Monday, November 11, 2013

Hope You Are Doing Well!

Hello sweet ladies,

How are you all doing? The weather is changing here....heard today that some that follow me on fb are already getting snow. Tonight it will be getting down in the teens.......hope the freeze kills all the bad bugs around the farm. It will make a difference in my garden next year.........talking about garden......I have been enjoying taking pic's as I have been finishing up picking the last of the veggies, 

love how these tomatoes looked.......

notice the little hairs on the tomato branch......God's detail!!!!!! Amazing work He does.......just for us!

I was thankful to find some peas growing........I had planted a fall garden.....but with the wedding and all I was not able to get everything done to it that I wanted. Kind of had to let it go. I had peas growing....what a nice surprise!!!! One of those special gifts!

Went to check the beans and I saw this pretty white feather......had to take a pic!!!!!

My onions did great......even though they grew in some weeds...I didn't get straw in between the rows, but the rain came at good times so they still grew.

My basil had gone to seed, so I saved as much as I would need for this next coming year. 

If you notice to the right of the pic......the green leaves.......that is my lemon verbena of my girls and my favorite herbs!!!!!! Little Missy Black Cochin came to be with! Love her! She followed me everywhere.......the Cochins seem to be really really friendly. 

When I went to harvest my lavender........I found another Guinea feather.....all nestled inside. Thought it was a beautiful sight! 
 Love it when I find things like little secret places. 

Well.......I hope you enjoyed my little tour......I so enjoyed the garden earlier this year....and was thankful the Lord just kept it growing for me so I could enjoy it off and in during the fall.

Went to gather the eggs tonight........Missy was waiting for me.......she lets me hold her and tuck her into my sweatshirt.......she is a sweet heart!

Hope you are all doing well. It is nice to be able to blog a little bit more......missed it! 

May the Lord bless you all! 



  1. Such wonderful pics.. great reminders of God's hand in everything. I am not sure I am ready for all the cold weather yet. They are giving snow for us...not much but a good cover... Blessings!

    1. Hi Patty, thank you for your sweetness! God is totally amazing....I love how He teaches me so much! I am sitting here at my computer and cold. We have been gone on day and part of evening and the house is just warming up! Blessings backatcha!

  2. Enjoyed your garden. I so enjoy you on fb and your blog. Lifts my spirits to see your messages. God Bless.

    1. Hello really got frozen last night. Thank you for your sweetness......glad you follow me on fb and here....I love it when you all write me....makes me feel connected with you a little more! God Bless you also! Hugs, me

  3. You still had tomatoes??? Wow!! That is amazing. I know you had some snow on the wedding day. And some peas too???
    Good to hear from you!

    GOD BLESS!!!

    1. Hello Charlotte, yes and I picked as many of the green ones as I could. The weather has been perfect for it to keep growing. Even had little garden is good to me! Good to hear from you!!!!! You always make me smile! Hugs, me

  4. In the last picture she is saying . "Mom when it snows I am coming inside the main house at night" ;)

    God bless you


  5. Hello dear friend! Love the pics of the garden. What do you use the Lavender for once it is harvested? Have a great day!



  6. Linda, I SO enjoy walking in the garden with you, all the little things of joy from GOD you find and take pictures of for us, it fills my heart with joy!
    Hugs and blessings to your day!

  7. Linda, you make life joyful! I love jammies and bought a new pair. They are green and grey and the top is gray with green letters spelling out JOY! Makes me smile. Your garden was a delight. You treasure all the simple things and I love that about you. I see these women I work with buying ridiculous things for their children costing so much money! I am such a simple person. We do a Secret Santa on Thanksgiving after dinner and we buy one gift, that gift for whoever we drew. when the kids were small we always bought them socks and jammies and they received refurbished bicycles on more than one occasion. We are watching Charlie Browns Christmas. Linus certainly knew the true meaning of Christmas.I am just like him! I am praying for your wheat too! Hugs Anne


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