Thursday, January 12, 2012

Girls Are Coming to the Refuge Cabin!

Hello sweet ladies,
Today I used another recipe from the Fresh from the Farmstand Gooseberry Cookbook! I knew we had some frozen peaches and raspberries, when I came across the recipe Peach Melba Crisp. It looked like it would be fast and easy so we made it. It turned out very delicious! Peach and raspberry together has the best flavor! Try it! 

Peach Melba Crisp
1/2 c. butter
6 c. frozen peach slices
2 c. frozen raspberries
1 T. lemon juice
2 c. sugar, divided
1 c. all-purpose flour
1 T. baking powder
1 c. milk 
Garnish: vanilla ice cream

Place butter in a 13"x9" glass baking pan; melt in a 350-degree oven. Spread to coat pan and set aside. In a large saucepan, combine peaches, raspberries, lemon juice and one cup sugar. Stir over a medium heat just until bubbly. Pour over melted butter; do not stir. In a separate bowl, whisk together remaining sugar, flour, baking powder and milk just until smooth. Pour over fruit; do not stir. Bake at 425 degrees for 45 minutes. Allow to cool for 30 minutees. Serve warm or at room temperature; may be reheated in the microwave. top with a scoop of ice cream. Serves 10 to 12.

Looks easy doesn't it. You can find lots more recipes in this wonderful new 
Fresh from the Farmstand Cookbook by Gooseberry Patch.

Okay.........we only have one and a half days left for the party to win this cookbook and the Blueberry Crumb Tea Towel. I can't wait to see who is going to win. I have truly enjoyed all your comments. You wrote such wonderful notes about your plans for your garden. They sound like they are going to be beautiful! You are all so precious for sure to be a part of our parties~

So come HERE and sign up. Instructions on what to do will be there! Easy!

Thank you!!!!!!!!

The last few days I have received some emails with real needs. I have permission to put this up. For some time I have had a sweet friend named Michele. She is a blogger friend, with a son that has been battling a rare form of soft cell sarcoma. It has been a very difficult time for Jason. I received an email today after work asking if we would pray for Jason. Here is a copy of her email.

"Jason's (her older son) lung is in a very critical condition that needs to addressed immediately.  The doctors at MD Anderson are meeting this week to come up with a game plan to stop the progress of lung disease he is now experiencing.  We desperately needing the healing grace of God to stop this from developing into cancer.  He is emotional exhausted and scared to "death".  I am trying to be upbeat and positive for him but I too am frightened.  I know the Lord has a plan and I trust in him.  I just know what the power of prayer can accomplish.  So please help gather the prayers and surround Jason with your love." Michle

Thank you ladies for coming along side Michle and her precious family and son! She is right "Together" their is power in prayer.

Father, we come in the name and power of Jesus Christ, thanking you for all that you have done for Jason. We ask that You would come and give Jason everything he needs to battle this cancer. Please Father we ask for healing and help for the Doctors. Your Word encourages us "that it is you Lord who goes before them. That You will be with this precious family, that You will not leave or forsake them. Thank You that they do not have to fear or be dismayed and we thank You for your Word! You are precious Lord, and we can trust You with this  precious families lives..........You are an Awesome God. We do ask this in the mighty and wonderful name of Jesus Christ, Amen

One more thing. I wanted to say that I hope you all have received your teas. I have had a few where there has been "real life issues" on why you haven't received some of your teas. Please please, if you haven't let me know. I will be home for the weekend and will have time to do some checking for you!

One more day and I am home for the weekend!!!!!!!! We are hosting 7 young ladies at the Refuge Cabin for a retreat.  Thank you Jesus! Love it when He uses the cabin!

Blessings and God bless you sweet ladies, you make my life special!



  1. Lifting up little Jason, Michele his mommy and all his family to our Heavenly Father. I know Jesus loves him so much and cares. Please know Michele that you all are in our prayers as we stand together.
    Love you Linda. Praying a good weekend at the refuge cabin.
    Hugs ~

  2. Praying for Jason and his mom Michele. Thank you so much for sharing with us Linda. I am just veyr happy to know you. May God bless you and yours today and always. Anne

  3. Oh are always such a blessing to all of us in your blog family. My prayers are with you and Jason.

    Good night dear friend,

  4. Lifting up Jason & his family tonight!! Praying "thru the roof"....

    That recipe book is on my gotta have wish list for sure.

  5. Hi Linda,

    I am praying for it to be the Lord's will to completely heal Jason and for comfort and strength for his family.

    I am also praying for your Refuge Cabin that the Lord would continue to use you in ministering to these gals.


  6. Hi Linda, I'm praying of course for Jason and his family!!!
    I'm sure the recipe you give would be successfull here for my family!!! Will try this SONday!!
    Today I will make some rapsberry muffin for the children (and so my son can take some for his ski competition tommorow).
    Be blessed dear Linda

  7. Amen to the prayer for Jason, I prayed it right along with you Linda. I got my tea(s), along with several really fun presents from a dear lady in Texas. We found out we had lots of things in common, and are Tea Pals for life, right Sherry ;). Thanks for having this idea and following thru with it Linda, you made lots of people smile this holiday season!

  8. Morning Friend
    Lifting Jason and his family in prayer.
    WHat a blessing you are sweet friend.
    Love & Joy to you

  9. I know the Lord has a plan and I trust in him. I just know what the power of prayer can accomplish. amen amen amen as Michle stated...The Lord has lead me here today, this Fearless Friday and I wanted to let you know I've prayed over the requests you have shared here..I also cover them and those the Lord leads here for prayers:

    They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them. They are confident and fearless and can face their foes triumphantly.” ~ Psalm 112:7-8 NLT

  10. Agree with Linda's prayer, faithful Father. Drawing near, dear Jesus, to Your throne of grace with confidence to the REAL Source, the ultimate Healer, and ever-present Help on behalf of Jason, his Mama, his family, the doctors, and all involved and ask that you would pour out Your mercy and grace on them to help in their time of need. In Jesus' matchless name, I pray. AMEN and AMEN

  11. Thank you for sharing with us..prayers for Jason and his mom..May God hear our prayers and heal dear Jason...


  12. I will pray for Jason and his Mom Michele that God will give them the answer and heal him. I thoughts and prayers are with them at this diffecelt time. Thank you for letting us know so that we may help with prayer for this child. My love to them. Sandy Perry

  13. Hi Linda,

    I'll be lifting up Michele and her precious son up in prayer. Please continue to pray for my daddy, too. Physical therapy is slow for him right now...and he needs to achieve certain things before they will let him come home and continue therapy at home. Also, my aunt is flying back to her second home/job...and I'll be on my own. So I need prayer for strength beyond measure :) :)

    That Gooseberry Patch cookbook looks really, really fun. What's cool is that there is a wonderful local farmer's market downtown every I could take the book with me and use it as my shopping list :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  14. Hi Linda,

    Your recipe looks wonderful...however, I think there are some steps missing...such as what to do with the flour, other cup of sugar, etc. I'd love to make it.

    Enjoy reading your blog...

  15. Linda - you are such a sweet spirit! I love visiting your blog. I will pray for Jason and his family. Such a struggle ahead. God is good. All the time.

  16. Praying for Jason and his family. We still believe in miracles.

  17. praying for Jason and his family and all of yal. how can i get the recipe book? im new here.


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