Thursday, November 3, 2011

His Peace!

Hello precious sweet ladies,

I can't believe it.......the snow came......and snowed while I was sleeping....then I woke up this morning.....very early when the rooster crows........and went outside......NO SNOW! Not cool.......not at all. I know it won't be long and it will be here and I will be saying........."when will it go away". Not sure I would say that, but I might....... so I will just have to enjoy the Indian Summer we are having. All along Peace Creek (a creek not far from our farm) the trees are turning every color....... yellow, orange and greens. Just beautimus! The air has been so crisp .......definitely not is truly AUTUMN. I will try to take a pic tomorrow when I come home from serving at the college.  It is Friday you know and that means I freedom for me! Sometimes I feel so confined after being on a farm and working outside. Inside gets so stuffy, but I soooo enjoy my Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays.........just plain LOVE IT!
You are welcome to use this photo.......just turn them back to me! 

Tonight I was doing dishes.......this is what I look at every time I stand in front of my sink. The little sign peace is one of my favorites .......a reminder that my PEACE comes from Him and Him alone. Trust it is the same for you! If you are having a hard time with peace..........I am asking Him to give you that PEACE...........He knows just who you are!

I have a prayer request. Their is a precious young man that is at the college. I won't tell you his name.......Jesus knows it, but he had not been able to sleep for 3 nights. Only an hour a night. Poor thing! Please would you please lift him up.........I told him I would pray......I need some numbers! Thank you so much! 

Hugs precious ladies, hope you had a good day!



  1. Good morning Linda.. So glad this is your Friday and soon you will be back "home" and enjoying the FARM! I pray you have a blessed weekend!

    I have also lifted that young man up in prayer for peaceful sleep!

    Blessings my dear friend!

  2. I'm praying. Love the little basket you have hanging with your mugs.

  3. Sending prayers for your young friend Linda...Have a blessed weekend on your beautiful farm.

  4. Hi LInda,
    It has been so long since I talked to you. Hope all is well.
    Yes, Christmas will be here soon. How much time do you get off for Christmas?

    Take care - blessings to you

  5. I so much enjoy your blogs! May God bless you.
    I will be remembering this young man in my prayers.

  6. I prayed and will continue to pray for this young man! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I too am quite smitten with your peace sign and you said it well girl, it does come from Him.

    Know I will pray for this young man who is havin' a sleep problem. That he will get the rest that only Jesus can give.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful day sweetie!!! :o)

  8. Hi Linda,
    I have prayed for the young man who can't sleep...we know Jesus will rest the young man's mind! Love your "peace sign"!!
    Kathy L from Colorado

  9. I haven't been keeping up with your blog for awhile but I am so glad I checked in, it always makes me smile:} Praying for the young man that the Lord touches him.

  10. Hi Sweet ladies,

    How precious are you?????????? Thank you so much for praying for my sweet young man at the college. I didn't see him come through the line today........but I am trusting that the Lord is comforting him. I took some sleepy time tea to see if that might help......but didn't see him. I will try to talk to him on Monday.

    I am working on a new design tonight........all is quiet on the farm.......the sun has just gone down and the chickie girls are all snug in their coops. Hope you all have a wonderful evening! Love you, Me

  11. Yes, Linda, I will pray for the young man. May God give rest to his mind and heart! And I think God has you there at the college for a specific reason. Then He gives you the farm for refreshment!

    Blessings, Susanna

  12. I have been praying for that young man! You know I thought I left a comment here the first time around! Argh...this technical blogging stuff is for the birds! Hee Hee
    I am praying for your family and for the young man. So many prayers, always willing to take the time to lift them up! Love and Blessings Anne

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