Monday, November 5, 2012

What a DAY!!!!!!!

Hi sweet ladies, 

How is everyone liking the day light savings? It is a bit hard when you live on a outside the home and have chores. How does everyone do it? Smiling! It gets dark now at 6 something and that makes for some hustling as soon as we get home. 

My babies are growing.....they are still in the house, nice a toasty warm. Thought you might like to see. All the other eggs that Missy Blue had (she stole the nest from Miss Millie) are not good. The girls are not sitting on the nest glad! Can't believe I just said that! The bowl they are sitting in is 5 1/4" across. Gives you an idea on how tiny they are. Pure sweetness! 

While we were gone yesterday a friend and her husband dropped this off at our farm. All day on Saturday my sweet man and I cleaned the area for this. It measures 12' x 15'. So excited about it. The floor is wonderful. Only one board is warped. Not a problem to get that fixed. I am having fun dreaming. All evening I have been thinking what would be the best way to use it. I have thought of a bigger chicken house......and seriously thinking about using it for my outdoor kitchen. Remember when I got the stove from a friend and started canning outside this last summer and early fall? I could have sooooo much fun with this. Build a long table.....grandkids sitting on benches.....cutting up tomatoes and such......making memories!!!!! Even thought I could give classes on canning. Isn't it fun to just let your dreams go off in your head? I will be sharing as I dream about what I want to do. I have a really neat paned window that is probably around 4' square. I bought it at an antique store some time back and have saved it for just the right place. Thinkin' that I might just have the space. If I use this for a outdoor kitchen I will want it screened in. So the bugs can't bother. 

Here are our precious children. Yesterday was a special time of celebrating our Tressa's birthday with fam. I shared on my PFF. facebook that after our time of celebrating we went back to where we had parked our cars in broad daylight. Our son Jarad......second from the right.....noticed that his truck was not in the parking lot. Felt so weird as we really could not find it anywhere. Long story short it was stolen. Lots of special things were inside his truck. His smallest children were so sad and wanted their truck back. It was hard to watch......but we kept pointing them back to the fact that God knew.......and understood. WE told them that we needed to trust Him with the situation. They are doing better today, but it is still creepy! They were afraid because their daddy's wallet was in the truck and whoever stole the truck would have their address. I shared on fb for prayer. So many prayed and for that we are so grateful. Can't imagine having to live through this without the Lords help. Not only did this happen......after we got the children in different cars.......we were driving down the road and our son's car that we were driving ran out of gas. It said we still had a 1/4 of a tank.....wrong.....that is when it is empty. So here we were stranded 2 miles from where the gas station was and we just have to giggle. Couldn't believe it! We kept thinking about the sermon that morning. WE talked about it alllll day.... off and on. The sermon was on "when people are mean".  How do we respond. Sometimes you can't do anything about it and you have to let the Lord work out the details and pray pray pray! Here we were stranded along a very busy the dark......but the stars were shining!!!!!! It was a good time of sharing. The scripture reference for the sermon was. 
Ephesians 4:20-32 take the time to read will be blessed. It was just for us! It gave us opportunity to put it into practice. Soooooo the day turned out to have many lessons in it for all of us! Don't think we will forget the day........EVER!

Hugs and thank you so for being a part of Prairie Flower Farm ladies are so precious. We also thank you for the prayers. I continue to pray for you all! 



  1. Yes I could see why the kids would be afraid of the person having their address but highly unlikely the theif would strike the same people again.Our friend had their truck stolen from their farm about a month ago and they recovered it so hopefully the same for your son.Sending up a prayer for them.The chicks just adorable I can remember Pap Pap always kept them in the bathroom when it was cold out us kids would go sit on the floor and just watch them for hours.Hope you have a wonderful day today.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. I need a bowlful of little chickies like that! So sweet! And I think the outdoor kitchen is such a great idea. I'm sure my grandmas (or maybe great grandmas) had one.

  3. What a day is right! Oh my I am so sorry about everything that happened.I can only imagine how frightening it was for everyone,especially the kids.Praying for all of you!Adorable little chicks,precious little creatures.Have a blessed day,Jen

  4. Dear Linda,
    I like your idea of an outdoor kitchen. I dream of a canning kitchen. Recently, while at an estate sale, I saw what I think is the sweetest canning kitchen. The husband had made a place for his wife to do her canning off of his farm shop. It was very vintage as this couple is now in their 90's. She had a kitchen table in the middle of the room, a refrigerator, porcelain sink and counter top for prep work and shelves for her empty jars. She even had a shower. Curtains were on the windows and sweet decorations on the walls. It was just darling. Praying for you, your family and for all of us on this election day. God bless America!

  5. Hello, Linda,
    Some days are like that--just so goofed up all you can do is laugh. "A merry heart hath a continual feast." I will pray about your son's truck, however, that it can be recovered and the identity information, etc., spared from further depradations.

    I can't believe you manage to can as well as everything else you do! Amazing. I haven't canned for years, but perhaps I'll get back to it sometime.

    I appreciate the scripture. "Mean people." Plenty of them around, and remembering to give that "soft answer" that "turneth away wrath" can sometimes be a real challenge. God finds ways to stretch us!

    Best regards!

  6. I sure hate that about the truck. That is terrible. PRAY he gets it back and no problems with the wallet.

  7. Hi Linda~~~So sorry about the truck. Any news yet? Love the baby chicks!! So sweet. Have a nice evening~~~election results are in the Lord's hands. Oh~~love your new "building"! What fun thinking about what it will become:0).
    Hugs & Prayers,
    Linda Petersen

  8. What a memory for Tressa. Maybe not the memories that were desired, but some good mixed with the bad. Sorry about the stolen truck. Happy late birthday to Tressa. I like your new building and your dreams for it.

    Happy voting day! We're praying.

  9. Linda...what a be able to dream...I know whatever you do it's your possible outside kitchen I know it will be such a blessing to you and your family! Screened in?? Oh yes....that will be a! You are such a positive family and your faith in God is so uplifting!! I pray they find the thief and your son's truck!!

    Love those baby precious!


  10. What cute baby chicks! What a wonderful pic of your children! So sorry your son had his truck and wallet stolen! I pray they find them! Be safe!


  11. Love to you Linda! Lots of prayer for Jarad and family! I was FB talking with my great niece Chelsea! She lives in Oregon and attends college there too. Coming to Colorado in Dec. We are going to cook Slovenian food together with my phamily!
    Love those chicks!
    LOve your positive attitude!
    Blessings, Anne


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