Thursday, March 29, 2012

Strawberry Cheesecake way!

Hello sweet ladies,

Today a storm was wasn't by us, but we could watch it growing in the east and southeast. It is definitely looking like spring......and now it is acting like spring. Praying for the weather.......I dislike storms. I wouldn't mind if you had a storm shelter. One day......maybe.

I said I would show pic's of these delicious cupcakes I made at work. They are doing some new things at work. They are selling lunch boxes.......with really neat lunches in the inside.

I had to make the dessert. I had seen a Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake on Pinterest. I liked it okay, but wanted to change the recipe. I had an idea.  I only had a little bit of time to get everything done. I used the the graham cracker crust part of the recipe........then I made up a white cake mix. I had to make 35 cupcakes. I spooned 1 tablespoon of graham cracker crust into the bottom of the cupcake paper. Then I filled with white cake batter. Bake at 350 degrees for the amount of time on the box. After the cupcake is cooled I take the baked paper off and place the cupcake in a clean cupcake paper. Looks better. 

I whipped some whip cream/with powdered sugar to taste. Then added some pureed strawberries. Just enough to make it pink. I piped that into the white cooled cupcake. Then I put just about a 1/2 tea. of pureed strawberries on the top of the cream. 

I made a cream cheese, butter and a little bit of cream... frosting. Then I cut up some fresh strawberries into little pieces. Folded the strawberries into the frosting. Piped it with a star tip (I think that is what it is called) in a little swirl on top of filled cupcake.

After I got them all frosted I had cut about 10 slices leaves and all from a large strawberry and press each slice into the top of the frosting..........loved how it looked!!!!!!!!!

Sweet idea!!!!!!

Yesterday I was thinking about a way I could transport the cupcake in each lunch box........would you know this was on Pinterest. Thank you Lord!!!!!!! He is always thinking of me and my needs! I thought it looked adorable!!!!! I could just imagine those ladies opening up their boxes. 

This is what it looked like inside. I had made focaccia bread for the sandwiches.  Here is the recipe I use. I have posted it before HERE so so easy to make and makes wonderful sandwiches. 

Each lunch had two salads, sandwich, water, table services, chips and the cupcake. I hope they enjoyed. We really had fun doing them up. I think this will be a regular happening!

Oh my, I am so was beautiful outside and we had three little ones who came to the farm........two families from the about special! I will post tomorrow about the time. When the little girl Jewel (she was 4) was ready to leave she said, "I am going to tell Daddy I am a cowgirl!" Taylor led her on a horse ride........the little girl was adorable! 

Fun was had by all....... OH..........except when Willow hopped their fence......and ran all around the section. That part was not fun! 

Hugs to all..... tomorrow is Friday......that means I come home.......that is a good thing!!!!!!



  1. Lunch would be an event with a marvelous box like that to open! Those cupcakes look delicious. Have a great day!

  2. Oh my Linda you really are a batter! I love those cupcakes , now who wouldn't want to open a lunch with that sweet cupcake in it? 😘You sound busy! But what a blessing you are to others!

    This is Friday....yeah! Blessings,

  3. Happy Friday Linda :) - Love the cupcake idea, really neat for a picnic! I'm going to try your bread recipie also - sounds wonderful! Glad you got to share your farm with a young family - how precious. Glad you captured Mrs Willow, bet she had fun while she was out :)! You, not so much!
    Have a blessed weekend. My daughter and her fience are coming for the weekend - going to do some gardening!
    hugs to you

  4. Oh Linda, how creative you are! The cupcakes look devine! Have a blessed week-end!

  5. Hi, Linda: Don't you love it when God gives one creative idea after another?? The entire page today is so BEAUTIFUL! Love it all and love you too!!!

  6. Wow, Linda, no wonder you are tired! Those cupcakes are fabulous! What a wonderful lunch! One could feel really pampered with that lunch...

  7. Your cupcakes look wonderful! I am really happy to stop here and see what you are up to! Have a beautiful Sunday!


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