Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hello SWEET Ladies,

I made this for my shelf at the bakery........I am enjoying it so much! Even the Main Boss came to the college today and said, "CUTE!" 

I saw a blue mason jar with a white bottle brush kind of like this on Pinterest. Thought it was so simple and sweet! I don't have a white tree yet, but I have one on hold at a shop that have the prettiest decorations. Can't wait to get it!!!

You can go to her website that made this.

To make one like mine, is super easy. I took a mason jar, added some epsom salt (or fake snow) in the bottom. I would have added more, but I only had a small amount, it worked fine. I added the tree...........carefully, put on a zinc lid and tie a red Homespun ribbon around the neck of the jar. I like.........a lot!!!!! 

Very Wintery don't you think? 

We are expecting some snow possibly on Thursday night or ice. Hope it is snow.....not ICE!

Doing a little stitchin tonight and you? 

I entered this into 
Where Women Create!
Go to and see there blog, they have lots going on!

 I just love their magazine!

Hugs to you sweet ladies and may the Lord bless YOU!


  1. This tree and the one in the blue Mason jar are very cute. You could even set the tree in sugar for snow, which is what I guessed you had done.

  2. Terra, that is a super idea! I think the lights are so sweet on the blue jar. I will be making some for my home! Thank you for leaving a comment!!!!!!! Hugs, me

  3. I really like your tree jar! I have been looking at yours pins for Christmas. It is going to take quite a few sittings for me to look at them all. I like your style. Have a nice evening!

  4. Just found your site, love it.

  5. Oh Linda what a darling idea..I think I could make one too! are so clever!


  6. Linda, what a super cute decoration!! Love it, and may have to try my hand at it also. Alas, my list to do before Christmas grows longer. Maybe I'd better stick to the basics, but this is really tempting ;) Thanks for sharing!! Blessings to you and yours... Tammy

  7.!!! This is the cutest thing ever! I am totally making a couple of these! I already have old jars with zinc lids, and some trees packed away somewhere. Thanks for sharing! Cindi

  8. Love that sweet jar of winter! I collect bottle brush trees and never thought of putting one in a jar before. Thanks for sharing Linda!

  9. How cute! I love the simplicity. Thank you for sharing.

  10. so ceeeeuuuute! i really enjoyed lookin at all your "pins" on pintrest... LOVE THEM ALL!
    ~ Elisha at Grown By Grace blogspot

  11. How sweet, I think I will make one for my kitchen. So many fantastic ideas from fellow bloggers.

  12. How cute, this a very nice and simple idea!!!
    Be blessed

  13. Oh Linda! What perfect timing. I am having some friends over for a Christmas craft and baking sleepover friday. They are tow friends from my childood.
    Thanks for sharing this!
    I am having a Christmas fun giveaway at my blog please stop over and join in the fun.
    I have been a stitchin too..63 little woolie stockings. :)
    Hugs to you

  14. That is a precious idea. Epsom salts? I would have never guessed. You have such cute ideas.

  15. What a sweet idea , I must look for a tree like this as I do have some old mason jars. Thanks for the idea. hugs Sheila

  16. Dear Linda,

    What a cute idea, indeed! :) I love simple decorations; they seem to have more love in them.

    Have a happy Friday!



  17. Dear Linda,
    OH, I LOVe Mason jars...all kinds, especially with the cute zinc lids. This is such a cute idea with the bottle brush Christmas tree ;) :)

    I'm going to work on some socks that I"m knitting for my aunt. Maybe I'll watch some tv, too :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  18. Yes, it is surely cute! I love how you find all the cute things on Pinterest, it saves me so much time! ;o) I'm stitching, yes. I'm making Maggie Weldon's new crocheted Christmas Star dishcloths and working on 3 small filet crochet squares (patches) to add to some terry hand towels for Abigail's hope chest.

  19. This is too cute Linda!!! I picked up a small bottle brush tree last week (because it was cute) and now I have found a new home for it. I have an old Atlas jar that it fits perfectly in. I used some candle wax adhesive to secure the tree and then added my epsom salts. Attach zinc lid and instant cuteness. I am going to make one for a friend that just got out of the hospital.

    Thanks for all of the sweet encouragement and creative ideas :)

    Have a blessed day in Him!

  20. I know I could make this! So simple yet so beautiful! Love it!
    ray for sweet little Ari my niece who is 7 months old. Had an allergic reaction and is currently at the ER. They are 120 miles from us and it snowing at home too! Hugs Anne

  21. I am in love with the tree in a jar! Beautiful.


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