Monday, February 27, 2012

Worked on the Seed Swap Tonight!

Hello sweet ladies,

Thank you for all the sweetness that you sent my way. It is amazing how many of you all have lost chickens also to dogs. Not fun for sure. I sure miss my Shelby, but tonight a follower told me that she is called a Partridge Wyandotte. I knew that she was a Partridge Girly, but that was it. She showed up at our son's house last year and they couldn't find the she came and lived on our farm. She was so so beautiful!

Tonight I asked on fb if ladies would share what kind of chickens they have liked and that are good layers. Wow was it ever fun. Thank you everyone who shared. If you have ideas on what I might get......please let me know here. Over the last 6 months I have lost quite a few chickens and so it was nice to think about some new kind of chickens that I could introduce to my Girlies! 

Tonight I worked on the seed swap. I have some names that I have tried to email and some that I just can't get a hold of. Sooooo I am just putting your names here and if you would contact me please at 

I would so appreciate it. You may have sent it, I just can't find it. 

Everyone is excited to do this!!!!!! 

Anita, who lives in Australia

Aunt Lodi

That's it......please please email me with your 
MAILING address.

Thank you so much.

Hope all is well with everyone......I was able to plant some of my strawberry plants, radishes, carrots, daisies and forget me not (Alaska State flower..a must) seeds on Sunday afternoon. It was warm and beautiful.......a much needed relaxed day. 

Blessings sweet are so so precious!




  1. Oh are such a wonderful go to all this work for us...we so appreciate your efforts!! smile.... We were looking at the paper today & they had chicks for sale..all different kinds..made me think of you!


  2. Well, I have a golden buff, a buff orpington, a golden laced wyandotte, a black australorpe, an americauna, and plymouth barred rocks. I love them all!

  3. oh, my!! those girlie-type names from Ric Rac sound as beautiful as they must look! i've never heard of such a variety in chicken!! i'm glad you had a restful Sunday planting seeds. it's so relaxing to 'play' in the dirt!!

  4. Well, my favorite chickens are the cochins, because their feet are covered in feathers. It looks like they're wearing pantaloons...but I have no clue which ones are good egg layers :) :) I'm sorry you've lost so many I'll pray that you find just the right ones when you go to the farm store ;) :)

    I"m really excited for the seed swap. It'll be fun to find a nice store to purchase a packet of seeds for my swap partner, whoever that is ;) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. Linda I have emailed my address to you several times keep getting it back. This happened to me last year. I sent it to the address that was on an email I got from you?


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