Thursday, March 1, 2012

Green Little Leaves Coming Out Of The Ground!

Good evening sweet ladies........I feel like it has been forever since I put up a post. We had the bad weather on Monday night and that night after my internet provider must have had some problems. It went off. There was such high winds and tornados about a half an hour away. It was a bad night for some. I don't like it when we have those severe much damage happens to a farm. We have had our share for sure.

I have to tell you.........I got a call from my farm friend that lives not far from our farm. She has been looking for a Momma Sheep for me. She is the one that let us have the little baby lamb to care for. The sheep she has was given to her and she isn't quite what she wants in her herd. The Momma Sheep is pregnant and will be having a baby or maybe two. I have just given it to the Lord as to "when" He would find me a sheep.......tonight I got the call. It is "When" and I am grateful! I will post a picture when I get to go see her this weekend. Sooooo excited! Thank you to all who prayed with me. I just love having the Lord get all the credit! Amazing love.......He has for us!

It was beautiful yesterday, sun was shining and it was soooo warm outside. I went outside and looked at my garlic that I planted last fall.........they are so healthy and doing so well. Aren't they so sweet? Just "reachin" for the sky! 

This last Monday afternoon, before the storm hit I planted a few things. First I put 10 of my 30  strawberry plants in. I will have to pick off all the flowers this year and not eat the strawberries. I am sure I will have to sneak just a few. It makes for stronger plants they say. I planted them in a protected area out in the Potter's Shed. The same place at the other end of where I put my garlic. If we get weather down in the freezing, I will cover the top with some greenhouse plastic I was given the other day. I was given enough to build a large greenhouse. Thank you JESUS. I would never be able to afford one, but have always wanted one. Now to learn how to build it!

Can you see that little green life?

I also put in some lettuce a week and a half ago and I had put it under a plastic clear tub.......I had tiny green babies!!!!! Talk about excited. I love green life! Shows me over and over how the Lord, who gave us plants which is recorded in Genesis........ and we are still enjoying His gift. I also put in my carrots and radishes. It was so nice to get to dig in the dirt! 

Checked on my Miss Milly and Missy Thatcher tonight.......they are so huge and puffed up....... protecting their eggs so well. They will have baby chicks on March 8th. Just in time for my vacation.......they are such good girls! 

I am still working on the seed swap partners, with my internet off it caught me off guard. We had 52 sign up........thank you sweet ladies for doing so!!!!!! 

Hope all is well with you all. Thank you for all the personal emails to see if our family was okay. Also for the prayers for are so so sweet!  

Blessings and may God bless you all,


P.S. To nite I heard a robin singing up high in a tree.... as beautiful as can be.......has anyone else seen one? That means spring is getting closer. 


  1. I was wondering how close the storms were to your farm. Glad it wasn't too close. Can't wait to see your sheep! Oh you're so fortunate, I would love to have one, hehe.

    Have a delightful weekend, sweet gal~

    1. To close for me! I hated that the tornado was going straight for two of my kids family. One has a storm shelter in his home built very strong. THat gave me comfort! All was well. Wish I could share my girl with......I let you have part of her, but she will live on my farm.....make you feel better? Smile! Hugs and I will have a good weekend. Planting some more garden!

  2. How exciting to be getting a momma sheep!
    When the snow finally melts here and things start growing again, I'm going to try your strawberry idea. Ours have been giving less and less fruit each year and I was planning on digging them up and buying new ones, but I'll try this first. I'm going to try spouting a sweet potatoes also as I can't get any plants here. Have you been over to Ginnys blog? ( she is starting up a sort of gardening journal on saturdays, I'm going to join her, I think it will be great fun to see what others are growning and maybe learn a few 'tips'.

    1. I have tried strawberries before and hasn't worked. This year I plan to really work hard at it. I didn't get the pic of my sweet potato up on my blog but will have more time tonight. It has little babies growing. Got so excited. I will be going over to Ginnys on Sat. Sounds fun. Love you sweet friend over in the beautiful Alps!!!!!! Hugs, me
      Still enjoying our treasures. Love it!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh Linda..I thank God you were safe from the storms... spring does bring them on doesn't it? On the brighter side...I did see the 'green' in your garden! Smile..
    I pray things work out for you with the Mama sheep! I know how much you want one! Today is your last day....then "home" for the weekend..enjoy!


  4. Isn't it the most exciting thing to see green shoots coming up out of the soil! When my mom was still alive, each spring she and I would take tours together of our yards, to try to spot those early little green shoots, or dark red ones, in the case of 'bleeding heart.' right now my yard is covered in at least a foot of snow. But I'm rejoicing with you that you've been kept safe from the storms and that you are enjoying God's promise of new life!

  5. How exciting! I wanna go with you to get the momma sheep! I would love that! So happy for you :)
    Looking at your new green babies makes me even more ready for spring to get here.
    Thanking God that your farm wasn't hurt in the storms and that you got some wonderful rain :)


    Susan Montgomery

  6. Hi Linda, It's good to see things starting to pop their little green heads out of the earth again. Life goes on even in the earth. And. look at all the wonderful creatures wandering around your farm. I hope that life has been treating you well and that the winter hasn't been too difficult for you.
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. hi linda,
    i was so relieved when you emailed me back that you/your farm were ok! more tonadoes down south again today (AL) and we are having a blizzard!!! it's a complete white-out today in IA!!! i started a new have 2 going:
    i posted a 'blizzard' pic on 'laceonstone'!!
    i hope you can stop by sometime!
    so glad your prayers were answered for your mama have a wonderful friend there! i am so axious for spring and to see my yard start to spout into green! i will post pics on my blog & facebook as it progresses! i will enjoy your garden progress a lot!
    ^)^ linda

  8. Hi Linda. I noticed a few rhubarb shoots poking out of the ground several weeks ago. Of course that was before our last two snow storms! I'll look again once the snow melts. We've had large flocks of robins here in North Idaho for a couple of weeks now. I've never noticed them in such large groups before. We were also very happy to see our resident birds (not sure what they are) have returned to our bird house in the backyard. Lots of signs of spring here...even with the snow!

  9. Hi Linda :) :) :)

    OH, I'm so excited about God answering your prayer for a pregnant momma sheep :) :) Now you'll have at least two animals, if not three, to find names for :) :)

    When do we need to get the seeds mailed off for the seed swap?

    Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  10. Oh, Linda - I was just thinking about you earlier today with all the tornados around - praying that you were all OK - and was so happy to see by your post here that the storms did not harm you at all!!! We just got some much-needed rain up in northern Kansas here. It was a blessing to the farmers! It has been so dry up here though that fires have been a problem - we had one burn 3,200 acres near here last Saturday - so could use some prayers for safety & more rain!

    Oh how fun to get a sweet mama sheep! Wish I could be a "little mouse in the corner" when you bring her home - enjoy!!!

  11. Oh, I am so glad God answered your prayers for a mama sheep, and 2 maybe babies! Can't wait to see her! I hope you were saved from all the terrible new storms today (Friday)! Such terrible destruction! I pray for all the people who were in the twisters paths. Love seeing your green! We have had such a mild winter here in WNC. We have seen robin birds for a couple of weeks now. Our daffodils are up and our crocus! So beautiful!
    Hope you have a good week-end, send pics of mama!

  12. Glad you all are safe...
    Excited FOR you about the mama sheep...
    Not sure the Indiana robins ever went south (or wherever they go)...
    And have a personal request--I'd LOVE to see an updated post with bunches of exterior AND interior pictures of The Potter's Shed. (Don't know why. Just curious.)
    Hope your weekend is full of bliss, dear Linda.

  13. Oh my new wonderful friend Linda! Isn't Jesus just awesome? He protected you, your family, and your farm during the storms, has allowed you to find His little green plants sprouting new life through the ground, and He has answered the prayer of His faithful servant and provided her with a Momma Sheep !!! Dancing in my heart for you and rejoicing with you ♥♥
    Stay blessed!


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