Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We have a winner!!!!!!

Hello..........sweet ladies, 

Being without the internet is so so not good! Smiling! It is still raining and will be raining again tomorrow.   Don't think we will be having it anytime soon. I guess electricity and rain don't mix...that is what my sweet man said.  

Went to the chiropractor and it was wonderful! I am not feeling better yet, but I will and I am making a promise to more cleaning the coop! I will leave that to my grandkids! It didn't hurt at the time, but I really did a job on my back she said. Ice pack here I come!

Okay.......first I have to tell you ladies that you made the party so so special. I appreciate you all so much! We had 120 signups. That included all the different votes. I used Random Number Generator. I put in 120 and 113 came up............and the winner is 

Sherry Johnson
she said.......

Pls. put my name in your party for the lovely, may I say very lovely, washcloths all stitched up with love. 
Love them, love them, love them!

I think that she loves them.....yeeeaaahhhh!!!!!  

All you need to do Sherry, is send me your mailing addy........then  I will have them wrapped and ready to send off to you. 

Thank you everyone for joining are so so precious to me!!!! If you would like to make the wash clothes I will do my best to help you learn if you would like. If you want a video of it, I could try that. Just let me know! 

Blessings and I will check in with you tomorrow at work. 



  1. Congratulations are a very lucky lady...& I just know you will love them! Thank you Linda for doing this wonderful give away! I pray your back feels better real soon!

    Blessings & prayers...

    1. I am still here........thank you for joining in are always so faithful and I so appreciate it! Love you, me

  2. Praying for your back to be all better and your internet to be back up :)! I know you need the rain, so thankful for that.
    Loved the pretty washcloths, didn't get a chance to enter, but very happy for Sherry, know she will enjoy your work of love!
    Hugs my friend,

  3. Yahooo Sherry! Congratulations!

  4. Yes, Linda, I would like to make some of these white on white washcloths. Hope your electricity is fixed soon and you will be able to get back on the internet.
    Congratulations, Sherry!

  5. Congratulations Sherry....Isn't it nice to know that someone LOVES what you have to give?
    Sure hope your back is better real soon...

  6. Congrats to Sherry! Linda thanks for hosting another wonderful party! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Congrats to Sherry and thanks Linda for the fun!

  8. Congratulations Sherry! They are such sweet washcloths. Hope you enjoy them :)

    Linda, I'm praying for your back. Hope you get some relief soon!

    Love and hugs,

    Susan Montgomery

  9. Congratulations to Sherry on winning the giveaway :) :)

    Linda, thanks for hosting another fun party :) :) I always enjoy participting and reading everyones comments :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of CAlifornia, Heather :)

  10. How wonderful to know your pretty washcloths are going to someone who will truly appreciate them! Congrats Sherry!
    So glad your visit to the chiropractor went so well - yay!
    Stay blessed and really take this no rain/no electricity as a time to REST ☺

    Laurie Lee

  11. Congratulations Sherry!

    Linda, I am so glad you are going to feel better! Use that ice, almost week-end! Yeah! Have a restful one! Hugs to Willow and Leaf!

  12. Hello sweet ladies, it is so so nice of all of you to come and love on Sherry like you have. I love it!!!!!!!!!

    I am making more wash clothes for CHRISTmas and putting them in a rubber maid box so they are all ready to give as gifts. They are fast and easy. Going to try to do a video. Sounds easy enough!

    So glad to have the internet back on! So nice! Love you all! BUNCHES! me

  13. Sherry is a lucky lady! I am happy for her! You are always busy Linda! You have such a good heart! Hugs and Blessings Anne


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