Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just another day!

Hello sweet ladies, 

First thank you so much for all the sweetness and prayers. What precious women you all are! I wish I could write each of you, but time just isn't permitting it. 

This morning I called the manor to check on my Momma. The nurse said that she did real well through the night and her fever was down. Later today she had her fever back and by the time I was off work her fever broke again. It is an up and down thing. I ask that you would continue to pray for her and for myself and that I will accept what the Lord has for our lives! God is good and He doesn't make mistakes......I do know that. I can trust Him with my life and my Momma's.

One more thing that we could use prayer on, is both of our girls are sick with fevers and colds. That is not good, because at work where they work with, we have 5 caterings plus the regular baking we have to do. That means me.......alone if they don't get better tonight. I am already a little wiped out myself and can't think about being alone at work! Smiling! 

Tonight I needed to relax a bit......sooooooo.... I got on Pinterest and found some things I liked. When I go to Pinterest you don't have to think!

In Katrina's Kitchen

Think this would be so easy to make for the kids. 

I have wanted to do strawberry plants and tried to do a few last didn't work, but I think that this would be something I could do! It doesn't have a pattern, but it looks easy to do.

Your Cup of Cake

Another recipe for the bakery. 

I needed made me smile! Wonder what the girlies were saying to each other?

Thank you again for being there today for us.......I know the Lord used 
your prayers........asking for blessings to be sent your way.......

You are all precious!!!!!!




  1. That last photo is especially cute.
    I hope your momma and your crew are doing well.

  2. Sorry about your Momma and your girls. Praying for your family for healing all around!

  3. Linda, I just wanted you to know that I'm praying for your mom and your daughters and you. May He wrap His arms of love around you and give you strength and peace!

    Blessings on your day,

  4. Still praying for Tenlee, your mom and adding your girls to the list.

    I bet those hens aer are saying, well if he makes it across, it must be safe for us....

  5. Linda I am praying for your mom! I am also praying for the girls and I am praying for you too! I know how much you trust the Lord and He will lift you up during this time. Why, when it rains, does it always pour???? It is the number one question I seem to ask the Lord a lot! I will be praying that all these health issues quickly pass. The Lord will always keep you in His loving arms and He will keep your sweet mom close to His own heart. Love to you and please take care of Y O U too! Hugs Anne

  6. Hi Linda, Sorry to hear that Squirt didn't make it, your daughter must be heartbroken. Praying that your mother and daughters are getting better. My little guy has been sick for 10 days, has had an allergic reaction to one type of antibio and then the 2nd had absolutely no effect on his infection. Are now trying 3rd treatment.
    I know it is too late for Squirt but I just saw this, maybe it could be of use in the future
    Take good care of yourself too Linda!

  7. Linda,

    Thanks so much for the update. So sorry to hear that the girls are sick too, and will pray that you don't need to work by yourself.

    I agree, Pinterest is great for when you barely have time or energy to think. One just looks, and pins .. And in my case, I tell myself I'm accomplishing something because I'm organizing and categorizing ideas I've saved from blogs and emails. Kind of like decluttering my Inbox!

    Have a blessed day and keep us posted as you can! And yes, take care of yourself, because you won't be able to help others if you are sick yourself.

  8. Prayers for you and your girls coming your way Linda!

  9. It sounds like your plate is full! You are in my prayers friend.

  10. I am so praying for you Linda, Praying for your Mama to be better, Father take that fever away from her! In Jesus name, Amen! I know she is in our Fathers' arms! Praying for your sweet girls, that they are better and were able to work today.
    Love the pics,

  11. I will be praying for everyone's health. All of my grandchildren have been suffering this winter with all these virus's that are going around. I pinned the brownies, look so good! And I think those chickens are saying something like, "I'm not following that crazy ole man what does he think?, we can't swim." Such a cute pictures thanks for sharing!

  12. HI Linda,

    Oh, I'm just seeing this post now. I'll be praying for your momma and for your girls. Were the girls well enough to go to work today? Love and hugs to all of you from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  13. linda,
    your 'soup bowl' is overflowing!! my thoughts & prayers to you/your girls/your mom so all will get well fast! that strawberry patch is a great idea! and i always love a beautiful sunrise/sunset!!
    ^)^ linda

  14. Oh Linda...I just saw this post (sorry) but I continue praying for you, your girls and especially your Mom... All of this is so difficult...

    Love all your Pinterst are right you can get lost in that search course that last one is so cute!

    Pray your day wasn't too hard on you....


  15. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Come by my blog for the details!


  16. Love you ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs to my new post. Momma is better! Thank you!


  17. Praying for you, your girls to get over their colds, and for your mom. God knows all about our situations. He cares about each one of us. May God keep you and your girls and mom in His care. Blessings!


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