Monday, March 5, 2012


Good evening sweet ladies,

Oh my, I got home and knew that one or both of the Girlies (hens) could have some babies. When I walked in sure enough.......Missy Thatcher had a baby that was walking around her, adorableness!!!   I wish I could have had every single one of you and the children in your life in that little milk house! I love little life.....well, really all of life. It is a miracle that is always right in front of us so many times. God is so so good to let us see His creation!

I couldn't get Missy Thatcher's baby......except when I videoed it. That worked for me! Watch how brutal this little one is with it's Momma's eyes. Ouch! 

I will be fixing up cages for each momma and her babies, after all their eggs are hatched. It will help keep the mommas from getting confused with their babies.

I also started my tomato seeds tonight. My farm friend Gail taught me how to do this years ago. Love it. Looks adorable! 

Pick out a tea cup from your cupboard. 

Fill the cup with potting soil.

Pick out what tomato seeds you want to plant.

Sprinkle tomato seeds on top.

Cover seeds with 1/4" potting soil. 

Slip tea cup into plastic bag and ziplock bag.

I put my seeds up on the top of my refridgerator. It is warm there and I has lights. Make sure that the soil has moisture.

If you want, you can go here and read when I first put up how to do my tomato seeds. 

When the little tomato plants get their second leaves they are ready to transplant them to bigger containers. I use the small Dixie cups. I poke a hole in the bottom, lay the cups on a cookie sheet and put them under shop lights. I don't do very well with them by windows. They get to long on me.

Thank you so much for those of you who wrote prayers for me today. I still have this itchy cough, but I do feel a lot better. We are suppose to get some snow on Thursday and Friday. Can't believe this weather! 

Blessings to all you precious ladies, thank you for leaving comments. They bless my day!!!!!!!

Four more days until I am home for a week! Can't wait.



  1. I just love it when you have videos on your blog! My grandson loves to sit on my lap and watch them so thanks for the snuggle moment!

  2. The chicks look fun I haven't started my plants from home for so long. Reminds me of all the fun I had doing it. Enjoy and Blessings.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your video:) How sweet! I have Chicken Envy, actually I have Farm Envy:) I live in a suburb of Detroit and unfortunatly can't have chickens:(. So it was nice to see the new babies. If you're looking for names, this came to mind as I was watching, "Peeps". I love your blog and hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. Oh Linda..I just love those Mama hens! Sweet!

    The tomato seeds look like so much fun!


  5. Sooo, utterly, CUTE!! Thanks, Linda for inviting us to see the cuties. Your hens are so pretty! See how God blesses us with such sweetness?! All the best with your new chickies!!

  6. what a great way to start you seeds! I confess, I usually wait to long and then end up going to the local herb festival and buying the plants! Maybe this year I will just do it and start my own! You are urging me on!!!
    Thank you, I pray you are feeling better!


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