Friday, March 9, 2012

V A C A T I O N!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

What a longggggg LAST week. I felt horrible most of the time. Alergies plus.......but I am at HOME for 10 days........and plenty of time to relax a bit. Can't hardly stop from wanting to do a Praise Dance! I love my Home, but I have learned to be thankful for the Lord's provisions. Having a job at a Christian College not far from our home........with lots of kids..... that need a little encouragement has been special, but still hard for me to leave my home. I am not boasting here, but it was a blessing when my sweet man and I were presented with a plaque from the students there. It was a servant award and a thank you. It reaffirmed to my sweet man and I, that the Lord was blessing our "stepping out of our comfort zone." They also gave us a gift certificate to an adorable coffee shop in our town......I think we will be going to lunch one day this week "during the day"......eekkk! How fun it is to just say that! 

Look at my spinach on the right and red leaf lettuce on the left. I am pleased that I am getting a stand. Sweet little seedlings. 

Here are my little week old radishes starting to come up. Planted some carrots also........just not up yet.  I will be showing you later how I planted my forget me nots and shasta daisys. It has been a new way for me and I will share! Found it on Pinterest. 

Missy Thatcher and Miss Milly are finished sitting on their eggs. Each are in their own cage will keep the baby chicks safe from the other chickens. Miss Milly has 5 babies and Missy Thatcher has 4. They are done laying on their eggs. We had some that didn't hatch, but I am thankful for the ones that did. It looks like 7 are little black Cochins, which I am so happy about, because the 3 that I had were all killed. I got one little Mottled and one little Blue Cochin also. Sweetness~

I am home for 10 days.........can't wait to get some things done in our home and on the farm! Talked to my farm friend about how Willow was doing. She is doing quite well and should be having her baby very soon. A lot of the other ewes are delivering and one had twins.......oh my in my dreams!!!!! I will keep you all posted.

Blessings sweet ladies.......can't wait to come and visit you, if you leave a comment! Life will be not so stressful for!

a friend loveth at all times. Proverbs 17:17..........

and I loveth you all!



  1. Enjoy your time off,it is very special to be doing what God wants you to do. Have a good day.

  2. Have a wonderful vacation, Linda, and I pray that you will be refreshed in spirit as well as in mind and body. Give yourself the gift of spending extra time with God this vacation, as well as doing all of the crafting and farm chores your heart desires. Happy Vacation Days!

  3. Have a most blessed time off, Linda! It is a good thing to just set back and take in all the Lord has blessed us with!
    Can I be jealous of your garden? It is still winter here, but we have high hopes of temps in the upper 60's for next week. We are still weeks away from actually being able to plant anything, though....our time will come.

  4. Hope you enjoy every single moment of your time off....I am thankful for the Blessings of VACATIONS. We all need time to rest and to do some of the things that brings us great happiness.

  5. 10 days.. how fun! I know your going to enjoy it Linda.. take care!

  6. Spring is certainly "springing" at your house! :-)

    Oh, I know exactly how you feel ~ I do SO miss being at home, but if I HAVE to work outside my own home & it's not the Lord's will to open my bulk food store (Marmee's Pantry) YET, then I have to say that I am enjoying the health food store more than I thought I would. AND, I'm making lots of contacts for when the time comes to open my store & bring in merchandise.

    Enjoy your time off.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  7. Enjoy your vacation time, Linda. I know you'll enjoy it...with your family, with the new farm babies and all that extra time to do crafts etc...oh, and lunch at that little coffee shop sounds wonderful. That's really sweet of the kids to get you that plaque and gift certificate :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  8. Have a wonderful vacation! It is great to be able to work, but my heart is at home, too.♥♫

  9. Hi Linda, I just wanted to leave you a note and say thanks for setting up the seed swap. I received a real blessing in the mail yesterday--sooo sweet with gardening gloves, flowery stationary and several seed packets. Absolutely made my day to make a new friend :) Aren't college students special. My husband's a prof and his students just thanked him with a nice little card and gift too. Thankful you're loving on those Sterling College students!

    Blessings, Connie

  10. Oh Linda I am so happy for you! Ten days of freedom! smile.... Enjoy each & everyday! ( as I know you will!) Keep us informed on how Willow is!



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