Monday, March 5, 2012

It Is MONDAY..........hello!!!!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

I am on break at work, but wanted to let you know that I have sent out all the seed swap partners emails! Now if you haven't received one, please please get with me. Sometimes I don't catch it if emails go to my junk mail. I try to look, but sometimes it slips by. PLEASE email me at prairie flower farm @ g mail . com Thank you. Write "seed swap" on the subject line. I will get back atcha~

Still not feeling the best. Allergies.......everything around here is budding. I don't usually have this much problem, but with it going back and forth it is a problem. I would ask for prayer please. Hoping this week will go fast and then I will be home for 9 days............eecckkkkkkk!

I just talked to my farm girlfriend Cheryl about Willow. She said that she will be having her baby anytime this week. I thought it wasn't until next week. That's okay with me! We have possibilities of snow this Wed or Thursday, so Willow will probably birth her baby or I am hoping for two babies then.

Missy Thatcher and Miss Milly are still sitting and today is the their due dates to be new Mommies! This will be their first time!!!!!!!! So excited to go home and peek under their tummies. Missy Thatcher doesn't peck me, but Miss Milly does. 

Well this isn't a fancy pictures........when I get home I will get my camera out.

Tonight I will be starting my tomato plants. I will show you how my friend Gail taught me years ago. It is easy and very sweet looking.  

Hugs and blessings to your day!!!!!!!


  1. Got my swap partner. THANK YOU! I also have allergies...blick.

    I have spring in my heart and am hosting a chocolate giveaway if you or others are interested. :)

  2. Hi Linda,

    Just popped over to catch up on things over here.

    Everything is lovely and God filled as usual. I love it.

    Prayers for you my friend, as I know allergies are not fun. :-(

    Have a beautiful day.
    Love Carissa

  3. Hello dear Linda,
    My seeds are on the way to Australia, I send them out this afternoon!!!! Thank you for organizing this swap. I'm so excited about. Be blessed.
    Sandra from France

  4. Hi Linda,
    Your photos are nice, but I like reading what you write even more :) :) :) No fancy photos necessary :) :) I'll be praying that you feel better soon and that you won't develop a cold or more allergies :) :)

    Oh, can't wait to have new chicks on the farm :) :) That'll be wonderful :) :)

    Have a great week. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. Hi Linda,
    We will be praying for you. Hope your allergies will calm down. I am looking forward to seeing how you plant your tomatoes.

  6. hi linda!
    i'm so anxious for your new little lamb(s) to arrive!! i hope their birth-day goes smoothly. i got my seeds sent off today also! and expect a 'lil pkg in your mailbox!?? feel better soon!! ^)^linda

  7. Oh! The baby/ies! Can't wait to see them! Hope the chicks babies hatched, Have a good evening, excited to see how you start your tomato seeds! When does your area plant outside? We plant usually after mothers day here in Western NC.
    Thanks for the blog!


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