Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We have a winner............and a NEW Name

Hello sweet ladies............well I have been waiting for this day and it is finally here. First our little white cochin girlie has a new name...............and it is...........

She loves it and I love it.......what do you think?

Thank you so much for all who took the time to vote. We enjoyed watching the names and what one was in the forefront.

Now for the surprise that I have been working on . I have had this idea forever...........just haven't made the time to do it. I had this artwork that I did for a fabric line way back............I always thought it would be so fun to embroider it on I thought it was so springy looking that I would use it for the giveaway. 

So now to tell you who the winner is..........

A Gal Who


I need  your address!!!!!

she said " I'd love to be there the day the chicks hatch!" 

you will get the original tea towel called,

Spring Thyme.............enjoy the new Life
Tea Towel
click on will enlarge for you.

Pattern available here on right side of post! Free

I also have kits available with one tea towel, the 7 flosses needed to complete the tea towel and 12 squares of blue and pink for the prairie points for $8.00/2.50 shipping. 

If you are interested in a kit please email me and  put Spring Thyme Tea Towel Kit in the subject
email at top right corner of blog. 
Paypal, money order or check is accepted.

Thank you sweet ladies...........for all the sunshine you bring into my life. I truly loved reading all your precious notes. They encouraged my day and honestly you are truly the most precious ladies I have ever met. 

One more thing, I want you to know that our little farm is not the way I would want it to look right now.............if you came to visit. We have had some really tough last years.........with lots of damage from ice storms and wind to the farm buildings. For instance I had received some money for my my boys put a new roof on my coop.........tornadic winds of 80 came through and the west side of the roof came life at it's best sometimes. Smile. I have been able to take parts of the farm and make it my own.........but lots more work needs to be done. You know time.........and money?  My dream and prayer is someday I would love to have you all come. It won't be fancy..........but getting it ready for you would be half the fun. 

I truly love you all,


Thank you for making my parties so much fun!! You are all the best!

No little baby fluffs yet.........pacingggggg the floor and peeking all the time! 


  1. What a perfect name and congrats to the winner.
    If your home is as warm as your posts, then it's perfect right now, just as it is and would be a lovely place to visit.

  2. Aww are so sweet. When we moved here to the farm it had lots of work to be done........I work on a room at a time. It really needs work, but we moved from our old farm, because this farm is the home place for 6 generations our grandchildren would be 7. I am having fun fixing it up though. Just not the way I want it.

    Thank you for the encouragement. It was very nice of you,

  3. Oh I like the name!!!
    The t-towel is very nice. What a nice give away!

    I am so glad that you have your coop roof taken are of. Kansas winds can be brutal at times. I understand time and money. There is so much I want done here, but I have to be patient, too. I would love to come and visit your farm, but you don't have to spiffy anything up for me. You are always welcome to come visit here. But like Ma Kettle says "We don't stand by no ceremony here" (or something like that!)
    Are you doing the Farmer's Market this year? I never made it there when you were there before. Maybe this year if you are there.

  4. just come to my farm anytime you want to. We won't be at Farmer's Market I don't think. May do something here on our farm. Not sure what the Lord has for us yet! You need to email me sometime and tell me where you live.
    I would love to come visit.
    Hugs, Linda

  5. I am kinda partial to that name - Gracie ;) Just so happens my Gracie has long ears! Your girl is lovely as well! The tea towel is precious. Congrats to the winner! Personally, I would need *months* to get ready for company on the farm.. lol. Never enough time or energy here! Bless you and yours... enjoy these pretty Springy days! -Tammy

  6. Oh how exciting.."Gracie" I love this it was my mothers name and is my granddaughter's middle I just know "gracie" will be happy with her new name!!

    This tea towel is are so gifted..(thanks to you and God blessing you with this amazing gift!!)

    xoxo Gert

  7. You are the very best Linda! Congrats to the lucky winner! Hoping those new chicks get hee soon. Love and Hugs Anne

  8. Linda

    It is awesome that Gracie is her name !!!! I am glad to see the cute towel I love it you are sooo talented !!!

  9. I forgot to mention the excitement about new chicks...our chick are to hatch this weekend I am sooo excited too and we are counting down the days with our children and our two new foster children too it is so exciting to see them with the sparkle in there eye!!!

  10. I like the name! I can't wait to have some chickens of my own!

  11. Well Miss Gracie is just as sweet as she can be...and so is your adorable towel...congrats to the winner...
    Have a Blessed day

  12. Thank you, Linda for the lovely tea towel pattern. I love the way you've tucked the prarie points in. Clever! This is the nicest giveaway I've ever seen. No one has to be disappointed! You are so kind.

  13. Hello! I came over through another blog and saw this adorable towel on your sidebar. I dont know why, but I am not getting the email for the download, after having submitted my name and email a few times. So, I scrolled through to find this post talking about the tea towel... "Free Spring Thyme...Enjoy the New Life Tea Towel"If possible, would you be able to send that to my email:

    Blessings and Aloha!


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