Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Very Very Windy Day!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

Today I get to sew all day long and I can't wait........I also am going to do a little decorating and I wanted to share with you some of the things myself and others from Pinterest have found.........hope you can find some ideas you can use in your home.

It is so windy outside this morning and will be getting worse as the days go today will be a good day to stay inside. Plus it is very cold. I will be adding some more straw to the Hen House......and that will make me feel better! They are all huddled up because of the wind today. Brrrrrr! 

This was found on Google.......thought it was adorable! I bought some burlap! Have the homespun fabric for a bow! Can't wait to hang it on the Hen House.......think they will like it! 

I need to find a few more white pumpkins! This pic was found on 

Look at this beautiful dip!!!!! It is called Pumpkin Fluff dip......easy to make! Found here on All Recipes

Hugs and have a blessed day! 

Love you bunches and thank you so much for making my days so fun!



  1. The wind is here too! Staying close to the house. It is cold and wintry without the snow! Love to you Linda Anne

  2. Oh have the neatest blog I'm still learning about Pinterest, and loving everything I've discovered. I think I could repin all of your items. We really do have a lot of the same tastes:) Glad you are able to sew today, I know you really love to do this and ares o good at it!!!

    It is 'very' windy here today also...and the temps feel so much colder.. That being said...I saw on the Weather Channel...back in 1951 (right after we moved to the farm) we had a high of 6! Brrr... now that was cold that

    I was at the hospital yesterday as my Dr. thought I may have a blood clot in my leg, since it was swelled up so bad... I couldn't even hook my had swelled so much. Anyway.. after hours and hours up there...they found I did have a small started me on a coumidan therapy and am to keep my leg elevated. Hopefully, next week they will find out more about what is also causing this.

    Better get a blog posting I can sit back and relax tonight!

    Blessings dear friend,

  3. Hi, Linda: I was just about ready to turn my computer off since it was a busy day in Beautiful Ohio, but I checked my e-mail one more time and there you were with all of the most beautiful pictures....I want one of those burlap things.....I think I could make one of those! I love everything you put up today. I don't know how to do Pinterest...I keep clicking for an invite but nothing....guess I need to read the instructions which I never do.Can't wait to see what else is up your sleeve! Love it All....Mary S.

  4. I love the wreath! Please share how you make yours! I'd love to make one, too!

  5. Hello Mrs. Linda.... You are just to SWEET for words.... : ) And I am off to go check out that Pumpkin Fluff dip...It looks DELIGHTFUL!!!! Talk with you soon my Friend...Have a blessed weekend

  6. hey! it is me shabbymama from pinterest!
    I am sharron and used to have the blog vintagegirlatheart. i do not blog anymore..i keep thinking maybe i will start again but pinterest has me hooked! lol!
    I tried to leave you a message and email you too but they have not worked out the pin kinks yet i guess or i do not know what i am doing wrong! :)
    anyway i live in oklahoma via florida! did you feel the aftershock of the earthquake last night? i saw that some people in kansas felt it too.
    i think the hens will love that wreath on their house!! i know i would!!
    stay warm!

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