Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today is the DAY!!!!!!

Good Morning Swweeeetttt Ladiesssss!

Today is the day........we are going to pick up Willow, Twig and Leaf..........from Crescent C Farm......... to come and live at Prairie Flower Farm!!!!!! I can't wait!!!

I can now tell you that we went on a mini trip. The girls, sweet man and I. Just for a few days. We had had it planned but couldn't say anything. We don't like to say when we are gone from the farm even if someone is taking care of it. It was such a wonderful time. We went to KC. I have a few shops that I go to and the girls got to do some shopping. I have to show you what I found.........never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could find such treasures. I found it in  a little shop called Finder's Keepers in Parkville, MO.  

It is a Chicken waterer 
Isn't it beautiful? The glass jar measures 6 1/2" across the top, the red water part is 9 1/2" across and 9 1/2" tall. I paid only 15.95 for it. Couldn't believe it wasn't more. The jar is really heavy! Not only did I find water jug, but this was a wonderful find...........

It is a 48 hole chick feeder.........eecckkkkk!!!!!
When I first looked at it it looked like $217.20. Then I looked again at the price and it said $27.20. Awww right in my price range........I picked it up and was at the cash register in a minute! Two finds I couldn't live with out!

Isn't it beautiful? It is going to make some baby chicks real happy. It measures 11" x 3' is a favorite thing on my farm now!!!!!!!!
So glad it wasn't 217......because I would have had to leave it at the shop!

Working on the fence this morning.....the weather is fantastic for it!!!!!!!

Walked by the girlies......they are enjoying the warm sunshine and dusting off big time. 

Well I am going to put this post up this morning. I will probably do another one after I get my girl and our babies here in the afternoon.

Love you sweet ladies.......talked to Jesus about you early this morning!!!!!!



  1. OH, I love your waterer and chick feeder. What great finds! Looking forward to seeing Willow, Twig and Leaf. I do like those names. Did you get to pick the names for the lambies?

  2. Oh, Linda! We are such kindred spirits! I *love* most any kind of chicken stuff! The waterer is grand and your little chicks are going to be so spoiled with that feeder, too! Hope they repay you with lots of eggs and babies in the future! Oh, and I am so very excited for you to get your sweet mama sheep and baby lambs. I hope to get some sheep someday, too. I want to learnn to make cheese and try spinning wool again. Until then, it will be fun to watch your adventures with your little flock.
    Happy shepherdessing! ;~P (I know that isn't a word, but think it is so very *romantic* to be called a shepherdess!)

  3. That jar is lovely!!!! I'd be so tempted to use it in the house for something lol. Hope the girls appreciate it!
    Will look forward to pix of the new woolies....lambs are just too cute!

  4. Linda, I am so happy for your new additions to your family. When you first asked us to pray with you for a sheep carrying a baby, I did just that. I know our Father knows our hearts and wants us happy. When you told us about your prayers being answered, I was elated! I told my husband, "our Father has done it again!" Please enjoy your time, your new babies and your treasures! I love hearing from you! Denise Wysong

  5. So happy the the flock is coming to their new home today. What fun to take a trip to KC. I live across town from Parkville but love to go there and I've been in that store. I would have been shocked if I'd gone there and seen you in person! What fun. Would have given you a hug after I made sure it was really you. I feel like I know you in person though we just visit online. It is best to always post about trips after they happen!Can't wait to see your Willow, Twig and Leaf pictures in their new home. Blessings to you, Donna

  6. Wow, Linda...

    How exciting that you'll have a momma sheep with TWO little babies :) :)

    Yes, whenever I go somewhere, I NEVER say anything on my blog or on Facebook till AFTER I have returned home. It's a huge safety/security issue for me :) :) So you did the right and smart thing :) :) I'm glad that you could have some time with your hubby and your girls :)

    I think your finds from KC are really cute. Isn't God really good to look out for our pocketbooks? That's great that you got things you could use at a great price :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  7. It's raining in WNC! It's a nice not to hard rain! So glad you were able to get away for a little mini vacation! Wise not to tell in advance! The fun about going away is the coming home! That always excites me as much as the getting away!
    Can't wait to see video of babies!


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