Monday, February 18, 2013

Planting My Tomato Seeds

Hello sweet had to be one of the roughest days at work......I forgot my purse with all my things I need for work at home......ugh.....that threw everything off. It made the day catch up.....all day long. Then my girls and I found out that there were going to be about 70 new people there.......that isn't fun to try to cram for. Plus when I went to put my pizza's in the pizza oven it had turned off.........panic!!!!!! I was so thankful when 2:30 came this afternoon. When I got home though......I just didn't have much in me! I was going to post about Willow coming home and I still will, but I couldn't think of putting all the pic's together. Here is pic though of when they were in the trailer when they got to the farm. Cuties!!!!!!!!

Willow is in front......she is definitely pregnant. Big girl. The one behind her with the black eyes and nose......and the one to the very back fuzzy girl are due at the end of March or first part of April! I just love them! I couldn't believe how pretty they turned out from when they were little! Willow will be due on March 10th......can't wait!!!!!!!! Hope there are two little ones!!!!!!!

Here are the girls when I went to open up their shed after I got home from work. Willow was ready to get out the door! The other two are a little afraid of me......they will calm down when I start feeding them. I can't wait until they all have their little ones hopping around their pen! It is such a fun time. I will post more pic's later.

I am starting my tomato seeds friend Gail showed me this years ago. It is easy and looks adorable.......don't ya think? I have a tutorial that you can go to here to see how I do easy! 
GO HERE! Have you ever done it this way? Are you starting your seeds yet? I will be working on mine this weekend. Getting so ready for spring........getting a huge snow storm this Wed. and Thurs......I will really want it

I posted a video to my Prairie Flower Farm facebook page of my baby duck inside the egg. You can view it here

Have to go and turn all my little fluff eggs and it is time for me to get some sleep......hope tomorrow works out better......I am sure it will. I won't forget my purse! 

Hugs and may the Lord bless you!!!!!!!!



  1. I took the kids to a petting farm near here once and they had a pregnant goat. Poor thing was due any day and looked so miserable! The sheep look a bit more comfortable, but of course I'm not seeing them in person. Can't wait to see pics of the little lambs!

  2. Beautiful sheep! Thanks for the tip on planting tomato seeds. I am definitely gonna try this!

  3. Oh, bless you Linda, I pray you have a better day today. We re in for a blizzard here too. Not really looking forward to it. But...we have been blessed this winter so far.


  4. Beautiful sheep!What type are they,if you don't mine me asking? I am dreaming of having a couple soon.LOL! Thanks for the tip on the tomato seeds.Hugs,Jen

  5. With all this snow and storms coming, I'm glad we're leaving Thursday for Phoenix, AZ :)

  6. Hugs to you hard working Linda.. I know poor sheep your mom needs to be naming all 3 of you. Maybe should should take suggestions or a vote on here. Cant wait to see the babies, I am sure they will be cute.


  7. Oh what a day you've had! Those are the kind you're glad to have behind you ;) You're sheep look very sweet, good luck with them.

    The photo in your blog header is so lovely

  8. I love new life! I have always heard when babies are born it is God's reason that the world go on! SO sweet!


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