Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chicken Girlie Needs A Name

Hello sweet ladies,

Tonight I  had  fun taking pictures of my little White Cochin Girlie. Thought she looked so cute. 

She lives in a cage in the little milk barn so she is protected. 

She was so cute, don't you think? 

Okay we need to name her..............she has never had a name.........don't know why.......just hasn't. Send me some names if you have any ideas. 

I have one more day and then I am off for 10 days................YES!!!!!!!!! 

Hugs from my farm to your HOME,



  1. My daughter Taylor thinks she looks like "Polly"

  2. Henrietta? She's a sweetie! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe wearing the white dress so I'd call her Marilyn :-)

  4. Oh Linda...I love this always have such wonderful things going on in your life! I'm so happy that you will be HOME for 10 full days! I just know you will spend time with our Lord and with things you want to do and enjoy doing!!

    Love those pictures of your Girlie...along with your new egg basket...we have a TSC here and only wish I had some layers so I could buy one of them....ha

    How about "Gladys" for your girlie??

    xoxo Gert

  5. It have been snowing here again today and that is all that comes to mind when I see white. I say Snow White. She's a sweet lookin chicken.
    I do not have any white hens now I am wanting one. All my chickens have names also. Most of them are named after grandparents and great grandparents that have gone on ahead of us. They had awesome names. Ester, Garnet, Florence, Mary, Dottie (for Dorothy), Hattie, Lou, then I had to come up with some others for the rest.

  6. Did a brief search and see this is a Chinese breed. I don't know any Chinese names. The breed was a gift to Queen Victoria so you could borrow that.

  7. When I saw the pic first thing I thought of was Pearl... She is so white like a set of pearls.. GOod night..

  8. How about "Flora" ...after all it means "flower" after your blog name? Have a great trip!

  9. The only name I can think of, I don't know how to spell.

    But I do want to wish you a safe and fun vacation!

  10. Linda I have to agree with Gert with the nice blog of all the things going on.

    Girlie is sooo cute I also love the baskets I am thinking i need to find one of those for flowers LOL any way I think her name show be Gracie...Grace is sufficient.....

  11. She looks like a Lola to me. =)

  12. I think she looks like a Susie :)

    Enjoy your vacation,

  13. How about Bella?
    She is a very sweet looking chicken.
    Have a wonderful holiday,

  14. Looks like "Sweet Sue" to me! LOL

    Hey, I updated my blog. Thanks for staying after me.;)

  15. "Lacey" because of her pretty feathered leggings or spats ;-)
    Have a great time with your time off.

  16. She looks like an Emma Lou. Then I would end up calling her Emma Lou Boo. Have a great time off.

  17. How about Prissy, like the Foghorn Leghorn chicken from days gone by? Or Miss Clementine?
    Either way, that is one cute chicken!

  18. Oh! One more idea, 'Henrietta'. *grin*
    Can't wait to see what you decide.


  19. We have a little banty chicken that is completely white. We call her Pearl and I thought of that when I saw her pic.

  20. Those lovely feet make her a bit of a flapper in my eyes.

  21. Linda - she is a beautiful hen!

    When I look at her I see freshly line-dried, spring smelling, white fluffy linens... So, my suggestion is Ivory (as in Ivory Snow detergent)!

    Great fun! Can't wait to read about the newly named beautiful hen!


    P.S> Linda, when you collect eggs, do you wash them before you put them in the fridge? I read somewhere not to wash them until right before you use them. Why is that? Do you know? How do you do it?

  22. Hello Linda,

    Perhaps Bianca because she is so lovely and white. Have a lovely 10 days off.

    Blessings Gail

  23. She looks like a Maisie to me.. (:

  24. Hi Linda,
    Because of all this Kansas snow we have had...I'm suggesting "Snowball" and she is white!

    I have received seeds from my new seed swap friend and I have finally got mine ready to go in the mail box tomorrow! I blogged about it!
    Thanks so so much for hosting such a wonderful project!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend and especially your week off next week. We are off the following week and will heading off to a cruise to find some warm weather!
    Blessings and talk to you again soon,

  25. You Sweeties!!!!!!!!!!! I loved all the names and guess what............I am having a poll and a all come back and sign up and vote on a name. We had 31 names..........can you believe it? I had to break the names down to 11, but I will use the other names on my new little chicks. Thank you for making our little Girlie so she is waiting to hear what her name is going to be.

    You are the sweetest ladies in the whole world!!!!!!!!!

    I am on vacation for 10 days.........that is why I am in the mood for some fun..........and parties are what makes this farm girl happy!
    If you really came to my house for a party........ I would give you a pink lemon aid and we would sit on my front porch and sip and talk the day away!

    Thank you so much for always making my days such a sweet time.
    Hugs to you all! Linda

  26. Hope your enjoying the vacation Linda :-)
    ovely Chicken.. I call her Prairie Pearl
    she a classy looking Chick ...

    Day at the Farm, sitting on the Porch sharingsimple chat-chat just enjoying each in the Seeds of Friendship


  27. I think Queenie is a good name as she is the
    "Queen Bee" of the flock
    Blessings, Deanne

  28. What a beautiful blog, so homey and friendly, it has a real feel good feel to me, just like home. Thank you and I will be back often.
    Hugs and Blessings


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