Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday Was A Very Special Day!

Hello sweet ladies, 
I made a call in the a neighbor who is a sheep and goat keeper. She is so wise and always has time to teach you things that you need to know about animals. She also is a CHRISTian and just has the sweetest love towards all those she meets and her animals on her farm. We had talked last week about me getting a Momma Ewe and she told me that she had just sold a Ewe with a black face and triplets......oh mannnnn! That is okay, I know the Lord has the right Momma for me! Anyway I called and told her that my Taylor (17) wanted to help her, if she had an orphan lamb that need bottle feeding. She has called us before when she had to many babies to feed. She said off to Crescent C Farm we went, not telling Tay where we were going! We wanted to surprise her. 

I walked out our back door and noticed the farm cats all bundled up........just had to take time to take a pic to show you. I knew all you cat lovers would like!

This guy meet us when we drove up in to the yard at Crescent C Farm! He was a goat that had the umbilical cord wraooed around the bottom part of his leg so he limps. I thought his coat was so different and pretty. He is one loved goat. 

The Farmgirl took us over to one of the pens that had some of the Momma's and new babies. Adorableness! We had so much rain days before, that they were not as cute and fluffy as usual, but still cute. 

We went on and saw this.........perfect......Momma and baby! Love this picture! 

Tay couldn't to the orphan see her little one! First thing we saw was this adorable tiny orphaned baby goat.......peeking his little head out between the gate. The nose to the left is one of the orphaned lambs....... soon to be Tay's little guy. 

Here they were, Tay's little guy is to the right of the baby goat. He was tiny and already 3 weeks old. 

She picked him up and he was all over her. Trying to suck all over her face!!! Just the sweetest babies and they can become such nice pets when you get them this little. She was sold!

I took some picks around the farm........thought of you! One of their farm cats and two baby goats (kids) all cuddled together. 
Sweet sight~

Looked up in the rafters........a Banty Girly! I really liked their barn full of farm life!

Mr. Billy Goat wanted to say you! 

Before we left Tay had to hold "Little Billy Goat".

It was time to say good by to Crescent C Farm and time to go to Squirt's new Home!

He was going to stay in the Milk House with the Bantom girls, roosters, some of the farm cats and the baby chicks! Perfect! He would have plenty of friends to keep him company, because he was going to miss his buddy's at the other farm! The farm cat loved Squirt,  kept smelling the milk on Squirt's lips! I know I have said this before......but I love the life the Lord has given me on Prairie Flower Farm!

The farm cat and Squirt were going to be friends, that was a good thing!

Blessings on your SONday, be sure to get a little rest!


P.S. I have a surprise for tomorrow! Can't wait to tell you alllllll about it! Oh and it isn't a Momma Ewe with a baby in her tummy........still asking the Lord to provide that one!

Here is a video that where Squirt drinking the end of his milk.......thought you might like to see! I put it up on facebook some have seen it! 


  1. Squirt is adorable! And the billy goat is smiling! Have a blessed SONday!
    Thanks for your prayers, our son is on his way over to watch super bowl, so prayers are needed!

  2. These photo's are all so adorable Linda! especially the one with Taylor getting 'sucked', and the mother/baby one and the.... well like I said ALL of them.

  3. Oh Linda how I love all these animals, who doesn't just love kitties and lambs? This post is so sweet...these animals are adoreable!


  4. Squirt is adorable! Your girl is a darling. She has such love for these beautiful farm creatures. I am always eager to see what you are up to each dy. Praying for your ewe. You are so cute! God Bless PFF and your family. Hugs Anne

  5. So cute! This brings back some great memories of baby goats and bottle fed lambs we had a long time ago. The lambs were born on St. Patrick's day, and we got them when they were a couple days old. The female, we named Patty, and the male was Pendleton. They were so much fun. Taylor is going to be a good "mama" to that little Squirt.

  6. So many sweet babes. Love the little one.


  7. Sweet Sunday adorableness! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Squirt is adorable and quite hungry, too, from the looks of the video :) :) Oh, I LOVED seeing all the animals...wish I could come over and pet and feed them all :) :) Furry cuteness everywhere :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  9. How cute! Squirt is so sweet!! He looks like a little squirt, too : ) Farm animals are so much fun. Hope you get your ewe with the baby tucked in there!!

  10. beautiful, loving pics!!! i so enjoyed this post, linda!

  11. Such precious babies and daughter! Thank you so much for sharing your day. Have a blessed week.

  12. Hi, Linda - Love your pics, and the video of little Squirt! What a cutie he is!

  13. Oh Linda! I wanna curl up with one of your kitty-cats! They're adorable! :)

    And Squirt is absolutely darling! Wish I could have me a Squirt!


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