Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Thyme!!!!!!

Hey all you sweet ladies!!!!!!!!

Just came in from doing the chores............gathered the eggs. I love the color of my eggs that my girlies lay for me each day and even on rest for them! It got way down to 27 degrees last night so I am going to start giving them warm water. It helps the girls  so they keep laying even when it gets cold outside. Really works. 

ABC news picture

Okay, this morning I had the CHRISTian station on in the bakery and was listening to a news cast.........have you heard about this? I am not kidding......I listened.......and then went in the storage room......and lost it! I was so touched by this story. 

I have been able to work along side my husband all of our married life...on the farm and now in the college kitchen......I am is he! We love doing things together! A Gift we believe from the Lord! Any way here is the story. They were a Gift to their children.....I hope they know that! 

Iowa Couple Married 72 years Dies Holding Hands, an Hour Apart

click here and read!

after the station told the story then they played this song....

really lost it this time!

This story is just PRECIOUSNESS!


Hugs from my farm and God bless your day



  1. I seen this yesterday and it's truly amazing! When they said he died but they still felt a heartbeat, from his wife since they were holding hands, was priceless!

  2. I saw this yesterday too - what a lovely story. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I saw this story yesterday. It is an AMAZING love story... what a legacy this couple left for their children. An inspiring story! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Yes, we saw that story. My news anchor cried.

  5. Wow, first time I have been able to comment in awhile!

    I love this amazing story and testimony of love. What a wonderful blessing they were to one another and family.

    (BTW - blogged a few gift ideas. More ideas to come. ;)

  6. Yes, I had heard about this story. So precious, you are right, Linda. I had been thanking my husband the other day that he had always been there no matter what we went through over the years so this song really touched my heart. I lost it too when I heard! Thank you for sharing this with us. Such a precious story of true love.

  7. What a sweet sweet story of two hearts joined together for so many years. What a great testimony to young couples just starting out! It isn't easy folks but the ride is well worth it! Love does prevail!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I also saw this enchanting story of love!
    Had never heard about the warm water! What A great tip! Thanks!

  9. I had been listening to the Christian radio about children being raised without fathers. It was heart breaking too. We live in such a throw away society. This was a true love story continuing in heaven with the Lord Himself. Very touching.The song was so appropriate although I know Steven Curtis Chapman lost a daughter in a terribly heartbreaking accident. God knows what He is doing doesn't He? Love and Blessings Anne


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