Monday, March 28, 2011

Pitter Patter In Our Farm House Makes Us Laugh

Hello Sweet Ladies, 

I want to thank those of you who have commented and left words of encouragement and prayers on the last post I did on Ellianna. You are the most thoughtful, caring ladies I have ever met and I thank you so much and so does Hannah and Mark. I have a little button for Ellianna on my side bar, that you can put on your sidebar to let others know to pray. If you want to direct it back to the last post you are welcome, so people can see what to pray for. Tomorrow she will be having a shunt put in her head at 12 mountain time. Please pray for the hands of the doctor and for her Momma and Daddy. You ladies are soooooo precious and I heart you bunches!!!!!

Today  Homestead Revival is having their 6th Barn Hop. I just love her place (blog). She has a ton of  informational posts that are a must if you want to learn some wonderful things on homestead living, gardening, canning, organizing your home......... and lots of wonderful things. Go and visit all the other ladies that have signed up. Lots of great things you can learn about. 

I thought I would put up this  funny video for everyone today. It's what happens on our farm when we have little ducks. I think you will like. 

Our daughter set the camera on the floor so she could get the little ducks running behind her and the sounds of our little ducks. She is also trying to get them to follow her cat who's name is Casey. As some of you know when you incubate or buy little ducks they imprint to humans as their parents. It is the funniest thing because they will follow you everywhere and I mean everywhere. It blesses us and I thought it might do the same for you. Enjoy

Did you notice that Jemima is winning.......2 more days to vote.

Blessings and may the Lord bless you so....... for all your love you have shown this little family.



  1. I am in love with these little sweethearts! The videos are so precious. God Bless these little darlings. Hugs Anne

  2. I was so busy busy looking at the new babies! I have a shunt in my head and I now have a handle on the baby girl Ellianna because I know some medical stuff bout shunts. I am praying that the doctors have their hands guided personally by the Lord. I am praying that the shunt will do its job properly and give this wonderful little life just that, a wonderful life! I am praying and will capture your button too. God Bless Hannah and Mark too! Anne

  3. Love that sound!!! My German Shepherd just got up and came in here by me to see what was going on when he heard the 'peeps.' LOL

  4. Linda stop by if you can. Love to you and praying hard for the baby Ellianna today. God Bless You and your work! Anne

  5. Oh my darling is that video?? smile... I absolutely LOVE it..

    Our dog "Rusty" also heard the peeping when I played the video of them swimming and he had to come over and investigate too. Aren't animals just a little of God's loving on us???

    Thank you Linda for sharing this with us!!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Precious video. I was showing this to my granddaughter (Mylee) and she was just a laughing. She said..."Sugar, I have one?"
    Oh geez...we may have to get some little chicks!
    Thanks for posting and thanks for giving Mylee a happy chuckle today.

  7. Precious Ellianna, Hannah and Mark I am praying that the shunt will help Ellianna and she will get better and be able to go home. The pictures are beautiful and I thank you for letting Linda share them with us. She is a part of all of us now and we will all keep praying.
    God Bless all of you and know that someone in Colorado is thinking and praying for all of you.
    The Fischer Family,
    Debbie, Tom and Kent

  8. That video is adorable!! We have lots of peeping going on here, too! We have 50 chicks (well 45 right now...5 are being loved on at a friend's house) in a kiddie pool in the basement! I'll post some pics tomorrow on the blog.

    Blessings, Linda! Love the font on your blog page! (I get your RSS feed so in the e-mails I don't see the pretty font.)

    Old House Kitchen


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