Monday, March 26, 2012

A Busy Day

Hello sweet ladies,

Mondays are always full for me it seems. The morning started out with another Momma kitty having her first baby kitten right as we were leaving for work. That is when it is really hard for me to leave our home. We had to put her in a box and get to the school. She ended up having 5 babies. Seems to be the number for the momma cats this spring. Woody (her name) is a first time mom and she is doing so well with her babies.  One little grey one, two cream and two a little darker cream. Sweetness! 

When I got home I ran around the farm......checking on chickens and gathering eggs. It was good to be back home......lots of eggs today..........good girls! I think it is the warm weather.......all this week it will be in the 70's........very nice. 

When I got to the milk house tonight the cage to Miss Milly was open. I had a clothespin to hold the door must have gotten bumped off. Her little yellow chick was dead. Her little black ones are all okay. Sad to lose the only one that was going to be like her. 

I am getting closer to Willow, Twig and Leaf.......I hope to have them eating out of my hand soon. Had to move the chicken cage out of the little shed.......Twig was on the inside..........of the cage. Silly baby lamb! 

Kansas Beauty!!!!! Kansas really does have beautiful skies!

Has anyone noticed all the birds singing? Love it.......I bet they are praising the Lord! 

Almost forgot to tell you that my back is so much better. After I went to the chiropractor it got better each day after. Sorry I couldn't talk much with the internet off. Really through me off! Thank you so much for all your prayers, I so appreciated them!

Calling it a night.........hope all is well with!!!!!!  
Morning will be coming soon. 

Blessings sweet ladies, 



  1. Good Morning!
    Oh nothing like new life. Sweet kitties.
    Glad you are feeling better Linda. Willow,Twig and Leaf are so precious. Love the photo.

  2. Good to hear your back is much better. I'm sorry about your little yellow chick. Nice your kittie came through fine with the birth of her tinies. Willow and her little "plants" are too cute. Love the way they are standing there looking towards you. Hope your day goes well. Jean

  3. I do love our state Kansas and yes they have such beautiful skies. I really wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Your farm looks fantastic, the goats are so cute, sorry about the yellow chickie,

  4. I DO miss those sunsets (unless it was a sunrise...)! Happy your back has improved. What fun to watch your farm evolve,

  5. Linda,

    I'm so glad you are feeling better, that pleases me! I too am feeling some better, the antibiotics are finally kicking in I think. Now my biggest issue is my strength...when a person with MS gets sick it's so much harder to get your strength back compared to a "normal" person..

    So sorry to hear about the baby chicken, I know she was precious. The sheep are amazing aren't they? Soon they will know your voice and will come to

    Blessings dear friend,

  6. So glad to hear you're feeling better, Linda. The pictures are wonderful. The goats are just precious as are the kittens!! sorry to hear about Miss Milly's chick but glad the others are o.k.

  7. Hi Linda,

    Oh wow....those kittens are adorable.I remember this one homeless mama kitty that used to roam my apartment complex in Oregon. Every time she had a litter of kittens, it was so cute to watch...those little kittens are so litte and adorable :) :)

    I"m sorry to hear about Miss Milly losing one of her chicks :( :(

    Willow, Twig and Leaf...I think those lambs are heaven sent ;) :) Enjoy them. :) :) :)
    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  8. I lay in bed at 5 A.M. each morning with Rose (our little Redneck cat) and she and I listen to the birds. I do believe they are praising the Lord! MY Boots loved to hear those birds. But he would get upset if he had to stay inside! when he was young he would roam with the dog and on more than one occasion he set a dead bird at the doorstep like "Hey I brought you a present!"
    If you had a black kitten...I would be tempted to come get him! I miss my Boots soooo much.
    But your farm is beautiful with new life all around.
    I am so sorry Miss Milly lost her little chick! That is always a tough thing! :(
    I love your lambs. They are precious gifts from God. I know He put them there for you!
    Love and Hugs Anne

  9. Oh Linda, I love the kittens! Momma kitty is so beautiful! I love her coloring! I just want to hug her and the kitties! Twig is so funny! Happy blessed week to you Linda,
    Love ya,
    Carol from NC

  10. it's always wonderful to hear about 'life on the farm'!!! glad you are better...just use moderation when doing farm 'work'!! ^)^

  11. wish i could hold one of those sweet kitties... I remember having litters of babiy kitties at our house growing up as a little girl... then we always had the stress of finding good homes for all of them! :) but what a wonderful learning experience we had! thanks for sharing.. sorry about your lil yellow chick :(


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