Sunday, October 9, 2011

They Are All HOME!

Hello sweet ladies!

I am sitting in MacDonalds writing this post. Today is our first time to babysit for Vitaliy!!!! Josh and Tonya are going to go see Courageous! If you have not seen is a wonderful movie. Anyway last night when it was late the internet went off. All day it rained and I guess it finally had enough. This morning we checked the internet and and it was off. It rained all through the night and hasn't quit raining..........we prayed........He answered! So grateful! The land needs it so bad. So far 1 1/2" of rain. It is coming down slow and beautiful! The horse corral is having to drain.........everything is wet. It's okay! 

I don't have much time but here is our girl......... Tressa on the right and Tay on the left. Tay is so happy to have her sister back in the USA!

Here is the Joshua Stubbs family allllll 5 of them! 

We are all so happy we can hardly stand it!!!!!!!! Well some more then others show it! Keep huggin' my new grandson.

We got to have most of the grandkids on the farm yesterday. He was with and had a blast. Had to go into the coop with Grammie to gather the eggs. It was so nice to have him back!

Well this is all the time I have.........thank you so much for being apart of this adventure with!

Scroll down for the party. I had planned the party as a homecoming for Vitaliy. It was a whole week early on the Homecoming, but we are still having the party!

Hugs to your day from this rainy country farm. Took an umbrella and walked in it........WONDERFUL!


You can write me if you want........I can read it tomorrow at break at  the!


  1. How wonderful!!!!!!!! So happy for you all, Linda! God is so good!

  2. So happy they have arrived/returned safely, Linda! God bless you all in the adjustments and changes.

    ~ Susanna

  3. Oh don't know how excited I am for you! Just puts a big smile on my heart to know that V is with his new family (smile) and has such loving grandparents! Of corse the fact that your daughter is & sound is so comforting to know!

    Praise God for that blessed rain you are getting! Enjoy it!

    xoxo Gert

  4. This is so awesome. I'm so excited for your whole family. One day soon I hope to be able to rejoice in the same way.

  5. Oh sweet Grandma Linda,
    I am squealing with JOY for you and your family! I'll bet you just can't believe it.....having your V finally on Kansas soil! WOW! Praise God for answered prayers!
    I can't wait to hear how his days go and how his new family teaches him.
    I know your heart is full and a big sigh of relief to have them all home again. Perhaps things can get back to "normal" and the fun at the farm can begin again!
    So happy you are getting the rain...we may??? get some of your left overs as it was heading east. We need some but I think you all were more dry.
    We are off work tomorrow for the holiday and I'm so happy to be home! I will think of you and say a prayer.
    Hugs and blessings for your family,

  6. Hey Linda,
    That is sooooo wonderful!!! The answer to so many prayers.
    May God bless you all,

  7. REJOICING with you!!!! Thank you, Jesus!!

  8. Happy to hear/see ALL of it - Vitaly, daughters home, and rain! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.

  9. WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Can you hear me from there?) So excited for ALL of you! God is SO very, very good.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  10. Congratulations to all! (and I'll have to check on that movie.)

  11. Love the picture of them together. I'm sooo happy for your family. Looking forward to hearing about V and his life with new family.

  12. So glad you all got some of that liquid gold :)

    I would love to know the thoughts that go through Vitaliy's mind as he gets to experience new things and keeps on realizing that he has a family that loves him so much and it is permanent :) Sweet pics of your family :D



  13. Oh Linda ~ I've got tears in my eyes ~ how beautiful adoption is!!
    I hope the adjustments are quick ~ will be praying for you all

  14. What a beautiful thing this adoption business has been! God has seen all of you right thru all the difficult situations. The smiles say it all. God Bless You Anne


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