Sunday, November 13, 2011

It is SONday.....trusting your day will be special!

Hello sweet ladies,

A shoot will come up from the stump 
of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will 
bear fruit.
The Spirit of the LORD will rest 
on him-
The Spirit of wisdom and of 
The Spirit of counsel and of might,
The Spirit of the knowledge and 
fear of the Lord-
and he will delight in the 
fear of the LORD.  Isaiah 1:1-3

So thankful Jesus came!

Kind of took the weekend off! Friday at work was so busy, had to work an hour over. Lots of catering items had to be made. Came Home and it felt so good to know I didn't have to go back the next two days. It was a good feeling.

Saturday was such an enjoyable day for me. My sweet man has been slowly getting the storm windows fixed. We had such a horrible ice storm a few years back and the windows were damaged real bad. Hope it will make a difference this winter. While we were in town to pick up some of the cut glass, we went over to a little town not far to a quaint Quilt Shop. 

I needed to pick up some more fabric for this little guy. The main part of the little snowman is a wonderful "organic 100% cotton" fabric.....perfect for a snowman! I designed him last year and never finished the pattern up. This next week "Winter" will be "hand stitched" for sale and also in pattern form or as a download. I will keep you posted. My afternoon was busy working on the pattern, which blessed my soul and also had chicken going on the stove, so I could can it later in the day. Ended up with 7 quarts and 9 pints of chicken to put in the pantry! Will be so nice to have chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes to eat during  the winter months. Oh I almost forgot to tell you, while I was at the Quilt store there was 2 sweet ladies (they were twins),  and we all got to talking. It came up that I was canning chicken. She said, "I have something for YOU! 12 boxes of canning jars. If I just would pick them up!!!!!!! Would I pick them UP? I couldn't believe it!!!!!!! Blessed my day big time! I will go to get them when we are on Fall break! Thank you JESUS! He takes care of all my needs..........Thankful!

We had Ian and Vitaliy out on the farm also. They had so much fun in their "fort". We gave them old electronics. They do not look the same as when we gave them to them. Smile! They took all the "mother boards" out and thought they had found treasures! 

Later in the day the boys  helped their Poppa put up an electric fence. With the drought that we had this last summer, life has been very hard for farmers and their animals. Vitaily is used to lots of work from being in the orphange. He loves it!

V loves Koko! He has no fear........around horses, you should have a little!

Now I bet you are ready to hear who won one of the little Tiny  Tip books from Gooseberry Patch.

Darcy Henry
does not have a blog. 
I will contacting you and thank you for following my blog!

Congratulations Darcy

Trusting you with the Lord today........know that I am praying! Thank you for those who emailed me yesterday with prayer needs. I know that our God hears when we pray! Even when the answers don't look like we would want them to look. Life is just plain hard down here!

Hugs from our farm to your precious HOME!



  1. Love your "Winter"

    Your blog is always so inspiring! And twelve boxes of canning jars, wonderful gift. ~Violet~

  2. Oh Linda ...congratulations to Darcy! Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway! It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! Wow that is great that you were able to can all that chicken meat! Yes, I'm sure you will enjoy that chicken this winter!

    Oh how sweet, that V is! It looks like he just loves to 'work'....especially with his Poppa!


  3. My husband is now begging me to ask for the chicken gravy recipe. I have not ever canned chicken before but we do have a lot in the freezer. Can you tell us how you make it?

  4. Hi Girls, so nice of you to write! I sooooo agree Violet! I am blessed!

    Gert, yup, the chicken is going to be so wonderful. Yes, V loves his Poppa

    Carol, it is so easy. I use about 1 cup of cold milk in a mason jar. Add 2-3 tablespoons of flour or cornstarch. Shake the jar until the flour is all mixed. Add to the chicken that has broth with. Stir fast over med. heat. Easy. We make mashed potatoes and pour chicken and gravy over. Good and fast meal!
    Since you have frozen chicken, thaw and boil in water to cook chicken and make broth. then add your milk and flour mixture.
    Your email made me smile, that your husband knew what you were reading. Hugs, Linda

  5. It was a beautiful Lord's Day in NW Wisconsin! Although I woke with a headache, I determined to go to church because our pastor is such an amazing expository teacher!

    And yes, a little healthy respect of horses is probably in order here. :-)

    Be sure to enter my SOAP'n'SUCH GIVEAWAY.

  6. Hi Linda, Will you show pictures and speak a little about canning meat? Never done that before- just jams and veggies but sound very interesting to try! Thanks, Angela

  7. Hi Linda
    This year we studied the prophesies from Isaiah & how Jesus fulfilled them for my sunday school class ( 7-12 year olds) ~ it was so much fun!! I am glad Jesus came as well!

    Sounds like you've been busy & those canning jars sure are a blessing. I have a couple of boxes here that I brought a couple of years ago, but I haven't brought any seals for them yet ~ I must do that before it gets much further into summer!

    V is precious & it looks like he's settling in well!
    Have a wonderful week

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  9. I always love your shares here Linda! You are a talented wonderful lady!


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