Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hi.....still no internet! Smiling!!!!!

Hello Sweet Ladies, 

I am typing this in Sterling on Tuesday night. Just wanted to touch base with you all beings we are still without internet.  :( Some electrical problem they told us, but no info on when it will be back up. You know every time I have a party it seems that this happens. I refuse to not have a party! 
I have sooooo enjoyed reading all the comments, thank you for taking the time. I always love seeing the faithful who have followed Prairie Flower for so long, blesses my heart!!!!!!  I also love making new friends and so I want to welcome all the new ladies that have signed up. THANK YOU!!!!!!
I am so glad some of you are going to use the pattern. That is wonderful. I do like the white on white and with a colorful ribbon and hanging a cute tag off it, it would be much appreciated by the one you would give it to.

Twig has the sweetest face!

Tonight after work Willow let me touch her face. It will take a little time for her to trust me........the other two are so silly! Love their sweet faces. 

Leaf hopped through the fence and then hopped back in.......silly boy!!!!!

Hope all is well with you all. I will not be able to tell you who wins until later tomorrow evening.  I have an appointment with the chiropractor on Wednesday and then I can go to a place with internet and let you all know....this is not fun being without internet. Don't we get spoiled sometimes?  

God bless your day!


  1. Hope the chiropractor is able to help your back! So happy to hear you are still smiling and finding joy in your sheep. Yes, we do get spoiled. We are so blessed to have all that we do, and (speaking for myself) we tend to take it for granted. I have noticed, though, how thankful you often are to the Lord for your blessings. You're a great example to me in this area.

    Hope you are soon feeling like yourself again!

  2. I hope you get relief with your chiropractic appointment. Enjoyed seeing the cute sheep. Nothing cuter than sheep and lambs in the springtime!

  3. I am so so sorry about your back! Believe me I know your pain! Hope and pray the Chiropractor can relieve the pain. Your babies Twig and Leaf are so cute! Willow will come around, you are good to her babies!

  4. Truly love the photos. How precious the lambs are.

    So much enjoy reading your blog. It makes my day.

  5. The lambs are soooo cute. I hope your electrical problem gets fixed soon and that the chiropractor fixes your back pain, too.

  6. Oh Linda theses babies and their momma are so sweet, I would love to hug them all they look so cuddly. Wish I lived on a farm where I could have one or two.
    I love all your posts and the pictures you send of your animals and around your farm, they sure do brighten my day.
    Happy Spring.

  7. The lambs are so fun to watch. When you said Leaf hopped through the fence it made me think of the insect named Leafhopper. I think that would be a cute nickname for him since he is a hopper! Hope you get some relief for your back and get Internet service restored also! Donna

  8. Oh Linda..those babies are adorable! So much fun to watch...I bet it's hard not to spend all your free time out there watching them! smile... I sure hope your back is better after your treatment today! Your washcloths are beautiful..I don't know how you do everything! Bless you dear friend!


  9. The lambs are so cute! Enjoyed the video :) If I was lucky enough to live on a farm, I'd be like Fern in Charlotte's Web and spend most of my free time with the animals :)
    Hope your appt goes well and provides much needed relief :)

    Susan Montgomery

  10. Oh this was so fun to watch your lambs!! Thank you for sharing this today! Hope your appointment went well and the internet is restored pronto for you!

    Stay blessed!

  11. Dear Linda,

    I'm sorry that you're still not getting internet service at home. That's hard. I've always felt really disconnected and alone when that happens, because that's how I keep in contact with a lot of my friends who live far away.

    Wow, Twig and Leaf are just too cute. They're legs almost look too big for their bodies...adn they hop around, it's like looking at freshly popping popcorn :) :) So cute!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  12. I enjoyed watching the lambs jump around. I grew up on a farm and bummer lambs were my babies. We had a spring snow surprise, in Oregon, started Wed. afternoon and by the time I was off work at 6:30 PM there was a good bit of snow on my car. There was 3" of snow by 11 PM. I went out and took some photos of it. It was gone by the next day but not without damage to the flowering nonbearing cherry trees in town. I turned the corner on a street that hooks up to the road I go to town on and most of the trees have broken branches. Counted 9 out of 12 broken on my way home. Oh my and the city is the one that takes care of that stretch. Am going out later today and take photos of it. I hope you get your electricity back soon! I just hooked up with your blog today. I like it!

  13. Oh My Goodness! What fun you have with your sweet lamb babies and their momma! I really liked your video!
    Pray for Noelle. She is taking a very important test to get her state licensing as an ins. agent. She is very nervous. It is tomorrow. Blessings, Anne


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