Thursday, March 15, 2012

Willow, Twig and Leaf Live At Prairie Flower Farm Part 1

Hello sweet ladies, 

Willow, Twig and Leaf are all tucked safe in their new shed. They are adapting better then we could have imagined. Truly it has been a wonderful afternoon. 

It took longer getting the window and gate for Willow's shed done. I really like how it turned out though. 

First I had to work on this old window that fit just perfectly in the hole of the shed. I took the glass out and put chicken wire on it instead. That way there will be good air flow through the little shed. 

Here is the window with the window pane and all the little nails out.

I used the smallest chicken wire  to cover the backside of the window. All I needed was small staples, hammer and wire cutters.

I cut the chicken wire to fit the backside of the window and hammered staples to hold it in place. That simple!!!!!!!!

I have had this cloth sheep foreverrrrr! I hung it with a red ribbon on the window........I like! I am sure Willow will also!

Here is a close up of my little sheep.

I couldn't believe I found a window that would fit so perfectly! Thank you Jesus!!!!!! I can thank Him, because my sweet man and I spent a lot of time praying as we were redoing the shed. He helped us! 

I hardly ever throw away anything, that I think I might use someday!!!!!!! I had two of these old picket fences. Not sure where I even got them, but I knew they would be come in handy and today was the day. We took all the pickets off. I took all the nails out and we rebuilt a new more sturdy gate for the opening to our little shed. This will keep wild animals out at night and keep my little sheep family nice and safe!

Here is a pic of my new gate.......I like it! Now it was time to leave to go and pick up Willow, Twig and Leaf.

Now I have to say I have been having problems with both of my cameras. My good one was not working so I was using my older one........I got over to Cheryl's to pick up our new sheep......and you guessed it......the old one didn't work. UGH!

While my Phil drove around the outside of our farm I ran in the house to try some new batteries. It worked. Here was Willow, Twig and Leaf in our horse trailer. 

Here is the first pic I got of them in the trailer.........Twig has the black face and legs.....Leaf is laying down. SWEETNESS! 

I took in some water.........are those the sweetest little faces or what? I love them! It was like the posed for me!

We opened the gate on the trailer and Willow brought her babies out. They started eating some grass..............

then she started to take them on a walk. She really did well for a while and then she started getting to close to the horses. The horses were running all around their corral. We encouraged her to her shed and she did very good for her first time. 

We had alfalfa, water, their grain, which consisted of milo, corn and soybean meal waiting for them. 

Willow took to the alfalfa!

Willow took them back out again to explore the farm. 

I will continue part 2 tomorrow. This post is going to be to long if it isn't already! Smile!

Here is the video I promised.

I am lovin having them here on our farm........they are so fun to watch and we are already learning a lot by just watching them. 

Twig is very curious, where Leaf wants to be by his Momma a lot. 

Thank you so much for following our adventure! Also for all the sweetness you are leaving on fb and my blog. I am glad you are also enjoying Willow and her babies. You are making it even more special for me!

Hugs from our farm..........and God bless you! 



  1. They are just too cute! I love my pet sheep. It's so exciting when they have thier babies (they always seem to have twins!) :)
    Great idea with the chicken netting on the window! I was trying to work out what to do on my Hen house - now I know! YAY! Its been fun to watch on here and on fb. Hope you have a lovely day, Corinne.

    1. Hello, thank you for following me on my little adventure. We used to have sheep when our son's were young, now starting all over again. I put chicken wire on my coop also. It really does help with the air flow. Thank you Corinne for stopping by and leaving a note.....I love to hear from you. Watched your video and saw all your pic's on your blog. OH MY. Loved all the beach pic's also. I am originally from Alaska. Miss the ocean, mountains and glaciers. Hugs sweet friend, Linda

  2. love watching and learning right along with you, so precious. God is so good to us huh?

    1. Thank you are so sweet! Yes, the Lord has been very good to me in the area of a Momma Sheep!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful that He answered my simple prayer and now she is living on my farm!!!!!!!!!!

      Hugs sweet friend, Linda

  3. Oh, Willow and her babies are so precious! Don't know alot about farming, They stayed around and did'nt run away! They seem very calm in spite of their upheavle to a new and awsome home! Their home looks great! I love the window and the little sheep with the red & white checked ribbon! You are so talented! What a cozy home and chickens to keep them company! So precious! Love the video!


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