Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pocket Calendar Makeover......tutorial~

Hello Sweet Ladies,

Pocket Calendar Makeover

I told you I had a surprise for you on my facebook ..........and  here it is! It is a tutorial for a "Pocket Calendar Makeover". Just for YOU, because you all have been so precious in following me all this last year.........and we all need little gifts......right? You know the little calendar books you find at the stores that you can have in your purse?  I have made these as gifts for some time and have so much fun making them! Thought you would also! I needed a gift for a sweet farmgirl friend at CHRISTmas thyme. Thought this would be a fun thing for her to keep her egg count each day! These are so easy to make. I do mostly stitching with my sewing machine and a little bit of glueing when I put them together.  You can find lots of papers at scrapbook stores or craft stores. The papers I have here are ones I painted up, I was licensed by a company in California and designed lots of papers for CHA to see if I could get into the scrapbooking didn't happen, but the Lord still used the art for other things! He is so like that ya know!  This project doesn't take much time and it makes such sweet gifts. Hope you enjoy! It is just another way to say "I LOVE YOU"! 

Just enter your email and name on my side bar. You will receive an email with the download! Easy to do! 

I have only one more day at work! Can't wait until it is 2 in the afternoon, that means I will be coming home for 2 days, also means I don't have to look silly for 2 days. Heehee! 

Hope you are having a good day. Drop me a note.........I just love hearing from you! Tell me if you think you might make this little Pocket Calendar Makeover.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you.........tomorrow I will be hosting another Gooseberry Patch/Prairie Flower Farm Cookbook PARTY! It will be the FRESH from the Farmstand cookbook........just down my alley! 

Remember when we tried to do the Farmer's Market thing? We loved it and  the people.........but with a small amount of was just to much work for so little money! But this new so nice and would have been perfect for the market. I will take you inside it, then you can see if you might need it! Smile.........another Gooseberry Cookbook to put in your kitchen library?

Okay, tell me if you are going to try the Pocket Calendar Makeover.......I would like to know.

Hugs and may the Lord bless you!



  1. I just wanted to say that you certainly do have a way with presenting your little gifties! The pretty wrapping shows so much love and care goes into each item.
    I look forward to the Fresh from the farmstand book peek. Sometimes I just can't think what else to make with our fresh produce....we have an abundance in summer it seems we get tired of it and come winter we are craving that home grown goodness again!

  2. Hi Linda, I'm going to try the Pocket Calendar Makeover, hope it's not too complicated as I'm still a 'debutant' with my sewing machine. This is the first year for a long time that I haven't received a calendar in my christmas gifts, guess now I know why!

  3. Hello sweet ladies!

    Thank you free indeed! You are so kind. The cookbook is wonderful! Can't wait to show you either! Tomorrow!!!!!! I will put some fun ones up during the time of the giveaway. Hope they help! fun! If you need me to find you some I can. They are not expensive. I just saw some at the Dollar store for .50. Let me know! Hugs to your day!

    Blessings and thank you for saying hello!

  4. Linda,
    I am going to make the pocket calendars. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I have been receiving & reading your blog for a long while but have never written till now. My 10 yr old daughter & I want to make the pocket calendars to get a head start on gifts for the year. You are a blessing! Thank You! Cathy & Emily

  6. I have been receiving & reading your blog for a long while but have never written till now. My 10 yr old daughter & I want to make the pocket calendars to get a head start on gifts for the year. You are a blessing! Thank You! Cathy & Emily

  7. Oh Linda I can't wait to try these cute tutorials you have shared w ith us. At this time I don't have a sewing machine, but I see Shopko has them really cheap..I think for what little sewing I do anymore this would be perfect. What are your thoughts on this. Just a FYI I use to sew all the time..before this MS slowed me down!

    Hope you have a blessed day!!

  8. Hi Linda! Happy New Year! I love your pocket calendar make over! I love everything you do here! Send me an email because I think my e mail is not going thru to you! :(
    I love stopping by and wishing you and yours a beautiful new year!

  9. Dear Linda, Thank you for your kind comment about the blog. I love yours too. It is beautiful. I love that we can use the internet in a God-honoring way and a way to meet beautiful people to help us and encourage us along our way. If you ever need me to pray for you please drop me a line. I know there is great power in prayer. So glad to meet you, my sister in Christ. Rebecca


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