Sunday, March 27, 2011

We have two new......babies and some baby kitties

Hello..........sweet ladies,

Today was such a busy day. I didn't get everything I wanted done........but it was so fun and very relaxing. I was able to go down to Grandma Yoders for just a little visit.........I have spoke of the two sister's that care for their elderly Momma. They are such sweeties and when I walk in the door it is pamper time!!!! I have to say I love it. They gave me canned soup...........tomato sauce......and homemade granola. Also Rosa took me out to the garden and gave me starts of lettuce...........I came Home a rich lady. Love it.......Grandma is about 95.........I love her very much just like she was my own. Grandpa Yoder is in heaven waiting for her.........she loves him so.  If you ask her how she is doing she will tell you, "the Lord has been good"...........I love to sit at her table and here her "sweet talk". 

Tressy's Momma Kitty had 5 baby kittens. I will get pictures later tomorrow. They are so precious. The grandchildren will flip!

I also went to the Stutzman Greenhouse. Bought my Lemon Verbena herb plant. I can't wait to get it in the ground. It is a little I will just baby it until it is time to plant.

Oh and the best thing that happened was the "little  duck" (on the right) was born this morning (look at post below).......I knew that if he didn't have a friend that he would be very very lonely and peep alllll the time. So the girls had to go to town and I had them pick up another  BABY DUCK. It's name is Forest until we find out if it is a girl......then we will have to change it a little. Since the girls went to the farm store to buy it.......they thought they should name it. It is named after Forest Phog Allen..........he was the Father of Basketball Coaching.......our family are true KU people. So that is the little yellow duckies name! Now for the other little duck that is the one that needs the name. Today I opened it up for you ladies to come up with some names. I have them all listed on the side bar for you all to vote on a name. We don't know if they are girls or boys..........but whatever name you all pick we can change it a little to match what it is. 

It was a very nice Saturday.......kind of a dreary day.......misty rain off and on, but I didn't care. It was so nice to be HOME. The weather man says snow and rain on Sunday and isn't he just so funny?

I have been letting the chickie girls run around the we found a nest with about 12 eggs  under a board............those silly girls. 

May the Lord bless you....... and think on this verse.

Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you..........this blesses my heart big time...........hope it does yours. 

Have a very blessed SONday,



  1. Oh my word what a precious pic of the baby ducks~so sweet!
    I wish I was there to see those precious babies and visit with you, of course!
    Wishing you a blessed Lord's Day and week ahead!

  2. Happy SONday morning to you dear Linda! You always have such exciting things going on down on your FARM. Boy would I love to come & visit. Sounds like you have such a wonderful friend!'do you just love on them. We had one similar to her also. She was always sharing plants etc. with me. God is so good to us, putting these people in our lives.

    Hope you all have a blessed day!

    xoxo Gert

  3. Things on the farm are very busy! Love the litte ducks!
    Happy Sunday!

  4. Happy Sonday, Linda!
    The little ducks are precious! Thanks for sharing pictures. So cute!
    Have a blessed Sonday!
    Joy & Peace ~

  5. Wanted to say HELLOOOOO to all you sweet ladies.........almost out the door to go worship the KING. Hope your day is special for you......asking the Lord for blessings for you......HE is so FAITHFUL!

    Hugs, Linda

  6. Hi Linda, Just stopping by to tell you how darling those little ducks are and to say hello! We're enjoying the same kind of misty weather and looking forward to a church staff lunch here today after church of chili, cornbread, and salad. Perfect weather for it!

    I love the name Jemima - I'm a huge Beatrix Potter fan and seeing a duck always reminds me of Jemima Puddle Duck! But Penelope is sweet too! If they're both girls, perhaps you can use both names.

    Enjoy a Sunday sabbath rest with your family!

  7. What cute little ducks! Springtime on the farm is so exciting. :-)

  8. Hi Linda, I was so excited to hear about the kitties! (I love kittens!)How is Momma Kitty doing?
    That is sweet that you have a little friend for the new duck. I love the name!! You farm is full of babies!
    Have a bleesed day

  9. Stutzman's. We must be nearly neighbors.
    Thought that was interesting when that name popped up.
    A Dorothy living in Kansas.

  10. I think "he" looks like a Homer!!

  11. Oh, Linda, just love those little ducklings! Too precious! And isn't it wonderful to be able to have the time to visit with an older lady...there is such joy in what our elders have to teach us. Thank you for sharing your Saturday with us!

    Sweet blessings,

  12. Hi Linda
    Oh your new ducklings are just adorable - of course I've already voted for a name! What a lovely day you had - your neighbours sound wonderful! I wish we had Christian neighbours around - ours are wonderful, but they do tend to gossip a bit too much which I find difficult! They always send us home with treats though - last time it was 4 apricot seedlings that she had raised for me - I planted them yesterday & I prayed that they would grow & produce much fruit!
    I would love to see photos of your garden - have you shared any? I am currently pouring over my garden club catalogue trying to decide what to buy as now is the best time to plant fruit trees for us & of course I need a couple of things for our winter garden (which isn't as big or exciting as summer, but it's still a blessing we can have one!
    Sorry long comment - it's been a while since I've been able to stop in here & "chat"
    Love to you

  13. Yeah for Chuck!!

    What is the font you use for your text??

  14. God Bless those sweet little ducks! You have such a beautiful life. I am anxious to see those kittens too. Your farm is so alive with life! I love hearing your precious stories. You have a terrific week with lots of love. Hugs Anne

  15. Hello Linda, I LOVE YOUR BLOG, and enjoy reading it. You have a beautiful heart. LenZie

  16. Hi sweet ladies.........I am off to in the morning. I just put up a prayer request on a new post. Please come over and read and please start praying. God has the answers for this one and we need a lot of ladies praying for this precious family and baby!!!! Thank you and thank you for coming and leaving a comment are so precious. Also I put up a video tonight of the ducks swimming. They are such a hoot!

    Love you bunches, Linda

  17. Dear Linda,
    A dear friend helped me start my own blog this weekend. Yours has been so uplifting to me and a true inspiration. I hope I can put a smile on others face as you have done to mine.
    Love your sweet little ducks!!
    Bless the sweet little mama and precious new baby from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes!!
    Love Trace


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