Friday, March 16, 2012

Willow, Twig and Leaf Part 2

Good Morning sweet ladies, 

This morning we woke to heavy fog and a light rain.  When I went  to let the chickens out of their coops, the birds were so happy singing in the trees.........a lot of them. Looked like black birds. It sounded like a chorus of birds! Then off would go one rooster doodling and then another. It was not cold this morning........ so it was very pleasant to be outside walking around the farm. I opened the Potter's Shed to find the horses huddled together. You can see in the background how heavy the fog was. Looked beautiful!

I took a pic of the new sheep pen for Willow.......we have a little more to do and it will be finished. Thought the fog was beautiful. 

Now to continue my journaling about Willow and her babies. 

Twig is very very curious. 

Leaf kept scratching his ear. He kept doing it until he almost fell over. It was sweet to watch.

Willow brought her babies back to a shaded corner in the sheep pen that we were working on. It was interesting to watch, because Willow kept digging into the ground. 

The only thing I could figure was she was making a cool place for the babies to lay. The ground was cooler under a few layers. Smart Momma. If any of you with sheep have a different explanation........please let me know. I want to learn from anyone who has information about sheep! I am reading my book, but it will take awhile. 

Coming back HOME!

She went back out to feed a bit and then the sun was starting to go down. She started to come back. The babies were hopping a bit and running around. PRECIOUSNESS!!!!!!!

Willow came back up to where we were working and then........

Willow turned and took her babies into her shed all by herself! 

She is a very smart Momma!

While she was out feeding we brought some company to her shed. These are the CHRISTmas chicks that I incubated last CHRISTmas. They crawl all over my feet when I by them. Very sweet chickens. The big Cochin roosters are bothering them so we thought we would get them used to being out with the sheep. I have them in a cage in the pen right now and after about a week I will let them out. They will live with the sheep.

Twig again had to see what was going on here!

Babies were tired from a very long was so nice to know that they are now here on our farm. 

Thanking my Father for these precious gifts. I know without a shadow of a doubt that He gave them to me. I prayed and He
so graciously answered with a yes. There is something that happens........ when I watch them. I am so thankful they are mine.

Today I will be transplanting some of my tomatoes that I have in the house. Here are some that I transplanted about a week ago. I have them under a big plastic tub when it is cold.  Then I lift it when it is warm outside. I am trying a new way with some of my seeds. Here is where I learned how to do this. I am not doing it with all my seeds, just some to try it out. 

Go here and read...........A Garden For the House

I also started my Shasta Daisies and Forget Me Nots this way. 
It is like a little greenhouse. The Shasta's are on each side in the large plastic containers (we get them at work) and are doing very well. The Forget Me Nots are just coming up after 2 1/2 weeks. They will already be used to the climate. I open them up during the day and shut the lids at night when it is cooler. 

I will thin my radishes today! I still have so much to get done before I go back to work on Monday! 

I have loved every minute of my vaca!!!!! 

Hugs to all you precious ladies. Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly bless my life! 



  1. I just love reading your posts. I feel like I've gone to the farm for a visit. It's so much fun since I grew up in the city and still live in the city. I can only imagine life on a farm. Your posts help me imagine it a lot better! Donna

    1. You are so sweet Donna. I am glad this is helping you!!!!!!! Farm life is really a special thing. You are welcome anytime!

  2. Oh, I LOVED hearing about Willow and her two babies, Twig and adorable. Yes, she appears to be a very good momma.

    WE've had foggy/rainy weather here too...although our rain is more like a sprinkle!!! It's not very much. We do need more, even here on the coast.

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

    1. She is turning out to be a wonderful Momma. I can't believe how nice she is. I am still trying to get close. It won't take long.

      Love fog! Can almost feel the ocean mist on my face!!!!!! LOVE THE OCEAN.

      Hugs me!

  3. a day at the farm!!! how much fun you must be having! your pics are just so adorable!! (could you email me how you get the printing on your you use Photoshop?) i cut two big batches of ornamental grass in the street berm this morning...looks like a 'bouquet' in my garbage can!! have a great weekend, linda!! ^)^linda

    1. So glad you came Linda! I use, it is real easy. they are going to be quiting it sometime, but it is free now to use. I love it! If you need more help let me know. Ornamental grass is beautiful.
      Hugs, me

  4. Enjoyed my "visit to the farm" today! It's been such fun to read about your experiences with Willow and her adorable babies - looking forward to more! Love hearing about your "girlies", and watching your garden grow! I need to get busy on mine this year! The weather here has been beautiful too - enjoy your weekend, Linda!

    1. I sure love my new babies and Momma. I can just sit and watch........very restful! I love my Girlies too. They are doing so well on laying me eggs! I have so many things I want to get in the garden.........need a whole other day to each day!

      I am enjoying my weekend!!!!!!!! I have Vitaliy with for two days. He loves coming to grammies.......he loves to help on the farm.
      Hugs, me

  5. Oh Linda, so glad to get in another dose of life at Prairie Flower Farm ! Very refreshing and strengthening to the soul (and to the body I suspect, I am battling pneumonia, but you know, no weapon formed against me shall prosper!)

    I was wondering if I might use the picture of Willow with Twig and Leaf hopping along beside her as my cover photo for my facebook wall? Please let me know if that is ok, I promise I would keep "Prairie Flower Farm" and give all the credit to you.

    Stay blessed and thank you for blessing me so!

    1. You are so kind Laurie Lee, makes me smile! I am so sorry you have pneumonia. UGH! I have been fighting this cough. Really wipes you out!

      Sure you can use whatever you want too. I love the pic's also. The babies are the sweetest.
      Hugs, me

    2. Linda,
      I will certainly be lifting you and your cough in prayer! Your health will prosper even as your soul prospers! Thank you for giving me permission to use the photograph, please check it out a little later on...Laurie Lee Campbell...hugs back atcha, and scratches to Momma and the babies! ♥

  6. I absolutely love the "coming back home" picture. It is so sweet. And then seeing Willow put Twig and Leaf back into their pen, priceless!!
    What a beautiful post. Thanks for letting me visit your farm.


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