Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hello Sweet Ladies, 

Thank you so for the prayers........did better today, but still have the foggy head. Everyone that has allergies around here are really feeling it, since we have had high winds and budding trees. 

You must see what I found tonight!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Milly has a total of 5 babies and one is just like her. I am so excited. She is a Mottled Cochin Banam baby. A beauty I must say, but I am partial.....I'm the Mom of the Mom.

Miss Milly got out of the nest to move her legs and wings. She went flying all over........wish I could have gotten it on camera. She had been sitting for 21 days and that was enough. Here you can see 5 of her babies.

Missy Thatcher had only one baby out and her other little black chick stayed hidden under her feathers. Sweetness!

Now that Miss Milly has finished sitting I had to move her into her own cage. but I first had to fix it up for her.

You have to be careful with the cage wires so 
 they are not to big for the babies to go through. I bought some new galvanized wire the other day to make the cages a little more safe. 

As I was working on the cages all the Cochins came up to see what I was doing. They are so friendly. 

Daddy White Cochin wanted to almost climb on my lap. 
Silly chicken. 

I cut the wire about 4". This will keep the babies in. 

Babies watchin their Momma as she shows them how to eat.


Missy Thatcher has two babies, both are black. Their Daddy was probably the one that was killed by the dogs. The one is tucked under her tummy. This one is always out. She still has 5 eggs that she is sitting on. We will see what happens tomorrow. 

My goal this summer is to sell some babies at the Yoder Poultry Auction. I saw this basket last year. Julia gave me permission to put this picture up. I am linking back to her blog. I will be making these little cages to take to the auction..........think they are so adorable! I will have a lid for the top and a handle! Isn't it so cute? I can just imagine some baby chicks on the inside.....who wouldn't want to buy that?

Still waiting to hear from my farm friend on when Willow has her baby or babies. We are having storms tonight........they always seem to have their babies during those times.

Two more days of work and then VACATION!

I can't all are doing well. Know that I prayed for you all, 



  1. God bless and may you have a super week!

  2. Oh Linda!
    I am having so much FUN sharing your chicken and babies photos, videos, etc., with my grandgirls!!!! It's a way that I can keep in touch with them when we are miles apart!
    Thank you and "your girls" so much for sharing God's miracle of life!!!!

  3. Delightful!! Baby chicks are soooo delicate. I must use the idea of the wire basket/cage. Have a blessed day.

  4. Miss Milly and Missy Thatcher's babies are so beautiful! How exciting. I do love the basket of goods for the auction. Lovely idea.

  5. Oh how absolutely adorable! I want to show the pictures to some of the children here at the shelter -- baby chicks are not part of their realm of experience so far! They are so sweet ~ what a blessing! Hope you're feeling better and the storms have passed by the time you read this ♥♥

  6. Congrats on the new Bantam Cochin chicky babies :) :) They're so cute. I've never seen any in real life, but I've heard this particular breed are really tiny when they're first born :) :) I hope the rest of the eggs hatch soon, so we can enjoy m ore fluffy cuteness.

    I'm going to check out the blog you mentioned here, too :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  7. Love the new babies! So glad you are feeling better, got to be well for your week off from the school!


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