2. Dear Linda,

    I'll come back later and comment on your blog post. I'm glad you, the ladies, and the men of your family all had such a great weekend ;) :) That's wonderful.

    I went to church this morning..didn't want to go...but it's not about me, and all about I went anyway. Oh,I'm so glad. I was blessed beyond belief by the pastor's message..encouraged and challenged too. I got to know some of the ladies better. That is huge for me, because I"m still new to this church and don't have a lot of friends. So God has been good and I think He's slowly answering my prayers :) :) :)

    Thanks bunches for the super cool photo. I'll happily borrow this and post it on d give you credit of course :) :) I love what you wrote here. That's how I feel about all of my friends and family :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. What awesome post... It's refreshing to read
    how the Lord is moving in so many lifes...
    and the blessings that are upon each of you..
    Praise the Lord what He is doing in the lifes
    of Man and the Sons..Expression of He Love
    to be more Like Him !!!Our Jesus....

    Blessings to your amazing Family
    Thanks Linda for the wonderful commnet you
    posted on my blog... I needed the Kindenss of
    Hugs Trish,,,,

  4. Excellent post :D I'm glad you and your family had such an uplifting and meaningful weekend together.
    Susan Montgomery

  5. So glad God answered prayer for you and the girls! I can hardly wait to hear what happened with the men. I have high expectations, knowing the mighty God we serve. Love you.

  6. Oh Linda..what a wonderful time you must have had! I know the men will be so blessed by your presents..greeting them.

    Love the picture it is beautiful

    xoxo Gert

  7. Linda This is such a blessing to have our men in our lives get touched by God sometimes it seems like they dont get enough of that ....And I am so glad that you and the girls had a great weekend too. I have to agree with Gert I love the picture as well!!! You always have such awesome pictures and saying they are awesome!!! Hugs to you!!!

  8. Linda,
    These types of retreats are such a blessing. We have attended them as families and we split into groups and other times we have attended the Women's Prayer Advance which is once a year and also my husband and son have attended the Men's Prayer Advance. It is a time of getting one on one with God. Not that we cannot do that at home but when there are no distractions it is much better. We are also hearing messages at the same time so the time we spend hearing them and then spending time sharing with other women and praying is just a wondrous time of seeing God move in lives and families.
    It is so important to encourage and build up our husbands and sons, for someday they too will be leading families, Lord willing.
    Thanks so much for sharing this post. I pray your family will be blessed by all God has done in their hearts during the time of refreshment!

  9. So happy for you & your fam, Linda...You are blessed ~
    Love reading your posts and how God is working in your lives...Love the picture too...

  10. Linda, you are just so amazing! I love to come over here! Your hubby sounds so wonderful as does your son. God Bless their beautiful souls! Anne


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