Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good is SONday!!!!!!!!

Good morning sweet ladies............I have to tell you I have enjoyed our party. I love seeing all the comments and ideas about what you would like to do at our farm. It makes me want to have a real party some day..........that just may happen. Wouldn't that be so much fun? I didn't get to come to everyone's blog yesterday.........a few......grandchildren showed up.........and we worked cleaning up the garden will treat myself today. Five extra work for me. Lots of chattering going on. I like it.

We were suppose to have warm today.........not...........they say rain and maybe snow. Can you believe the Lord would allow He has it in I will enjoy my day inside.

Hugs to all you precious ladies and thank you for signing up for the party and for voting. Gracie looks like it is in the front this morning. Been fun to watch my little cochins name change so

If you haven't signed up for the giveaway (you are going to like it......I promise) please do so. Anyone can.......even overseas.

Have a blessed SONday it is HIS day that He has set aside for us to rest...........I love that, 



  1. What fun you'll be having this week, Linda. Hope you have some fine weather so you can enjoy being outside some...It's just a bit brisk here still.

    I'll be breathing easier when this evening is over. It's been a busy Sunday. Besides morning services, I've attended my niece's bridal shower where I also gave devotions. This evening we have our Home Connection (small group). THEN I'll really relax!

  2. Thank you, LInda for visiting! And I hope you get to come again tomorrow for the barn hop since you're on vacation. I'd say sleep in late, but I bet you've got a zillion things you want to do. Have a VERY blessed week!

    (Oh, and I voted on the name - Miss Clementine is sooooo Southern and sweet!)


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