Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do You Have A Funny?

This is the first time I have ever seen this. Tooo funny! Enjoy!

I was just "blog hoppin" around for a "little for me time" this morning and found this funny funny video, it made my honey and I get a little medicine for the morning. It made me giggle and I thought, I know that some of my "precious blogger friends" could probably get a good laugh today. I can't imagine laughing like this in you're wedding, but could understand. Our daughter said, "Mom that would be you!" Now that is not funny. I always get the giggles in church for some reason. I can't help it and Mr. Phil will be sometimes be none to happy with me. I get that "look" and I tryyyyyy to get it under control, but you know how that goes. I always see the thing going on in my head another thousand times. I thought it would be fun, if you had a funny from me. If you have a "funny" please write in the comments. If you don't have a funny tell us what you might be doing special for Valentine or what is one of your most memorable gifts you got for Valentine's Day.

There is another storm here and coming all day. I think we need some more laughs. Smile!

My "funny" was one time our family was all in church together. Our son Joshua loves little ones, so he was holding his little nephew Ethan. It was time for communion and so Josh took the bread and not having a place for it he put it he put it in the empty "Cheerio" tupperware cup. We all bowed our heads as our Pastor prayed. Josh went to take the bread and Ethan was happily sitting there eating the bread. Now you can imagine Grammie at this point. Yep!! Couldn't get it under control....... but I do know that my Heavenly Father was enjoying the laugh. He was the one that thought up laughter in he first place, right?

A cheerful heart is "good medicine........." Proverbs 17:22



  1. I just watched this with my kids and we were howling with laughter! We needed this today, thanks so much for sharing Linda!
    I can't wait to show it to my husband tonight.

    (giggle, giggle),


  2. Reading your comment got me started all over again Christa :< ). It really is a funny one. I am so thankful that you and yours were encouraged!!!! Love you bunches! Linda

  3. That was funny, Linda! Thank you. I have a (sort of ) wedding funny too. My daughter has wanted to get married "all her life" (she's 6 - but was 4 at the time). One day she began chasing my son around with a big bulge under her shirt. She wanted him to marry her - he ran away! Then her 'bulge' fell out of her shirt and she exclaimed, "Husband, it's a baby unicorn! Can we keep it?" Needless to say, my son kept running...

  4. That is a good funny story. I always laugh harder when I know I'm not sposed to laugh, like in church, etc.

  5. Heather, that is hysterical! Read it to my girls. Very, very cute! Made us laugh!

    Terra I know what you mean. My other problem is when someone falls. I can't help it. I just have to giggle. I think there is something wrong with me. Sometimes my honey will slip or something, he will immediately look at me with "that look"! Smile, someone has to look on the bright side!

  6. Really cute... great that they got it on video.

  7. That was a funny video but your tory is truly precious!~ Omce when my grandson Colton (13) was about 3 we took him to Christmas Eve Children's Services. The kids were all lined up carrying their little flashlights to shine while all the church lights were shut and after singing some Christmas caroles the lights came on and Santa appeared praising Jesus and telling the little ones to get home after church to get some sleep so they could get some goodies from him. The church fell silent as Santa left and my grandson tugged on my sleeve and said "Grandmother, when is Jesus and His Father going to get here.?" There was not a dry eye in the church as everyone basically fell out of their seats laughing their heads off!

  8. This is too funny!! This couple goes to my church...her dad is one of the pastors.
    Sat by her a few weeks ago and she giggles all the time!! Too sweet!

  9. That was really cute.Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!!


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