Saturday, January 28, 2012

I am Home..........can't wait for the Day!

Good Morning Sweet is Saturday and it is cold outside!!!!! My mind is spinning......what should I do first.........hmmmm......I will read His Word.......I will tell Him I am thankful for His provisions. A quiet time just with my Father. Then I will pray......for YOU! 

This is a prayer from Praying God's Word by Beth Moore

Life was so full last week........the bakery was at a pace that I did not like. Not much peace........unless I put the ear bud in my ear and I escaped to the late 1800's. Our boss will let us use our ipods in the kitchen now, but we have to take them off when we go to the front lines in the cafe. It has been a huge blessing to me. At Home it was like our family was always learning during the day. With it just being the girls and my sweet man, we had on sermons, music, teaching tapes........and lots of chattering together. We still have talk at work, but we are on the move so much it isn't the same as when we get Home all day or working on the farm together. So we  are listening to books, sermons and also I found this wonderful site that is teaching me lots more about Preparedness on our farm. 

click on name and listen. 
I am loving it!!!!!!!!!! 
My favorite so far is 6-09-2011
Shoshanna owner of the Bulk Herb Store
I am gleaning so much!

Here is her blog site.

I am sure lots of you ladies already know about this......I am so slow on learning about some of the websites.......but I am learning!

Can't wait!!!!!!! Are you stating a Garden this year? Tell me........and ya know if you have never commented before.......
would you let me know who you are......if you have a blog......I would love to meet you!

The Lord protected us, but with the drought last year and not having the produce from our garden was a disappointment to me. We worked so hard to try to keep everything cared for!!!!!!! This year I am not going to take my planting time this spring for granted. I will be starting in February getting all my seeds started as usual, but watching very carefully as they grow. I will do my best on taking you on my journey. One area I will be really working on is my herb garden. Not much happening now, but I will be specific in what I grow and then we can use it for medicinal purposes. If I can get it growing it will be wonderful for my family and those the Lord puts in my path. Soooo, as I am at work in the kitchen I am still learning from what I am hearing on my downloads. It is making my time at work even more enjoyable.  I also have a friend at work, that I have known for 30 plus years and I fixed her up with mp3 player and she is learning with me!!!! Thanking Jesus! I have missed fellowship so much by being outside the HOME. I don't use my ipod all the time, because I still have my girls and our relationship to think about. It has been such a blessing though. I believe it is an answer to some of you ladies prayers......... that you have prayed for me. I so appreciate you all so much. 

I have my red with white flower sheets in the washer.......soon to be flapping in the Kansas is so windy today and a bit on the chilly side. It is sun shining......... so I won't complain! I will be getting to use a rototiller from a friend. I want to get the 4 inches of straw worked into our garden so I will be ready.......I am so itchin for spring! I love growing and watching the little seed that the Lord provided for me grow. It is a miracle.........when you see it happen! 

Hugs from my farm to your HOME!



  1. Linda, What kind of treasures did you find at the quilt store today?? I need to get in my sewing room and get creative, have been sidetracked lately, just can't seem to get motivated. Prayers please :) !
    Love your sheets hanging on the line - I do the same thing.
    Hugs to you Ruth

  2. Hi Linda, my name is Carrie and I am from northern MN. I just wanted to let you know I am enjoying your blog. I love the red sheets. Cannot wait until it is warm enough up here to put blankets and sheets on the line. Blessings and have s wonderful night.

  3. Happy week-end Linda! Yoo hoo! Red sheets and sweet little white flowers! Valentines Day is upon us! I asked my sweet Husband this afternoon if we could get out the Valentines trunk tomorrow! Yes, I decorate for everything! Need some hearts around with the snowmen I keep up through March 21st which is my Fathers birthday as well! I will try to get flowers to put by his picture. He has been gone for over 20 years. I sure hope he is with Jesus, I don't know, being a preachers Son! But if he excepted Jesus as a child he is!!! Yeah! Sorry, didn't mean to get off track, my mind starts roaming and I can't stop!
    Sounds like there are alot of good listening sites out there! Have you heard of the Cowboy Church? That's where we go, It is at our local agriculture center which is real close to us (5 miles)He also has services at a Baptist church farther away, that is where Son, wife and children go, they love it there, I am so glad, he and his wife have been away from the fold for along time! Our other Son has found a church he likes as well. It is amazing how hard it is to find a church where you feel comfortable! Anyone else find that to be true?
    Sorry Linda this is way too long, forgive me!
    Have a great rest of your week-end! How is whitey? Love ya, Carol

  4. Hi Linda,
    Oh, so much to say...I might have to come back and leave a few comments :) :) Thanks for the link to the 21st century homekeepr radio program and the website. I now "like" it on Facebook and I'll listen to it later tonight or tomorrow. I'm in the midst of listening to something else right now :) :)

    Oh, I know it's so busy at work, but even there, God can bring people into your life to encourage you :) :) I'm really needing some good friends right now, but God hasn't brought them along yet...Im' talking about good Christian friends here in town, to encourage me, just have some fun with etc :) :) I"m going to pray for that, because I really am praying for quality friendships, versus quantity.

    oh, those red sheets are super adorable. Red is my favorite color, of course. I was at a yard sale this afternoon and I found this cute little Christmas themed pillow (about the size of my hand) with hand embroidery that says "Christ is born"...I bought that for my father. He loves it ;) :)
    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. Oh Linda...I love your red and white sheets, especially as they blow in the wind!!smile... I hope you had a blessed and fun day and are enjoying your HOME!!

    xoxo Gert

  6. linda, your red sheets are such a compliment to your blog design!! i love the mix of check/flower patterns! the red hue is absolutely lovely to look at while reading each of your posts!
    it is another beautiful sunrise here in Iowa City...gradient peaches into blue as it rises from the horizon!! God has created such beauty for us to appreciate! i'm so thankful my little Wrigley wakes me early every morning!
    (i am married to a lifelong CUB fan!)
    God Bless You!

  7. Dear Linda,
    I thought that I would comment for the first time. I found your blog via pinterest(love it!). I live in London(UK) and I too am excitedly preparing for starting seeds. I have had success in the past and this year will increase my garden so I can do more food preservation. So thank you for the links above.
    Bless you

  8. Hi Linda! We love red at our house. My Sweets loves it as much as his late mother did! When the sun streams through the curtains in the afternoon it casts a pretty pink glow on the walls! We are getting ready for another cold spell. My headache can predict the weather changes! Hee Hee!
    Love you and your blog.
    Please pray for Nick with the college finances. We would appreciate it so much!
    Hugs Anne


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