Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Heard from VITALIY!!!!!!!!!!


Soooooo busy today, but wanted to give an update on the baby peeps. One started it's escape in the afternoon yesterday. The little one is still working really hard.........but peeping a ton. Love it. Music to my ears. It should be out today. Another one is working chicks are the best. Ya know........ I like baby goats also. I see them a lot on farm blogs.........I am thinking that I would like a Momma that would have babies...........I haven't told Mr. Farmer yet.......... I think I know his answer. Smile. 

Click on picture and it will enlarge for you so you can really see the little peck. This morning I was sitting and stitching. It would peep and I would say would peep again. I think it knows that I am it's MOM! Don't cha think?

Lots of ladies are downloading the tea towel.........hope they like! 

Tressy sent me this video, she thought I would enjoy.........I want to share it with you .........I think that you will like. 

Today it is going to be in the 80's! I think spring is just around the corner. Tomorrow it is going to be nice also............9 grandchildren descending on the farm.........need I say more?

 I just checked the little eggs........holes are getting bigger.

May the Lord bless your day  today real good, 
P.S. Remembered when I asked for prayer for Josh and Tonya to talk to Vitaliy today? Well I just received this email. YEA!!!!!!! Thank you JESUS!!!!! Now he knows we still love very much. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!! I told them you all would be praying. Thank you soooooo much. Here is what they said,

"It took longer for them to get him than for us to talk to him.  But at least we got to say we loved him and hello. When we first said hi & that it was Tonya & Josh he said "Ian"? I told him they were at school. He knows the word school. But he couldn't understand anything else. :) he knows I love you, & BYE. He kept saying that too when we were trying to hang up.  :)
Thanks for the prayers!" Tonya and Josh


  1. Oh what fun to watch and listen for the baby peeps and to see that first hole in the egg appear.

  2. I just love little chicks! We just bought 15 for the grandchildren.

    I'd like to invite you to enter my blog giveaway to win a $50. gift card!

  3. I LOVED the video you shared! Babies laughing is one of the greatest sounds on earth! Hope all your chicks hatch soon!

  4. Oh, this post made my heart smile soooooo BIG! You and your precious family are in my prayers.

  5. So exciting I bet waiting on the baby chicks. I saw the video on TV this morning. Isn't that just precious? Good luck talking Mr. Farmer into the goat. Many blessings to you on this beautiful day.

  6. Your lil' chicks are working hard. The video was so cute loved the giggles. Praying for your sweet family.

  7. What a blessing to hear from Vitaliy! I'm so happy for all of you. I continue to pray that God brings you all together again soon.

    Amy in Idaho

  8. I am new to this blog Can someone tell me who Vitaliy is? can't wait to see the chicks and duckling too.

  9. I feel like I'm a real part of farm life and I can't wait for the little chicks to hatch. We have a dog and four donkeys, but that is it..You are so sweet to share the hatching with all of us!
    Have yourself a really good evening and enjoy this wonderful weather...

  10. that video!!! It made my day.

    So happy Josh and Tonya were able to talk to Vitaliy. What a great answer to prayer.

    Sounds like you are going to have lots of peeping going on while the grands are there tomorrow. Have fun.

    We are at a very warm 83. I have been busy eyeing potatoes this afternoon, so we can get them planted this evening. Busy time of year! I love it. (We now have 10 baby cute. The grands are having such fun playing with them.)

  11. Hearing they talked to Vitaliy brought happy tears to my eyes, Linda. God is soooo good. My prayers are for Vitaliy to be home with your family.

    Have a wonderful time with your grandkids. Two of ours spent 2 days with us this week on Spring break. We loved every minute!
    God bless ~

  12. I am sooo excited about baby chicks ours will be hatching very soon too. Wow that is such a blessing that your heard from Vitally OUR JESUS is sooo faithful!!!!

  13. So glad your got to talk to Vitally! My heart is full for you all. That baby, I just have to say would put a smile on anyone's face. Too precious. I got my chick at a day old last year. I have a hen that has been sitting in the egg box for a month now only getting out to eat and not laying. Too bad I did not think about getting some fertile eggs for her. Next year I will. I have been looking at the bantums each time I go into the tractor store. Hubs said he built the hen house for a dozen hens and I have a dozen hens. Wanted to know which one we were having for dinner if I bring more chicks home. I am not eating my chickens so I am being a good wife and not bringing anymore home. Yet.

  14. SO EXCITING to see and witness the NEW BIRTH of the baby chicks....


    .....the NEW BIRTH that VITALIY has with his FOREVER FAMILY that LOVES, LOVES, LOVES him!!!

    Please, Lord, keep the process going smoothly and diligently until Vitaliy is HOME!

    Blessings, love and prayers,


  15. Your family is very blessed. God is watching you and listening. I am always praying for Vitaliy and your family. I know God has an incredible plan for all of you! Love Anne


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