Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Favorite Thyme Of The Year!

Good Morning sweet ladies,

Our vacation is just about over. I hardly even left the farm this whole week. It was beyond wonderful! Today I will be savoring each minute on the farm.... one more day! All the fall decorations will be replaced with a CHRISTmas theme. I will be climbing the ladder to get the Nativity down to place on my favorite shelf in the front room.  I will be asking our Father to help our "whole family" to not miss the true meaning of CHRISTmas. Jesus.......a little baby who came long ago to change the World, for those who want to exchange their life for HIS. Because of His Birth, His Death on the Cross and His Resurrection, we can have New Life only in HIM. What a precious gift God has given it won't be missed by the World this year, we can pray BIG!!!!! Seems like so many are trying to take CHRIST out of CHRISTmas......but that should not bother us. The world will always do that. The true appearance of Jesus should be in our lives.  Living with the help of the Holy Spirit, making it evident for those who need HIM.  I have to say that I don't always do the best job of doing that, but I do have a merciful Father that picks me back up, brushes me off with His Grace, (when I say I am sorry) and sets me back on the right path to do better the next time. Mercy at it's best! 

Anyone want to go with and be the light of Jesus to the world? Letting Jesus live His life through us this year in His power!!!!!! Right where He has placed us (not always an easy place to be). Let's be a blessing to those He puts into our path. Have little gifts in your purse, to bless that person that will be hurting this year, promise, you will see them. To the Momma who had the loss of her child, or the wife who will spend her first CHRISTmas without her sweet man, the store clerk, the person that makes you life miserable.......... the list goes on. We can make a difference for them this season...usually in the process we are changed.  

Praying that Jesus will be the true meaning of your CHRISTmas this year and that His blessings will be evident to you and me! Also don't forget to ask the Lord for those divine appointments. He has people he wants to introduce to us this year........for one purpose.......that we would tell them our story.....of when Jesus came and made Himself known to us......personally! 

Heard this song again........maybe you need to hear it, I did.

Ready to go to the bakery.......with the Lord's armor in place.....trusting Him alone, even though I would rather
be HOME. Smile!

Hugs and blessings from our Home to Your Home,


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  1. I want to be a light for Him in this dark world. It seems the world just gets in the way so much. Thanks for the reminder of what Christmas is all about. I had some of the same thougnts today. "Lord, I want to be a reminder to the hurting and needy that you are the answer. Help me to shine for you this Christmas season. " Thanks Linda and blessings!

  2. Finally caught up with you (just as you get ready to go back to school)! Do you have any pictures of your thanksgiving meal in Refuge Cottage? I'd sure love to see some.

    I, too, want him to shine through me. So much of what you "reflected" here has been runing through my mind/heart in one shape or another...

    May God bless you in this season, Linda. ♥

  3. HI Linda,
    Thanks for posting that song from Mercy Me "Beautiful" I shared the link on my Facebook page :) :)

    I had a really nice day at church today. I did managed to squish one guy's fingers and step on someone else's toes..literally...but God was good and is good :) :)

    I pray you have a good day tomorrow when you return to the kitchen. Those kids will surely have some yummy treats to fill their tummies :)

    Have a fun day today putting up your CHRISTmas decorations :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. Oh, I am SO glad you have had a much needed week off, hope you got SOME rest! Sounds like you had alot of wonderful helpers around!
    Thanks for your blog, you are so sweet to share all your wonderful recipes and stories and of course your love of our LORD JESUS!
    Have a blessed rest of the day!

  5. Dear Linda..another wonderful post! I want God to help me to be a blessing to others also. I pray this each & every morning...and try to do what I can & give God the honor!

    Bless you...and pray all goes well for you this week!
    xoxo Gert

  6. Thank you ladies for coming over and leaving a note. Can't believe my time is up.........but I have a good attitude to go back and see the kids. I will only have to be back at work for weeks and then I will be back home for 3 weeks.........eeccckkkkkkkk! I love this job right now!

    Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!! Linda

  7. Hey Linda,
    Thanks so much for posting the song, it really touched my heart.
    Have a good week at work,
    God bless,

  8. Blessed Christmas greetings and season to you, Linda and all your family ~

    So glad you had a lovely time last week.

    I just got finished writing a Christmas letter to stick inside my Christmas cards explaining the Gospel to them (once again....but its been many years), and will stick "The Four Spiritual Laws" booklet in there, as well. That is what I read when I received the greatest gift of all ~ CHRIST; and that is what my daughter uses when she is sharing with her friends in East Asia.

    So, my prayer has been that "every heart would prepare Him room," and that they would seek the Truth and find it.

    Oh, that it would be so, dear Lord. That it would be so. AMEN and AMEN

    Blessings and love,


    P.S. My daughter works at a college, too ~ so, she gets "extra" time off. LOVE IT!!!

  9. Linda - I have no idea how I found you; it was one of those evenings when I was just meandering around in blogland . . . AND THERE YOU WERE. I have felt so at home and cozy and want to thank you for sharing your life and ideas and love for Jesus with me. You have given me Thanksgiving and Christmas cheer and aniticipation! - Esther in NJ

  10. i'm so thankful to spend a good long time on your blog this morning. not much sleep - so i'm running fumes. picked up my girlie from the airport in pea-soup fog. typical for the northern california valley. frightening to drive through, actually. took a long time getting to the airport and back home again. my girlie sleeps in her old room .. too tired to then drive to her own little home. feels nice having her sweet heart under our roof, if only for a night.

    off to read many a post here ...

  11. Linda you bless my heart each time I come over. Love to you and yours. You are so precious to me.


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