Friday, March 18, 2011

Babies Still's a Good DAY

Hello sweet ladies,

I have a blogger friend named Parsley........she wants little chicks so bad........but she can't. She has one here...........any time she wants to visit. It is a surprise.......she doesn't know.........sssshhhhhh.  I will be going over to her blog and telling her after I get the post up. 
She did a cute post the other day. Click on her name and go read if you like.

They peep a lot as they are getting ready to hatch and I tell you this farm house has a lot of peeping going on..........even peeping all through out the night . 

Parsley is here

Now Parsley has some friends. She is in the middle.

Busy day on the farm.

Two video's for you to enjoy. They are not the prettiest when they hatch. They need warm to get fuzzy.

Here is a video of when Parsley was on the inside

Her is when Parsley  when she comes out of the egg.........not to pretty.......but this is pure farm life at Prairie Flower Farm

I will tell you about my trip tomorrow about going to the farm store yesterday............I had a very very good time.........I came home with a's in this farm girls heart!!!!! and I can't help it!!!!!

Isn't GOD wonderful?

Hugs from my farm to YOUR HOME!



  1. Ive never seen an chick born before, that was so neat

  2. Oh, how cute!!! Parsley is so cute...the baby chick, Parsley as well as my blogger friend, Parsley :) :) :) What a sweet surprise ;) :)

    I can't wait to hear what you found at the store :) :) Mr. Farmer is sweet to take you to the store.

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Hi, Linda: That was one of the most precious things I have ever seen....a baby chick being born. I love how they stop to rest and you can see their little hearts beating...aren't you tempted to help them? Thank you for this. God is awesome! Who could not believe in God? I go to Farm and Fleet and hold the chicks and the rabbits just for therapy. Thank you, Linda! Love, Mary S.

  4. Okay, Parsley is my new best friend. I love little chicks and was just talking to a friend today about needing about 5 chickens. But I'm afraid they would turn my poor German Shepherd into a nervous wreck.

  5. Linda, I love the videos..oh what precious babies those are..and I am also a friend of Parsley, I have been fortunate enough to meet her and her family in person, she is everything you think she is and more, a loving giving gal and she will be over the moon excited to see YOUR Parsley!

  6. OMGosh, Parsley is adorable! What fun you must be having...thanks for sharing with all of us :)
    Smiles, DianeM in NJ

  7. I know your heart is just doing flip-flops with each new chick baby!!!

  8. Hello has been such a fun day on the farm. So glad you all have stopped by to see our new additions.

    We have two momma cats that are is in hiding. We will see her in about a week. Then we will follow her. The other one is just huge and waddling around the farm.

    It was neat to hear that some of you have never seen a baby chick be born. I am so glad you enjoyed. They really are ugly little ones at first.

    Hugs, Linda

  9. Oh Linda this is such a cool post! And 'yes' God is wonderful!!!! We saw some baby chicks at the Home and Garden show today...I just had to have Tom get to them and take a picture for my blog!!! smile.. When you have time tomorrow you'll have to check it out!!! Of course I was thinking of you!! Tonight I will do my daily post! Love having you as a Facebook friend:) Looks like you are having a blessed day!!

    xoxo Gert

  10. Oh Linda! I cried happy tears!!! I'd kiss that little peep if I could. This is such a happy day. Seeing God create these little miracles and the joy in our hearts when we see life born.

    Thank you for the honor of naming a sweet fluffy chick after me. Boy or girl....Parsley works for a name, don't you think? ;-) But deep down, I hope it's a girl.

    Thank you for the smiles.

  11. Just the cutest little thing ever...A great name too!

    Funny how we just think the baby chicks are hatched and are fluffy and cute. Takes some time I suppose.
    Thanks for sharing..

  12. so fun to see... its just amazing how God has created everything so differently and wonderfully made

  13. Linda

    WOW Parsley is so cute I love the videos too they are priceless!!!!!Our baby's are coming anytime soon!!!! Day one is tomorrow!!!! Hey how did you do these awesome videos on your blog !

  14. Your vacation week has been QUITE productive! So happy for all YOUR happiness, Linda. I'll be checkin' back in for the Farm Store "reveal"!

  15. Oh I love it, I had an incubator too and hatched 35 one time, loved it, nothing more interesting to watch than babies being born, any babies, thanks for the reminder, good flicks too, thanks Barbara

  16. Oh I love the picture of Sophie with the baby chick, That is too cute,
    I so enjoyed this post!

    Hope you are having a great Saturday!

  17. chicks are I want one - or two....thanks for the videos! Happy Spring tomorrow! (I guess I have to be satisfied in watching my seeds sprout)

  18. That cute little Parsley will be well loved by our blog buddy Parsley! She is a terrific lady and I am so glad I know here! Anne


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