Monday, February 25, 2013

My Sheepy Girls Have Names..and a blizzard on the way! !

Hello sweet ladies, 

I am home today......we have a huge blizzard that is going to be going through Kansas. It has been a wonderful morning and day!

Got up real early this morning.....listened to a Bible study.......filled my soul! It was about His love for us. How He will never leave us......what a precious thought to have a Heavenly other religion has that is full of love for his children. 

The storm started through the night and is going to keep on all day and this evening. I love the farm all covered in snow!

It is beautiful. I took pic's yesterday and this morning. Thought I would share with. This pic is out our south window. Visibility was not good when we tried to go to work this morning.....turned around and came back to the farm......we will be safe today! 

Miss Willow was so so cute yesterday.......she has been snuggling my face....... I love.......doesn't she look ready for the storm in her snow sweater? 

My new girls.......their tummies are getting bigger! Don't you just love their faces! They are getting a little bit closer to me......need to start feeding them from my hand.....that will help.

Sweet black freckle face has been named.......Olive. 

Look how fuzzy her face is.......pure adorableness! She has been named also.......
Sweet Magnolia. 

Olive is so so cute!!!!!! 

Willow's brown freckles........preciousness to this farmgirl!!!! 

Cloppin' through the much to my bike!

My sweet friend Susan from Texas bought me this is one of my fav things! I put it at the entrance to the sheep pen it makes noise every time the girls bump it or I open and close the! 

Willow and Olive want out.....I had to tell them is way to windy! They were not happy with me.

I walked back to the farmhouse.....look who was the  coop......only a few girls went out........she was one. She wouldn't come down either. Sweet farmer had to rescue her.......he put her back in the big girl coop she is our official weathervane!!

 This morning I checked on my tomato life! They are peeking through the dirt beautifully! Have to get a little bit taller and then I will transplant them into dixie cups. Sure doesn't look like spring is close when you look outside. It's okay.....the LORD always brings spring! 

Well I am going to go and get some things done today! I have so many projects that need to get finished up! It will be a fun day!!!!

Hugs and God bless your day!!!!!!



  1. Some of you are really getting slammed with snow. BRRRRRR!!! So glad I live in a climate not so rough.

  2. Linda the snow pics are beautiful.Glad that you are home safe.Sweet sheep,love their names and the expressions on their faces.Hugs,Jen

  3. Linda,

    Love your winter wonderland pics and your sheep:) I want one! Great names for them, too.
    We have gotten over 17 inches of snow since it started last night. Winds of up to 75 mph were recorded. Almost everything is closed here.
    I made your red barn header pic my computer background :D Glad you are having such fun on your snow day.

    Love and hugs,


  4. Well the snow has moved up here to Kansas City, we are expecting up to 20". Your sheep are just too darling, you have chosen perfect names for them. Stay warm and tight in this second round of snow.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I just love you sharing your sweet farm life with us. Stay safe and warm. Hugs today from Georgia.

  6. Think the names are adorable for such cute sheep! Stay safe and warm!

  7. Snow days are the best! So glad that you were able to make it home safely - and then stay put. The girlies look cute and such sweet names. Thanks for sharing your farm life with us. :-)
    Teresa from Lancaster, PA

  8. Linda, your snow is SO beautiful! So glad to see Willow again, and the new mamas! Glad your safe, saw a picture when I got on line of a long line of cars and trucks near Kansas City Missouri, miserable! Enjoy your snow day!
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Okay, Linda, I'm starting to feel a little jealous here (NOT of the snow, of which we have plenty!) but of those DARLING SHEEP!!! How fun! If the forecast is for a real blizzard, will you be able to get to the barn to take care of them? Will it be like Little House on the Prairie where they tied a rope from the house to the barn so they could find their way? (or am I making that up?) Many blessings - stay warm, stay safe, and snuggle up to those darling sheep!

  10. BRRRR all that cold snow. Sounds like a couple of sheep have some sweet southernbelle names. Glad that kind of snow isnt here in Oregon. Have a safe blessed week.


  11. Don't ya just want to smoosch those lovely faces. Sweet girlies.

  12. The snow looks so lovely on your farm, Linda! And, I do so love your sheep. Precious! I can't wait to see the new babies. Love your cute "weathervane". She doesn't mind the snow and wind, it seems. Your bell is a sweet thing to hear, I'm sure when it is moved. The Lord does bring spring around every year, just as He promised when He said, as long as the earth stands, there will be seasons. And, oh! how wonderful it is indeed, His love for His children!! Even all the snow and wind cannot turn His love cold on us : )

  13. Your life is lovely at the farm! Love those wooly critters! Such sweet names! The snow is lovely when you can watch it from a window!

  14. What a beautiful post and lovely pictures.

  15. You are a very lucky lady, living a beautiful natural life, you've been blessed, the sheep are adorable! bless them all and keep them safe from harm, this world needs more people like you! take care of yourself and yours, God loves his animals.


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