Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good evening!

Hello sweet ladies,

I am laying on the couch with lap top on lap.......feeling horrible! Allergies have hit Prairie Flower Farm.......even a kitty has the sneezes. I don't have an appetite and just really couldn't do much more then stay on the couch all evening. 

When we drove up into the driveway today, I made a beeline to the little chicks to see how many we had. Missy Thatcher hatched one more, so that is two for her. Miss Milly still has the one, but I am sure they will have more tomorrow. I pinned this wonderful pin the other day of sexing your baby chicks. I was going to do it tonight, but thought I would wait until I felt better and do it tomorrow night.

I love this blog.......Mountain Home Quilts....she showed how to feather sex day old baby chicks. You must go over and check out her blog.....you won't be disappointed!

I have permission to use these pictures from Mountain Home Quilts. 
"All feathers are generally the same length for a 

"This is a pullet. The primaries are much longer than the coverts and you can see the two sets clearly." (Thank you Heather from Mountain Home Quilts!)
Isn't this the neatest? Hope it works for me.

I will try it tomorrow and let you know how it works. It would be wonderful if it really works. I will also try to get some pictures.

Good night.....hope you all have a wonderful day!



  1. Linda, so sorry you are not feeling well. Those allergies surely have hit you hard. Hope you are feeling better today!

  2. I still want a chicken or two so much! We too have hit allergy season. All year I use a nasal spray from the doc but it just isn't working well enough. Allegra added.

    The pups are itchy too. sigh

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon! Our daughter, who has had such problems with allergies (including pollens), has been on a meat/veggies/fruit/nuts ONLY diet for three months. Now, during the worst pollen season of the year, she is having NO symptoms at all. Theory is that all the allergens in our diets are compromising the immune system, leaving it unable to deal with the pollens. SO,when they're not in our diets, the immune system can work properly. We are so happy to see her feeling well, rather than miserable, during this time. FWIW. :-)

  4. i'm sending you get well blessings:):):)!!
    i hope you start feeling better soon! i don't have allergies, but can imagine how they are interfering with your spring gardening activities!! baby chick video was so cute! thanks for the link to quilt site! you're getting me inspired to 'touch' my fabric again! get well soon! ^)^linda

  5. Linda,
    Praying that you feel better very soon. Your baby chick videos are so cute :) Looking forward to seeing them as they get bigger.
    Susan M.

  6. That is interesting. I must try that next time we have chickies. Your blog looks so pretty, by the way.

  7. Linda, Sorry that you are suffering from allergies. I pray that the Lord brings relief soon. I SO LOVED the gift tags you sent and the sweet little button box - and all the beautiful feathers!!! What a joy to get that box in the mail. Thank you!! Congratulations on all the little chicks. Take good care. Love, C


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