Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Busy Evening Tonight On the Farm For Me!

Hello sweet ladies,

I have some wonderful news that I have to tell you first. Tressa, Tonya and Vitaliy will be Home on Friday evening. Can't wait. It was first going to be Sunday.......then on Saturday and now on Friday! Our family can't wait to see our Vitaliy and he can't wait to see us! It will be so good to have them all back in America! Just had to tell you. Thank you for praying for their safe travels. You are all so precious.

Yesterday I bought some fresh cut wheat straw from this years cutting from a farmer friend. I have always liked it when I can get straw from the same year it has been cut. It is always such a pretty golden color. 

I went and cleaned out the little milk barn and laid fresh straw makes me feel better.......not sure about the chickens though. When I went into one of the chicken pens I saw that my little momma hen (sorry didn't get a pic of her) had laid her 4th little blue robin colored egg for me. I set the new straw in the laying box and took a pic. The color is just beautiful! I will be saving the eggs after I poke a hole in the end and get the egg out of the inside. Great for a spring decoration.

When I got all the coops bedded down with straw, this is what the Lord gave me. Isn't the sunset beautiful? I am so thankful for Him and His love for me. Whenever I see a night like makes me so grateful.

We had a 20% chance of rain for tonight and for the next few nights. 50%  on Saturday and 60% on Sunday. Please join the farmers in prayer......all over the states! We all need rain so so bad. Farmers are planting wheat now and America needs a good crop and stand. The drought is really getting to the farmers and their incomes.

I got a email today from a precious blogger friend. She has just discovered that she has Bell's Palsy.....she needs prayer and I know you ladies know how to do that.....thank you so much! She is such a sweetie and she will be blessed to know you are all praying. 

Okay last thing..........we have a few more days for signing up for the you can click here to sign up

Don't forget to sign up, if you would like to enter. 

God Bless you all and I will have some pic's of the Homecoming!!!!!!!!!

Oh and welcome New have been noticed....
by me! 

Love you bunches, 



  1. Praise God ! He is so good. I am happpy your trio will be home so soon! It must tickled your heart to know they are so close. I will keep praying. Also praying about the rain and just thinking about your family and and how happy your life is with your beautiful children and grands. May Tanya,Tress and Vitaly have a very safe trip home. God Bless You Linda@ Anne

  2. Looking forward to your homecoming pictures (I'll be crying for sure). Praying for rain ~ we were so desperate for it after a very dry winter, but God has sent us days of it now & we are so thankful. Also praying for your friend & of course the travellers safety.

    PS whenever I change our chickens' straw they don't seem to like it, they always scratch it out :)

  3. Good morning Anne, thank you for the sweet note! Yes my heart is tickled! I am so thankful that they all have had the experiences they have had with all the orphaned children. Wish we could adopt them all. I am sure it is hard to have to leave them all. Thank you for praying for rain. We need it so bad. People are having to sell their some of their herds whether it is sheep, goats or cows. Can't find hay for less then 9 dollars a bale. Soooooo thank you! You are so precious!

    Hi Renata, thank you for coming and visiting me last night via blog. Wouldn't it be so fun if we could all come and visit one another in the real? I am so thankful you all got rain!!!! What a blessing. We have had some rain, but we are really behind in rain over this last year and a half. It is hurting the farmers big time. Does your family farm full time? I have always wondered. Thank you for the prayers. You are such a sweetie! Love your fam pictures on your blog. Beautiful! Oh, Momma hen took her baby up into the tree again last night. I stood to watch her and when I had to do something else for a second she got her up there. Not sure how she does it. I will watch again more closely tonight! My chickens scratch theirs out also!
    Hugs ladies, me

  4. Hello there-so enjoyed reading your post this morning. What beautiful photos! I wish we could send you rain from my state-we've had so much of it lately-and have had terrible flooding conditions with whole towns under water. Will pray for rain where you are! Holly

  5. Great praise report on your kids Linda!! Prayers for rain and more rain -- those Kansas wheat farmers need a break for sure! Your egg in the fresh straw is sure sweet :)


    P.S. The dear sister will Bell's also has my prayers.

  6. so much to be thankful for and offer blessed praise to Him! {{{hug}}} will be praying for your friend. a friend of mine was diagnosed with this condition about 5 months ago - quite severe actually. she's doing *so* much better but not yet 100%. yet! rest .. true rest .. is essential!

  7. Hi Holly, Gail and jAne!!!!!!! Thanks for the sweet comments. Rain is coming.......we have a really good chance this weekend! The soil is waiting!!!!!!!!! Talked with my blogger friend last night and she read the encouraging words on the Bell's Palsy! She so appreciates the kind words. Holly I am so sorry about all the is just all backwards these days.

    The family has left Ukraine.......on the way to Germany........then to Chicago.........and Kansas.........what an exciting day today will be!!!!!!!
    Our mission is almost completed!!!!!! Hugs to your day! me

  8. Oh Linda- I am so overly excited for you and your lovely family!! It has been forever since I have talked to you! I read your blog daily but never seem to find time to comment! V is such a lucky boy to be blessed into your family and no doubt he will be loved and hugged and kissed on every day!! God Bless!
    Tanya (Miller) Ruckman ...(I got married :0))
    the other Kansas chicken lover!!


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